A Whale of a Tale : FFBraveExvius

Caution! Wall of text incoming ….. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn ….

After the launch of FFBE, July 2016, I was already playing it. This was an innovative take on Final Fantasy’s classic series. At the age of 11, I visited New York City’s Nintendo CES. Nintendo offered demos of all the new games at their booths, with the Original Final Fantasy being one. The game was by far the most exciting I’ve ever seen. This was the first game I bought, and has remained one of my most favorite games over the years. FFII and FFIII were on SNES. To get FFVII I purchased a Playstation. However, all I wanted was FFXII. (I prefer Vaan).

My married life was overshadowed by children and jobs. I couldn’t spend my time playing consoles any more. My time was limited and I couldn’t sit down and map out levels, or do the additional quests like the Ruby Weapon defector. Then FFBE appeared. This was a quick format game, which I could only play for 5-10 minutes before putting it away. This game did not require any consoles or TVs. I only needed to spend a few minutes exploring the area and then put it away. It worked perfectly.

Expedition into Abyss. First banner on which I paid money. The first banner I spent money on. I leveled up my team and maxed out my stats, but I couldn’t win. I finally beat Ansel but was exhausted. Lapis refills were necessary to get me past Ansel. The three bosses kicked my stomach with their 10,000V attack, and I finally made it to the exit. My frustration was unbearable. I’d spent my entire resources in order to complete this exploration. I broke my F2P resolution and paid $20. It should be sufficient to lift me from this dungeon. I also need to replace some lapis, so that I can at least complete the daily dailies. It was clear that I would never spend again.

Festival of the Autum Moon in which Mog King baked Mog Cakes was the first event I remember. It was hours and hours of grinding Coast into ingredients for my recipes. After keeping my two ovens running, I increased the capacity of my 4th oven to meet my needs. But I didn’t spend more. The Stellar Shield was my reward, and I also got the Lunar Pestle. Without macros or additional resources, I achieved my goals. But my family continued to ask me questions about what I was doing on my phone. Why do I stare at my phone so much?

I put down my cell phone, tried to control myself and only played for a short time in the morning, before everyone got up. At lunchtime, when there was no one around, I would still play. Because I couldn’t find anything to do but poop, I would use the toilet. When the children were asleep, I would go to play. I didn’t take anything from anyone. I was simply playing a video game.

I reached November. The Crystal Tower. Luneth’s and Refia’s release. This was the top DPS and best healer available. I saved my lapis and could perform a 10+1 draw. I also had around 20 tickets to spare. The rainbow Edge trolled me and I exhausted all my resources. Insenced, angry, and determined to get Luneth. I entered my card number in my digital wallet to get $99 of Lapis. Next, I pulled, pulled and pulled for nothing. After I had spent $99, I pulled and pulled until I finally got Luneth. I was able to defeat new content, advance my character and provide the highest DPS for all of my friends.

I was able to spare $200. It was $200. Since 2006, I haven’t purchased a new videogame. This is what I earned.

I chose not to pull for Brave Frontier’s cross-over event. I conserved my resources. Although I felt depressed at all the Elza’s that my friends were sharing with me, I wasn’t able to get her. But I accepted that I was allowed to get her. Maxwell came out of the Trial of the Creator, and I won. It took a lot of work to get the Power of CreationTMR. This made Luneth again a King.

The Big Bridge followed. Gilgamesh. It is THE BEST TMR. My Luneth left me with a 10+1 pull. I had kept the Mog King tickets. Greg was my choice, and I failed to pull for him again. Luneth cost $200. It was only $200 to get Luneth. It’s possible to make my Cecil and my Chizuru so powerful. I put in my money again, $99….no Greg, $99….no Greg, $99….no Greg…. I had a short break. I was angry at my family for making plans that day. It was now that I was mad. It was hard to believe that I spent $300 on something I didn’t want. Around everyone I went, even though nobody was paying attention, it happened again. $99….no Greg, $99…no Greg, $99…no Greg, $99…..

I got it. Gilgamesh was mine. I was almost out of all my units. While I was busy fusing units, I did get my first Excalibur. I also received some great TMRs that day. However, I had finally acquired the Genji Golve so that Chizuru was strong enough to be shared with others. You could get DPS up to 350 attacks and even more. Luneth and her helped me beat every content. Although I did spend $700, I wouldn’t mind if I stopped now. I was done. I did not want to spend money that I should have on a game. I was satisfied.

Lightning strikes and I don’t have to spend anything. I had control. It didn’t take me long to get my way. I was playing great and was still there. There were so many events that passed. I still managed to kill everything with my team. I completed all events, and created story content. It was fun. I wasn’t an addict. I had fun with my family. I did not take away their time. I had it all.

Noctis, the Prince of all trades, came along. I became greedy. Then I got greedy. That was it. It was my turn to lead again. I was the leader. I was the greatest attacker, most supportive, and best at all things. Nothing else was necessary.

I was excited when the Mana Mystery Event happened. Excited! Randi from the Secret of Mana One of the greatest games for SNES was The Secret of Mana. The game features an open world with exciting characters as well as great storylines and fighting. For this event, the Nostalgia was amazing. Randy had to be my friend. Most of the cost for Gilgamesh had been paid. No matter the cost, I was able to afford to have my childhood back. The cost was about $400. With my bill payment, I was right back at square 1. Now that I’d spent almost $1700 on the game, I was unable to spend anymore. The situation was out of control. The credit card was unlinked and I came to terms with myself. I was able to keep my cool. Randi became my friend unit. No matter the cost, I would do anything to ensure that he got all that he could. Because it was hard-earned money, I shouldn’t waste it.

I managed it in almost 4 months.

It was my birthday. Back came the Brave Frontier banner. Elza the Scyth-wielding Scyth was back. It was Elza’s Birthday. This was the very first time I tried pulling on a double 5-* banner. This banner was the very first I pulled after Rainbows announced a guaranteed 5* base. Elza had to be my birthday present. My birthday is the most important day of my life. To get her, I spent $1500.

I had enough of my own actions. I de-linked my card again. Now, I had a credit of almost $4000. That includes all other purchases not related to FFBE. I needed to figure out how to stop this. I transferred the remaining balance to a new zero interest card. As my family was about to go on vacation, it was important that I have sufficient funds to pay for expenses. While I did have some money, I was gradually paying down my debt. I had a plan and I felt in control.

While I was on vacation, Veritas Banner came out. It was the most anticipated unit ever since Orlandeau. A ticket to Orlandeau was enough for me, so it would have been great to be able get Orlandeau a chaining partner. Veritas, the Darkest is the most coolest. He has dark armor, Dark Damage heals and Dark Retribution attack. Then, something in me snapped and I decided that I must have him. Perhaps I was lucky to have another Double Rainbow banner.

$1000. No Veritas from the Dark. There were 4 Veritas of the Flame. This angered me. What was the point of spending so much to get the unit I want? Square Enix and Final Fantasy Gumi would refuse to give the unit to me. It is impossible to spend that much, and get the things I want. An additional $1000. Another $1000, 2 Veritas Of The Flame, and an Orlandeau. It’s so easy! You are so stubborn! So I’m stubborn. This is not the way I would spend my money to get what I want. $99…no Dark Veritas. $99…no Dark Veritas. $99…a Second Emperor. Veritas for the Dark, $99 $999, 9 Veritas Flames, half a dozen additional 5* bases and the Veritas Dark.

Just wait WTF just happened?! You are now!

What if I really spent $2500 on a tiny animated bit of code? What will my wife think? What are my children going to think? My kids will be shocked when I say I don’t have a lot of money. I told them that my income is split 3 ways: household expenses and savings. I also tell them how much I spend on my shopping. With my spending money, I have the freedom to do whatever I like. After a year I’m not going to buy any things for myself. Once that is done, I can pay the amount back on my card.

You can’t do it. It’s all up to me. For energy, I have put another $1000 into my account so I’m able to play as much or little as I like.

Neir was there, so I pulled along the lapis I’d left behind and received A2 and B. My luck is now on my side. Onion Knight, 3 pulls of 10+1 were mys. My world is my oyster. Gumi may have been kind enough to let me go. While I own all of the units that I require, I know I still have some to purchase, I’m able get by with Remi and Wilhelm. This amazing healer is who? Ayaka, dual magic white magic, raise, all the things I had been missing in Agaion and the Robot Trial. She could help me get back to the top. It would not take me long to beat the obstacles and learn new stories. I would make it all easy. It was imperative that I get her. I transferred all of my debts to the balance transfer account. It is now clear that I can work with the card. I have the ability to obtain it.

Next came Nyx. The Hero in Kingsgalive. Although most people think it is awful, I actually like Spirits Within. Additional $400. I didn’t go to halloween this year, but Loren convinced me that Loren needed her TMR. It was just as great as the Genji Golve. My team would be unstoppable in the 10 man trials. An additional $500. I honestly don’t remember what I spent there, and I have lost track.

The Tower of Zot! Rubicant can be ours! Barbariccia might be great, but Rubicant remains one of my most favorite enimies. $99…no Rubicant, $99…no Rubicant. WHAT?! What is the matter with this base? You don’t know what’s going on! F&k again. To be certain, $500 Rubicant: Keep pulling for Barbariccia. This is good for Raid Bonus.

You are now all set! All right! Ex-rewards are 1.5X Cloud is on its way in December Cloud will be here in December, so now is the perfect time to invest some money. Cloud is amazing! Cloud is iconic Cloud is Final Fantasy’s core! The zero interest credit card I have at $11K is mys, and I am still paying it. My wife will ask me where my money went. I make it seem like I am repaying an old debt. All in. $3000 worth of lapis. It will last me for quite some time. After that, I can get rid of my debt and go out and have fun.

My wife was asking me if I could let her use my credit card for food purchases and then send the funds to someone who had just celebrated a significant achievement. Her question was offhand. She wanted to see the balance. She was unable to let go of my answer. I asked her to please go upstairs, so that we could have a private discussion. Final Fantasy caused me to have a card balance of $5600. A few days later I shared the rest with her.

My current debt amount is $15,800. My wife is no longer able to trust me. My children will never be able to understand why I play Final Fantasy so often. Your children’s birthdays, festivals, clothes, school events, weekends and movies.

Never have I spent more that $1000 for my wife. Digital garbage cost me $16,000 over the course of a year. If she chooses to not divorce me from me, then I owe more than I could ever repay. I don’t want to be a player anymore. Cloud will not be my goal. 500K latis I’ll leave in an account that is idle. My days have increased and the “friends”, I’ve made, will leave me. Marlboro is the only team I’ll beat. Chapter 2 is not going to be the same. There will be no 7* units. FFBE is finished.

Over a game that offered no return or reward for my money, I fell in love with gambling.

I flushed $16,000 into the toilet while playing a game.

TLDR: Don’t Whale irresponsibly. The consequences will outweigh any investment.

The bottom line #2: Some people come to this planet to inspire others.

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I am grateful for all your help and suggestions. After receiving a lot feedback, I am able to offer suggestions on ways I could improve the situation. I will keep you posted once I take a few steps.

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