AdBlock Plus vs uBlock Origin – Which should you choose?

AdBlock Plus vs uBlock Origin

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Sites often include ads to try and make money. It’s understandable, as it takes a lot time and effort to build a good site. Some sites have too many ads and create a bad user experience. Ad blockers are a great solution. These annoying ads can be easily avoided by installing the correct program.

You will find a HuffPost page that is free from ad blocking. The top ad is a PayPal advertisement. To the right you will see a Lexus advert.

This page was created using the ad blocking software. It looks a lot better, right?

Some ad blocking software can cause problems and be very heavy on your computer’s resources. We have compared AdBlock Plus with uBlock Origin to help you decide which ad-blocker is best for your system. Each program will be evaluated across several categories. We will give a point if there is an overall winner. We will give you the recommendation for which program to use.

Are Ad Blockers a Good Idea?

It’s entirely up to you. Spammy sites deserve it. You might consider supporting blogs that have a small number of readers by turning off your blocking software. Instead of blocking ads everywhere, you can create a blacklist that only blocks certain sites.

Adverts can disguise malware. They may ask you to install software that could be a virus. It is always a good idea to enable ad blocking when you visit sites that aren’t trustworthy.

Remember that not all sites allow ad blocking and will block access to those websites. Forbes, for example, doesn’t permit ad blocking as seen below.

It is a common problem for almost all ad blocking software. It’s often a tug of war between major websites and ad blocking software.

AdBlock Plus History

AdBlock was first created in 2002. Henrik Sorensen was a Danish student who developed it. It was originally designed to hide ads. It did not stop them being downloaded.

Adblock Plus was not released until 2010. It initially was only for Google Chrome, but it quickly became available on other browsers.

History of uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin, which is a much more recent version of AdBlock Plus, is a great alternative to AdBlock Plus. It was originally released as mBlock in 2014. However, the name of the product was soon changed to uBlock because it is not confused with “m” in Greek.

The project split in 2015 into two distinct paths. Raymond Hill assumed control of uBlock Origin while Chris Aljoudi became the controller. Both projects can be viewed separately.


To install AdBlock Plus, simply pay a visit to It will detect the browser you are using and provide you with the right download link. The extension should be installed automatically, usually within seconds. is not recommended for installing uBlock Origin. This website is not for installing uBlock Origin, but uBlock Block. It can be confusing because both programs share the same logo. Instead, go to the extension section of your browser and search for uBlock Origin. Then, click on install. This is easiest if you type “uBlock Origin”, followed by the name of your browser, into Google. It should take only seconds for the browser extension to be installed after you have found it.

Both programs are easy to install so there is no winner.


AdBlock Plus is available for both Android and iOS phones. These browsers are currently supported by AdBlock Plus:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Chromium
  • Opera
  • Yandex
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Maxthon

uBlock Origin can also be downloaded for iOS and Android. It is currently compatible with:

  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chromium

There will be differences in the performance of your browser, on mobile devices or on PCs. Performance may be affected by the current version of your browser.

It’s a good idea to update or change your browser if you are having problems getting the program to run properly.

AdBlock Plus is slightly ahead of the pack in this area.

AdBlock Plus +1


AdBlock Plus prevents most advertisements from being displayed on a website. AdBlock Plus will sometimes allow ads to be visible. It’s possible for companies to pay for visibility of their advertisements. Acceptable ads must comply with certain criteria. There is an easy way to stop these ads from appearing. We will explain how we do it in the next section.

uBlock Origin blocks all ad attempts.

uBlock Origin is a great program for blocking all ads.

+1 on uBlock Origin


Both programs have similar interfaces. You can toggle the ad blocking off and on with buttons. This button is for AdBlock Plus. uBlock also has a “start/stop”, button that looks like a computer power switch. B

The programs show you how many ads have been blocked on your main interface, for both the current site as well as since installation. It’s pretty straightforward so far.

It’s easy to access AdBlock Plus’ settings menu. There are a few privacy options that you can choose from. This is a very useful feature that allows you to turn off acceptable advertisements. If you visit websites in other languages than English, AdBlock Plus can be customized with additional languages.

The uBlock Origin settings menu can be a little more complex. Privacy options will be available, as well as a variety of settings to alter the functionality of the program. There is also a colorblind friendly option.

AdBlock Pus may be preferred by some users for its simplicity. Some users may like the simplicity of AdBlock Pus interface while others prefer uBlock Origin’s more extensive options. It’s subjective, so this category will be deemed a draw.

Filter options

AdBlock Plus has more built-in ad list options than uBlock Origin. This isn’t an issue as AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin allow you to import any number of third-party list that you like.

Users can also create their own lists with both programs.

Another category in which it is difficult to identify a winner.

Loading the System

Adblock Plus uses older technology which can cause a greater drain on system resources. If you block ads from multiple tabs simultaneously, this is particularly true. Although you might still notice slowdowns when using uBlock Origin these tend to be less apparent.

Most tests show that uBlock Origin consumes less RAM than AdBlock Plus.

+1 on uBlock Origin


Open-source means that both ad blocking tools are free and completely open-source. You can donate if you wish.

Total Scores

Below are the scores.

AdBlock Plus 1

  • Compatibility

uBlock Origin 2

  • Effectiveness
  • Loading the System

What is the Best Program?

Overall, uBlock Origin offers a better choice for many users. It is less demanding on your system and automatically blocks any ads. This program is faster if you have an older computer.

AdBlock Plus will allow you to view ads. Simply enable “Allow acceptable advertisements” to allow them. The ads will be helpful and typically come from large companies like Amazon or Google.

The programs both allow the creation of third-party ads filter lists. Users can also create their lists.

No matter which ad-blocker you use, there won’t be much of a difference. Both are designed to block advertisements.

Take a look for yourself

Each program is free so give them a shot. One could be used for one week, then you can switch to the next. You can then decide which performs best, and stick with that one.