50 of the Most Inspiring Quotes for Women Ever

Image source: Power Thought Cards, Louise Hay

Inspirational quotes from women come from the most prominent women entrepreneurs, authors and public speakers of today.

You are welcome to share the inspirational quotes and advice for women about following your dreams, being courageous, starting over, and reaching success.

50 Inspirational Quotes For Women

1. Forget the quick lane. “If you truly want to fly, harness your passion to achieve your goals.” Oprah

2. Courage is like muscle. “We strengthen it through use,” Ruth Gordon

3. Eleanor Roosevelt: “Nobody can make anyone feel inferior.”

4. Alice Walker: “The easiest way for women to give up power is to think they don’t have it.”

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6. Do not give up on your dreams. “Where there’s love and inspiration I think it is impossible to go wrong.” Ella Fitzgerald

7. People often try to reverse their lives. They want more, and more money so that they can be happy. It is actually the opposite. It is the reverse.

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9. Eleanor Roosevelt: “You have to do what you don’t think you can do.”

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11. I have many reasons why I am successful. I didn’t give up, and never allowed anyone to stop me. “I use positive thinking to overcome obstacles and difficulties so that they don’t defeat my.” Lillian Vernon

12. There are two methods to overcome difficulties. “You can either change the difficulty or make yourself better to overcome them,” Phyllis Bottome

13. I love it when a young woman goes out and takes the whole world by her lapels. It’s all a bitch. “You have to get out there and kick somes.” Maya Angelou

14. Be bold. “Be bold.

15. Women have not yet learned that power is something you can only take. Roseanne Barr

16. It’s true that women must harness their power. You just have to learn not to say “No” at the first opportunity. “And if it’s not possible to go straight ahead you turn around.” Cher

17. Ayn Rand: “The question isn’t who’s going to let you; it’s who’s going to keep me.”

18. Some girls require men to help them get where they want. Some girls need men to take them places. Others can just hop on their feet and let their wings fly. – Coco J. Ginger

19. Jenny Craig: “It doesn’t matter what you do every once in awhile, but what you do each day that matters most.”

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21. 21. They must be respected. “We must be able to listen to them.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

22. 22. The world is your oyster if you like to be a beginner.” Barbara Sher

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25. 25. Mother Theresa: “Give the world what you have.”

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35 35. You don’t realize how amazing you are. You can do so much with love. You can do anything. “And what your potential is.” Anne Frank

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37. 37. It will be amazing how much easier it is.” Heidi Johnson

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48 There is always a message in every crisis. “Crisis is nature’s way to force change. It breaks down old structures and shakes loose bad habits in order for something better.” Susan L. Taylor

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