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Adblock is an open-source, free program that will block advertisements on websites. Every year the Adblock statistics are growing. Bloggers and website owners who enable AdBlocker on their browser have noticed a significant drop in AdSense revenues. As a result, they start showing alternate content to their visitors. Do not disable AdBlocker. They will be unable to recognize the error and even lose DISABLED from their AdSense account.

AdBlocker: What are the benefits?

Adblocking your web browser can have legitimate reasons. Google Adsense is known for rejecting many blogs and websites. They have strict guidelines and all ad publishers must comply with them. Rejected website owners may sign up for ad publishing sites that provide irritating popup and graphical ads. This type of advertisement is common on pirate and p*rn websites. It’s because their content does not conform to Adsense policies. In the end, website owners will opt to display these awful ads just for a little extra income.

AdBlocker alternatives content: what’s the deal?

AdBlock alternative content doesn’t make sense, logic would dictate. It’s because visitors to your website have made the decision to enable adblock. They are now determined to not see any ads. If you request your visitor to disable adblock they are really irritating them, as they are not interested in seeing any advertising-related content. Some users of adblock are not even familiar with whitelisting websites. They don’t want to be annoying and they may even try to help. Adblocking alternative content can be acceptable if it is done well.

Google blocking my Adsense account

Google may block your adsense account for two main reasons. First is your implementation of the adblock substitute content. It’s not uncommon for web designers to present code in order to display alternative content. However, this can actually modify the adsense adcode. The second is if you use a picture to block alternative content. Google Adsense Policy states that you can disable adblock on my site or whitelist it. Also, any phrases or images in which the word Ad or anything similar to it are considered an offense. Google says you’re drawing attention and encouraging viewers to click through your ads. This is creepy.

Let me show you. Google bot will read any information you have written about your ads, including ads related to adblocker alternatives content. This is because it interprets your text as asking users for their attention and then asks them to click on your ads so they can pay their bills . You can even see an Adblocker overlay in some webmasters’ sites. It is worse. Even worse, this can increase your bounce rate. Google will not accept a bad user experience on sites that feature their content. But I wrote another post about 5 Tips that will prevent your AdSense account from being disabled.

This is how googlebot can know all this.

Never underestimate the power that a googlebot can have on your site, fellow reader. Googlebots, which are extremely designed to crawl websites just like a human user using a mobile or desktop computer, can be used for this purpose. Google is constantly updating the algorithm to make the Googlebot more human. Googlebot was specifically designed to approve, disabling, and monitor Adsense sites. You must be mindful of how you manage your adsense monetized websites. DISABLE Adsense Accounts for Making a Single Mistake

How can we show our smart alternatives?

I already mentioned that adblocking alternative content will not be a wise thing to do. If you think about user experience, it will make your site less enjoyable and increase traffic. However, you can reduce the chances of an unhappy user by doing it smartly. Google Adsense Policy Agreement stipulates that you can’t draw any attention to the ads, nor encourage anyone else to click them. SAY NOTHING will save your Adsense account. Yes! You have nothing. As an alternative to showing Adblock-related content (such as pictures) or asking users for Adblock disabling, it is possible to show your affiliate ads.

If you create an affiliate account with Prettylink Pro, Amazon or MaxCDN, banner affiliate ads will be displayed on your site. If you copy and paste the code from the source, Adblocker will block it as each affiliate uses the word “ad”. Simply copy the affiliate banner advertising code, and save it to a notepad. You will need to copy the image path in the banner advertisement code. This can be found in the place. Replace the image name with a random character (e.g QhTfdzYl.jpg) and save it on your computer. You can then replace the affiliate’s image link with the new image path.

You can use Adblocker to show an affiliate ad, which won’t break Adsense’s policies but will bring in revenue.

What is the best way to create my site?

My readers see alternative content. Statistics show me that they only become annoyed with ads when they are annoying, such as popups and flash ads with distracting music. A little more advanced version is what I use to block alternative content. For my website, I have my own code that randomly displays adblock affiliate ads from many affiliate ads. Google Analytics allows me to monitor every individual user and track Adblock usage. While you read this article, adblocker may be installed to prevent you from seeing affiliate ads. You can refresh the page to see the new affiliate ads. I think this will give you a more pleasant user experience, rather than repeating the same message on every post.

However, you can find many sites that show this.

Although I am aware that this content can be found on numerous blogs, it is still dangerous for Adsense accounts. The “Premium Publishing” feature is something that most people don’t realize, and it is something many publishers of Adsense aren’t aware. This unidentified feature gives Google Adsense certain benefits, and less strictness in following its policy to adsense publishers with millions of visitors and high revenues. Google Adsense Team may send you email saying you’ve been promoted as a Premium Publisher if your site generates huge traffic and a lot of revenue.

Google isn’t going to take it seriously if these sites show any textual/image content that you use as an adblocker alternative. Do not compare your site to other sites.

Do you want to show AdBlock ads as an alternative?

A special article on has been written by me. It explains how affiliate ads can be used as an alternative to Adblocking Software content. You can read the article to learn how to properly implement this method. Although it works perfectly with AdSense, it can also be used for any other advertising code.


Conclusion: I suggest that you do the right thing to your website and adsence accounts. After all, you know exactly how difficult it is to reset an adsense disabled account. Avoid doing what big players do. Never forget that the big players do have great benefits.

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