Are you fed up with ads? The YouTube Cheaper Ad-Free plan may be your favorite.

The Key Takeaways

  • YouTube Premium Lite subscribers remove ads from YouTube videos and do not include any other features.
  • The plan’s new version is being evaluated in Belgium, Denmark and Finland as well as Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.
  • Premium Lite is EUR6.99 Regular Premium costs $11.99.

Szabo Viktor / Unsplash

You would pay just a few dollars per month to get rid of YouTube ads. YouTube believes you’ll.

Premium YouTube’s cheaper, less expensive subscription. It will cost you $6.99 per month, depending on when it is released in the US. The ads are removed, however, the Premium Lite doesn’t offer background playback or ad-free audio. It seems that people who aren’t willing to spend $12 per month to upgrade to an already-free service may be tempted to make a payment to remove the ads. Is it worthwhile? You can support the creators you love if you don’t like ads.

Lifewire was contacted by Paul Strobel , a YouTuber who stated that YouTube Premium “is an excellent solution for some of the issues YouTube has been severely criticized for in the past year.” It improves the user experience without ads and reduces the number of issues caused by YouTube’s advertiser-driven nature.

Ad-Free Option

In the test phase Premium Lite costs. While the final price may not be set, it is an affordable way to get rid of ads. YouTube advertisements seem more irritating by the day, with even shorter videos loaded full of up-front and interstitial ads.

YouTube ads can be avoided by using Brave, an iOS browser that does great work. YouTube’s ad blocking is a Cold War. YouTube has won this war after made it easier to block ads. But they deprive creators a lot of revenue.

YouTube actually pays creators at least 50%, before tax,” Gavinski , a YouTuber and musician told Lifewire via a thread.

For me, YouTube is a better service than Netflix and HBO. However, $6.99 feels more affordable.

YouTube Premium offers a way to circumvent this restriction, however it comes with extras you may not want to pay. YouTube has other limitations, but there are still ways around them. You can make videos play picture-in–picture on iPadOS by using a bookmarklet. Or you can fool the app to start playing audio only by placing the screen in sleep mode, then wake it up and using the lockscreen media controls to resume playback.

All this being said, offering a Lite edition that only bumps the ads is a fantastic idea. A subscription option for creators whose work may be censored is great too.

Ad Veto

Strobel says, “With YouTube Premium, YouTube can once more reward all kinds of content creators regardless of whether or not the content is sensitive–and that’s something I love.” These channels that have more sensitive content must rely on Patreon to make a living. This is not the best option for YouTube.

Companies can refuse to place their advertisements on videos that they disagree with. Strobel says that there is “sensitive content” which can be legitimate but could still scare away more conservative advertisers.

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These cases allow creators to still be paid for their work even if they don’t have ad revenue. This is great for YouTube as it allows creators to stay within YouTube and not have their work sent outside.

“If YouTube shares revenue with the creators that were previously demonetized for not being advertiser-appropriate, I think they’ll definitely be able to rival Patreon,” says Strobel.

What is the Price?

Because everyone wins, the case for YouTube paying YouTube is strong. How much can you pay? Although $6.99 may seem expensive to get rid of ads, the full-strength YouTube premium is just a few bucks more. Fortunately, the $6.99 price tag is lower than many music streaming services and easy to swallow.

Strobel says, “I wouldn’t mind paying more for YouTube than Netflix or HBO. But $6.99 seems much more reasonable.” It’s $6.99 and I expect that a lot of people will purchase it.