8 Most Popular Apps To Play Background YouTube Videos on Android and iOS

We all wish to use YouTube as a background when we’re browsing or locked on our mobile phones. YouTube mobile app isn’t able to do that without being a YouTube Premium Member. YouTube offers many music and podcasts you can’t get in other streaming applications. It’s quite annoying when YouTube refuses to allow you to hear the audio uninterrupted without you having to watch it.

A monthly YouTube Music subscription costs about $12 per month and allows to play YouTube Music in the background. You can’t play YouTube videos while your screen is off, or locked. YouTube Premium, however, allows you to use other programs while watching videos in PIP mode.

To find great YouTube alternatives, you can refer to this list. You will be able to use YouTube as a background application on both iOS and Android. Our list includes both jailbreak and unrooted apps.

YouTube background apps for Android and iOS

You can play YouTube videos as background apps while doing other tasks. Here are some examples.

1. 1.

You can download Floating Tube for Android as a free app. It will allow you to play YouTube videos from your floating toolbar by using the photo in picture mode. This app will play your video on small screens that are easily viewed by other apps. To launch this app the first time, you will have to activate Display over other apps permission. This is a very well-known app, having been downloaded over one million times in the Play Store as of this writing.

Floating YouTube app lets you play YouTube videos, then reduce it to a very small floating toolbar. You can adjust the size of the preview by opening the settings menu.

After you have played your YouTube video in the Floating Tube, you can minimize it to then open another application to chat with your friends. The interface of Floating Tube is very similar to that in YouTube.

You can search the songs and videos you like and close the app. It will play on a toolbar which can be moved and resized as you wish. One thing I did not like was how slow the videos were loading and that there were too many ads on-screen. The in-app purchase can remove ads or support the developers.



  • Simple and familiar UI.
  • Handy and mobile video player.
  • You can lock the player by using Lock.


  • Probleme with loading and buffering
  • Sometimes, it is annoying when using critical apps.
  • Shows full-screen interstitial ads.

2. 2.

This is my favorite app, Newpipe. It allows me to stream YouTube videos from the background. It isn’t on the Google play or app stores. The app must be downloaded from Froidroid, which only has Android support.

Newpipe is an excellent tool to allow you to search YouTube videos. There are no differences in the layout of the apps so you will not notice them. YouTube provides the trending tab, which allows you to view trending videos directly without having to switch apps.

The subscription RSS feed allows you to get video content from channels that you subscribed. You can bookmark playlists so it’ll show them on your app. This feature is particularly useful for users who would like to bookmark playlists that contain the latest tracks and then listen to them while on the move.

You can play YouTube video in background if you search for the video using New Pipe. Click the Home button. From the notification panel, you can manage the playback and the background video will start automatically. Another Popup mode is available, which offers a picture-in picture function similar to Floating Tube.

New Pipe does not sync with your Google account. Therefore, comments and like/dislike are impossible. New Pipe has rarely experienced crashes and runs on almost all Android devices. New Pipe does not have ads, but it is possible to donate to the developer in order to continue their work.


New Download: Pide on Froid


  • 1080p/2k/4k assistance
  • Look out for material that is age restricted.


  • This is not an option in the playstore.
  • Google does not allow you to sync your accounts.
  • Videos cannot be commented, liked or interacted with.

3. Brave browser

Brave Browser is an ordinary web browser designed for mobile devices that can surf the Internet. The browser also supports YouTube video playback in the background, even when the screen has been turned off. Both iOS and Android users can use it, which is a good sign.

Brave Browser Site Settings – Media must be opened to enable Background videos playback. You are now able to play YouTube videos as background, without having to make any other changes on your device.

To play the video, open YouTube website by typing https://www.youtube.com/ in the browser address bar and search for the video that you wish to listen and play in the background. It will now play the video even if Brace Browser is minimized. The audio will still be running behind the scenes. On Android devices, the notification panel allows you to control play and stop. If an iOS device is used, the control center offers the ability to control the volume and playback.

Brave browser’s greatest feature is the built in adblocker. This is extremely efficient at blocking ads. This browser blocks YouTube ads which makes it a great feature. You can still listen to your favorite music without interruptions. Brave browser, a trusted app with over 10,000,000 downloaded has an overall rating of 4.3.


  • This browser is great.
  • This feature includes an embedded adblocker.
  • Help with private tabs


  • YouTube was not designed for this purpose.
  • There is no native app experience.

4. OG YouTube

OG YouTube (also not available on iOS) is another app not found in the Google Play store. This app can be used to run YouTube background while your screen’s off. Your Android device’s notification panel can be used to manage video playback. You can pause, play and forward the video.

This app features the picture and in picture effects, so you can watch your video even on a tiny screen while surfing other apps. OG YouTube appears exactly the same as YouTube original app except that there are two more buttons to enable background play or picture in pic mode.

The APK file for OG YouTube can be downloaded from the below link and installed on your Android smartphone. OG YouTube will prompt you to open another app in order to complete your initial installation. From there, you’ll be taken directly to another link where you may download the extra app. YouTube’s OG YouTube doesn’t have any updates and is not being maintained anymore due to YouTube’s terms. APK files must be installed from untrusted sources.


OG YouTube APP


  • YouTube login to import playlists
  • Simple to use and features a range.


  • This app isn’t available from the Google Play store. You will have to get it elsewhere.
  • Future updates are not planned.

5. YouTube: Listen to free music

YouTube Android allows you free music to allow you to enjoy your YouTube videos through a small window. While browsing other apps, the popup window remains on the screen. By dragging the popup video anywhere on your screen, you can adjust the location. A music player is also available that can access your lock screen audios.

YouTube streaming music is free. Stream can sync your Facebook account with YouTube so it can store your preferences. It focuses solely on YouTube’s music, with the ability to access top charts and see what songs are in demand.

You can set up streaming times and even share music at specific times. This app allows you to view YouTube videos in HD. It even provides music suggestions so you don’t have to. Over 10,000,000 songs have been downloaded by the Play Store. Additionally, it has an excellent and consistent rating – 4.5.



  • Music lovers have many options.
  • We recommend good music.
  • Extensive control on creating playlists.


  • Your screen can be quite large due to the size of the pop up window.
  • Not available for iOS.

6. YMusic

YMusic, an app which plays YouTube videos in the background can be used to store your favorite songs. YMusic works just like all other music streaming applications on your mobile. For the best selection of songs, navigate to discover. YMusic can be accessed from any location.

However, it plays only audio and not the entire video. You only see the thumbnail. You can also save data by using this feature if you’re on a very strict data plan. The trending tab functions well, features all the most current songs, and is constantly up-to date. YMusic cannot be downloaded on Google Play but is available via XDA Labs. It is also unavailable for iOS devices.


Download YMusic XDA Labs


  • Uses less bandwidth and is reliable even when you have slow Internet connections.
  • It includes all necessary features.


  • These features are not available for iOS or the Play store.
  • It is inappropriate for viewing music videos.

7. Safari Browser

Apple users will be able to access the Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad and play YouTube from the background. Safari is recommended for iOS users as a reliable and trusted browser. It can be used to play YouTube music, with only a few adjustments.

These are the steps you need to take to enable YouTube to be played in the background of your iOS device. You can go to YouTube using Safari.

Start playing the song by selecting it from your search results. Next, close Safari and minimize the browser by pressing Home. The song will play in the background. From the Control Center, you can manage the playback/pause function.

See here for details about playing YouTube in the background while using Safari.


  • All iOS devices come with this feature.
  • Simple to use and extremely stable


  • The only way to skip ads is not possible.
  • This app has slightly more steps than others.

8. Google Chrome/ Firefox/ Dolphin Web Browser

Google Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin and Dolphin are all good options to use in Android and iOS. This allows you to watch YouTube from the background. These browsers were developed by trusted developers and are available for an extensive number of years. They are easy to use and you won’t be able to doubt their reliability. You can use these apps to browse the internet, but you don’t need to worry about it. With a few tricks, even if your screen is off, you can still enjoy your favorite music.

To get the Desktop Version of YouTube, you first have to request it. The desktop website can now be enabled. You will then have the option to minimize the app so that the background music is not displayed. The guide will walk you through the steps to enable your browser to display your YouTube video, regardless of whether your screen has been turned off.



  • Very easy to use
  • A simple and intuitive interface.

  • YouTube requires more background work than other apps.
  • Need large storage space?


Most of the listed apps can also be downloaded from other websites such as XDA Labs. Google does not allow background YouTube video and music apps to be installed on its Play Store.

You will need to grant your Android phone the permission to use unknown sources to install APK files. After you’ve downloaded and installed the.apk, all you need is to forget about. Let us know in the comments which app allowed you play YouTube in background.