An Introduction to the BAT Tokens and Brave Browser: A Beginner’s Manual

A cursory look at the Brave Browser will reveal that they are all related to advertising. You will see that the two things are connected when you examine them closer. To support web sites, you can pair the Brave browser with the BAT token. The two are designed to work together seamlessly. To understand one, you must also be able to comprehend the other.

The Brave Browser strives to provide privacy when you browse. Brave browser prevents trackers, ads and other tracking that can gather information without you knowing. Sometimes it even pushes malware. Brave is essentially a browser security tool that protects your privacy while browsing the internet.

To increase digital advertising efficiency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), is an Ethereum token that publishers, advertisers, users and other parties can use to exchange. This token is available on Brave for various attention-based advertising services. The utility of the token depends on how many users are using it.

Why was Brave and Batt created?

Brave and BAT discovered that digital advertising is rife with trackers and fraudsters. The team behind Brave and BAT noticed that advertisers were losing out, publishers are struggling, and users are being exploited. They estimate that up to 50 percent of average mobile data usage goes to tracking and ads. That could cost users as much as $23 each month. The average mobile device takes about five seconds to load ads. They can also reduce phone battery life up to 21%. In addition, users are being harmed by the invasion of privacy. The number and types of malware and trackers used on large media sites has increased by as much as 132 per cent in one year.

Publishers don’t like the way things are currently set up, as Google and Facebook account for 99 percent of their growth and 73% of all ad revenue. BAT’s website also mentions that the revenue of publishers has fallen 66 per cent and bots have caused fraud totalling $7.2 billion over the last year. These problems have also led to over 600 million phones and desktops using ad blockers, which has impacted publishers’ profits.

Advertisers lose because they lack the right information. Advertisers also suffer from poor targeting which reduces their return on investment. Additionally, marketers may fall for fake websites that are committing fraud.

Is Brave and the BAT a good combination?

Brave is an open source browser that prioritizes privacy. It is quick, secure and doesn’t track or misdirect users. A ledger system that anonymously tracks user attention captures their attention so they can get reward directly. Users, publishers, and advertisers can use BAT to gain access to various Brave services. It is a user’s engagement in an ad that gives the token its utility.

Together, the process is seamless. The Brave browser sees where users spend the most time and then uses this information to calculate the proportional reward for each publisher using BAT. This provides transparency as well as efficiency in digital advertising via the blockchain.

Brave tracks user attention anonymously to function. The information it collects is then used by Brave to award publishers BATs. It ensures privacy by ensuring that users’ personal data does not leave their device. In return for their attention, they get BATs. The improved targeting allows advertisers to know exactly where their money is and also gives them a greater ROI.

Who created the BAT?

BAT is supported by a talented team. Most importantly, Brendan Eich founder of Javascript and co-founder Mozilla, the Firefox browser, is an important member.

How Do BAT and Brave Help Users, Publishers, and Advertisers?

Brave users can choose to use Brave to say good-bye to malware and ads, or to opt in for fewer ads which are targeted at their interests. They also have less chance of getting malware. Since fraud is reduced and the middlemen are eliminated, publishers earn more. Advertising agencies also receive better information about how their dollars are spent.

Everybody involved has a great experience of privacy.

How does Brave measure attention?

It is crucial that this whole process measures a user’s attention. This is done as the users are viewing content and ads on their active tab. An Attention Value is assigned to each ad based upon the number of pixels viewed, incremental duration and how much relevant content was consumed before the user interacts with the advertisement. It will create more anonymous cost-per-action models as the system develops. With the help of local machine-learning algorithms, the ads are anonymously matched with customer interests to improve the user experience.

Brave plans to work closely with advertisers and publishers to come up with the best practices for measuring user attention. Potential metrics include assigning points based on the length of the view or using the total number of views for advertising content within a given number of seconds.

Is it possible to exchange BATs?

In the form income from ads, publishers receive the most BATs. Some BATs are also given to users as rewards for viewing ads. The BATs are then available for Premium Services or Content within Brave. For placing their advertisements, advertiser pay BATs. Brave also offers the possibility for users to give BAT to publishers.

How do I purchase BAT?

There is no way to purchase BAT in Fiat currency.

Register at Coinbase

For those who are new to crypto currency we suggest that they use Coinbase. This is an easy-to-use, US-regulated site, which you will find to be one of most reliable and safest places to buy cryptocurrency. Coinbase lets you purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum by using a credit/debit card or bank transfer. Although the transaction fees will be higher for cards, you’ll receive your currency right away.

As they must adhere to financial guidelines, you will need to provide proof of identity.

When you sign up , you’ll receive $10 in bitcoin free of charge.

Once you click on the button to sign up, you’ll be taken directly to a registration site where you must enter your name and email address, as well as a password.

Purchase Ethereum

Visit Coinbase and click on the “Buy/Sell” tab. Choose “Ethereum”, select your payment method, then enter the amount that you want to purchase. You have the option of entering a US Dollar amount, or an amount in Ether.

After confirming your purchase, you will be asked for your signature. You might also need to provide verification to your card issuer if you’re paying with a credit card. Your Ethererum account will then be updated once that is done.

Exchange BAT for purchase

Binanace offers BAT on many exchanges. You can now send your Ether to Binance for your purchase of Bitcoin. Take a look at this review about Binance to learn how you sign up and buy on their exchange.

BAT is also available on


Brave: Can you already use it?

Brave is ready to use. The Brave browser and much of the infrastructure required for BAT deployment on the back end are already code-complete. It is actually being used by the team to distribute donations among publishers depending upon customer attention. The Brave Browser is available for Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux.


Brave, which uses the Basic Attention Token to provide benefits for all involved (users, advertisers and publishers). The return for advertisers should improve, and publishers will get more revenue. It will reduce data usage, cut down on the time it takes for ads to load and users won’t need to be concerned about malware. Brave, and BAT once fully operational will seem to be an ideal solution to most of the current problems that plague digital advertising.