An alternative browser for Windows 10 – Blog

Windows 10’s eagerly anticipated release has been made available to all 190 countries. Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade.

Windows 10 now has new features such as the ability switch between tablet and desktop views. There are two internet browsers that it supports, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You might want an alternative.

Opera for Windows 10 allows for quick, safe browsing. Opera 30 computers supports Windows 10 already, while Opera 31 for Windows and Mac will support it soon.

Use Speed Dial to access your favorite sites quickly

Speed Dial allows you to make your browsing more enjoyable. Speed Dial can be used to add unlimited number of entries and instantly launch favorite sites when you open Opera browser for Windows 10 Customize this webpage with scenic background themes or folders. Speed Dials makes browsing easier.

Extensions can be added to your browsing experience to make it more enjoyable

Another useful feature you can include to your Speed Dial page is extensions. Opera offers many unique extensions in our add-ons catalog. For a quick check of whether it is currently sunny, add an extension by National Geographic. With these add-ons, you can make your Speed Dial Page your own.

Stay connected across your devices with Sync

Opera will work on all other devices that you use, so make sure to enable our synchronization feature. To ensure that your bookmarks appear on every device (computer, tablet, or smartphone), sync them. You can also sync Speed Dials, tabs, and speed dials. Simply sign in to Opera and create an account. Sign in with Opera on each device.

Are you thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 Try Opera with computers and tell us how it works.