9 Disney Pixar Female Bosses

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The women in Disney*Pixar are role models for us all, with their superpowers and can-do attitude. They have a great deal of heart and humor, which allows them to conquer any obstacles that may come their way. We are inspired by the original list honoring Disney’s top women, and we present a selection of our favourite Disney*Pixar ladies!

Destiny Finding Dory

Destiny is not the fastest swimmer, but she has the greatest heart. She is a fiercely loyal friend and pushes her friends, sometimes pushing them to go beyond their comfort zone. Even though she is sometimes embarrassed by her bad eyesight, it only makes her more relatable and loved.

Helen Parr, the Incredibles

Helen Parr is an example of Super Mom. Mama Parr is a Super Mom. She puts her family first and employs her maternal instincts to protect her children. The famous opening line of her book, “Leave all the work to men.” We always give her a standing ovation.


Colette is not one to be underestimated. Colette has had to prove herself repeatedly in a world of men-dominated cuisine. She is well-equipped, with sharp knives as well as a sharp tongue. Her assertiveness, strength and soft side are what we love about Colette. We have seen her work in Paris’s most prestigious kitchens as the best example of a lady boss.

Dot starting The Bug’s Live

Shakespeare wrote that “Though she may be little, she is fierce.” Dot, the sweetest little bug princess in Disney’s history is. It’s so sweet to see her show her confidence and overcome her fears, by placing Thumper in her place.

Elinor, from Brave

In addition to being the mother of three boys and an incredible daughter, Queen Elinor rules DunBroch with elegance and strength. Her ability to attract the attention of clans is something we love. Although her rigidity can cause tension with Merida we also admire her maternal instincts, and her dedication to her family’s well-being. She is a valid bear, and she still wears a tiara as the queen that she is.

Sallie from Vehicles

Sally, who gave up her life as a high-powered lawyer in order to start a new chapter for herself in Radiator Springs, deserves our praise. Sally is a brave woman who took a chance like this. We love her. Her business is also hers and she restores the Cozy Cone Motel to its former glory all by herself. She is definitely a boss woman.

Joy From Inside out

All of us could use some joy in our lives. Joy’s enthusiasm and devotion to Riley’s happiness reminds that life’s obstacles should be seen as opportunities, not obstacles. Joy is also a person we can relate to deeply.

Ellie from UP

Ellie, UPhas the natural ability to infuse life with spontaneity. Carl was inspired by her bright imagination and encouraged to pursue their dreams, no matter how crazy they might seem. We will cherish the memories she left behind, even though her heart broke a bit.

EVE starting WALL*E

EVE, despite being a robot was a tug at our hearts and taught us much about empathy. We are always overwhelmed by her ability to see beyond the original programming and find value in WALL*E’s efforts. Her plasma cannon looks amazing, and she is an excellent example of girl power.

Which Disney*Pixar boss is your favourite? Comment below!

Published 5 years ago