Are the US Cold War’s Allies Moving From Russia to China

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In the Obama Administration, America increased its full-spectrum dominance campaign towards Russia in an effort to stabilize the Middle East.

Russia’s involvement in the Syrian war was after the so-called Arab Spring across North Africa. marked the boundary line between U.S. dominance and the beginnings of multi-polarity.

U.S. foreign policies have been dominated by President Putin since the signing of an agreement to stop U.S. troops from entering Syria. This was in response to the chemical weapons attack on Syria President Bashar Al-Assad.

The focus now has moved.

The U.K. parliament’s treachery of David Cameron set the stage to turn the Maidan rebellion in Kiev into Viktor Yanukovich’s ouster and the bloody war on Donbass separatism that followed.

The result was Russia’s reunification and the biggest strategic loss to the U.S. after Vietnam.

Since it’s almost seven years ago that Putin helped President Obama to keep his face in the face of his’redlines in Syria’. The Crimea vote took place six years ago, and the U.S. continues to refuse to admit that it is more economically thriving and healthier than Ukraine.

COVID-19 has created a Coronapocalypse that has significantly shifted events in the last few weeks. The increasing back and forth between China, the U.S., and China about this pandemic would be dismissed as common statecraft.

But I’m not convinced that it’s true this time. Donald Trump made his pivot towards China, the greatest threat to America’s future global standings, a priority starting from the day he was elected.

This has made him a stumbling block and a nag throughout his time with the Democratic Party and Clintonista, Obamaite heirs at State Dept. as well as both the legislative sides who are clearly working for The Davos Crowd, the globalist-oligarchy.

We could make the case that RussiaGate, itself was an extension Chinese influence over Democrats. The Democrats have been China Occupied territory since prior to the Clinton Adminstration.

Trump’s intransigence has caused the U.S. to be at odds, and everyone else who sees him as cross-eyed. To end Russia’s infiltration, the diehard neoconservatives would like him to protect Israel as an energy exporter to Europe.

His globalist allies, both Clintonian or Obaman, want him continuing to warm up to China while outsourcing America’s productive capabilities and prop up the failing European Union.

To reverse the trend of globalism in the U.S., he has worked to realign our foreign policies towards China. He hasn’t been without his tools: trade wars, tariffs and the need for them to use crude tactics, but it is clear what his ultimate goal was.

After bitter encounters in Hong Kong, Iraq and Kashmir as well as confrontations with Iran Chinese/U.S. Both sides have openly accused the other of carrying out a COVID-19 bio-weapon attack. Relations are now at an all-time low.

It doesn’t really matter if these accusations are true. Most likely, neither accusation is true. The fact that neither claim is true is significant because they use it to justify fundamental shifts to policy.

In contrast to China’s bitter language about COVID-19 and both governments growing propaganda operations, Trump and Putin had an important phone call that seemed perfectly timed.

The agreement could end with Trump stabilizing oil prices in his domestic industry. It will help him to save American lives and ensure the U.S.’s future.

Putin emerges now as someone Trump is able to do business and with whom he can have a good time when things are tough. Putin’s character was revealed when faced with real crises. The MbS, on the other hand, reacted in belligerence, and worse for Trump, incompetence.

MbS has not been able to convert OPEC into a regional force. Trump is funding his defense of the oil fields he owns against Yemeni terrorist attacks.

This seems like the perfect time to allow Trump and Putin control of OPEC, MbS, and the other OPEC members and to dictate how the future oil markets will look.

Though I do not believe that Trump or Putin will go to war, it is clear they both need each other. Trump will be able to lift the U.S. economy out of China’s clutches if they can agree to a variety of issues, particularly in the Middle East or Ukraine.

Putin’s alliance with China, as well his friendship and understanding with Premier Xi Jinping of China is an asset that Trump can leverage to negotiate deals between these three countries in his second term.

He has to make it through this summer.

It’s much more apparent in Europe. This I’ve discussed in depth in past posts ( there and Here). However, it’s an actual concern for the U.S. Democrats who will ride on the stimulus bills to see their worst ideas come out at the national and state levels even after the widespread use of power by the officials.

You have to wonder now what those people thought when they tried to stop the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for this disease.

This is, according to most, a cost-effective and cheap way to deal with the virus. The treatment costs around $20. Their anger will grow explosive when people see how deeply ideological hacks such as Bill DeBlasio Andrew Cuomo and Emmanuel Macron of France tried to kill loved ones for political gain.

Trump has been attacked by all of the usual suspects within the media since he admitted that the drug was promising and he didn’t keep it down at his press conference.

Trump might have done it against the advice of everyone.

There’s just something about the Coronapocaplypse that isn’t quite right. As I become more convinced, this is the result of The Davos Crowd trying to grab power in crisis times and retain control over financial and political system failures.

Even the most paranoid among us have been shaken by the rapidity with which we went from China’s problems to shouting out for the creation of a global government, financial control, and gun control.

Trump could also suspect China of helping his political enemies by withholding COVID-19 treatment to cause him damage politically. This will forever alter U.S. relations with China.

He thinks they deliberately minimized the illness to make it more widespread.

It will help accelerate decoupling their economies and place them on a path that is indistinguishable form open warfare.

Putin can then be seen as a middleman between these two titans who struggle to preserve their position in the global marketplace while their financial and political fortunes deteriorate in an economy and society built on less public trust.

No matter what happens, Trump has the ability to take a completely different route if given the opportunity. Trump is still fighting against the Clintonista and Obamaite internationalists that remain in the U.S. bureaucracy.

However, after leading the U.S. through the pandemic and financial crisis it has caused, he could be in position for his second term to defeat The Davos Crowd.

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