Beginner’s Guide to EtherEstates.

EtherEstates, the latest collectibles game , is based on Ethereum Blockchain. It allows users to become real estate moguls. This is the only blockchain offering that allows renters to make some extra money. You can have properties around the globe, or at least their digital representations, with EtherEstates.

What is EtherEstates’ Work Process?

EtherEstates users use smart contract to purchase deeds from estates all over the globe, as well as famous landmarks. This instantly sets the new price. The price of a property goes up as soon as it is purchased. Anyone can then buy it for the new price. You can also collect rent from the estates you own to get back some money that you paid for the property.

What Is the Rent?

EtherEstates is the first to use the rent concept. EtherEstates has a different rent system than the world of properties. In EtherEstates, you can let another person temporarily manage your building and then pay them for it. Rent in EtherEstates is based on a portion of any profits generated by a player when they purchase an estate from another player. The rent money is split among all estate owners, and not just the one purchased for the purpose of renting.

How Do You Collect Rent?

It is easy and quick to collect rent. Simply go to “My Estates”, click “Collect Rent” above the button and it will tell you how much rent is available. Once you have collected the rent, your money will be transferred to your account. You don’t have to be concerned about not being able to collect the rent. As part of the transaction, any rent that has not been collected by your estate is immediately transferred to you.

The Estate Rent Payment Chart allows you to see how much each property receives in rent. The payout ranges from 5 to 0.01 percent depending on which property you are looking at. Prime properties can get payouts up to 19.9257ETH. The amount of your pool depends, among others, on how well-known the property is and the value of its assets.

Which Properties Are Possible to Own?

EtherEstates allows players to have digital representations (or virtual copies) of real-world property. This gives them the opportunity to purchase an estate that they may never see. There are Wonders of the World such as the Great Wall of China or the Great Pyramid of Giza. You also have political sites such as the White House and tourist attractions such as Disneyland. These properties include historical structures, churches, monuments and well-known business buildings.

What are the steps to buying a property?

Download MetaMask to allow your browser to connect with the Ethereum blockchain in order for you buy property. You can click the button to “buy”, and funds will be automatically transferred from the MetaMask-linked wallet. The estate owner will be shown on your “My Estates” page. Once you have purchased the property you can start to earn rent.

MetaMask: What is it?

MetaMask is required to browse available estates or access your properties. You can access the Ethereum blockchain through your browser with this extension. You can use this extension with Brave Browser, Chrome Firefox or Opera.

MetaMask is a tool that allows you to use the browser and computer of your choosing to access distributed websites. It can be used to execute dApps on Ethereum, without the need to have a full Ethereum node.

MetaMask is it secure?

MetaMask places security first so that you don’t have to be worried about anything. MetaMask provides a safe identity vault which allows you to manage and sign transactions as well as your identity across multiple blockchain sites.

Your account value can be encrypted to increase security. It is stored locally in your browser. All of this ensures that no sensitive information is stored on the server.

What is MetaMask and how can you use it?

Start by downloading MetaMask. It is completely free. Logging in is free and you will receive a seed phrase which contains 12 words. This phrase can be used to recover all accounts from your MetaMask vault. This phrase should be kept secret and safe. After clicking the MetaMask icon in your browser, you can easily switch between accounts or add new ones. You can restore your account from other browsers using the seed phrase.

You can use MetaMask to send Ether like you would with any other wallet. It also lets you seamlessly access websites that use the Ethereum blockchain. When you visit a website with access to the Ethereum blockchain and it wants to send data to the blockchain, Web3 asks for permission via a notification from MetaMask asking you to confirm. This way, you can complete transactions on the blockchain using MetaMask. MetaMask also makes it possible to switch which network you connect to.

What does MetaMask do with EtherEstates and how can it be used?

MetaMask knowledge is key to EtherEstates. Logging into MetaMask on your browser will allow you to visit the “Marketplace”, “My Estates” and “My Properties” pages. You can view either properties you have or sell them. MetaMask will then enable the transaction when you purchase an estate or start collecting rent.


EtherEstates is a brand new game that users can play on blockchain. It also has security. Players can collect iconic properties from around the globe, and see how much they could own. They also learn a bit about landmarks. Users also get a return on their investments through future rents and purchases made by other players. This allows them to earn cryptocurrency as well as invest it.

Many collectible games based on Ethereum have recently been released. These games are an excellent use case for Ethereum tokens and ERC tokens. They provide proof of ownership and can be combined with Metamask to help make this technology more accessible to casual users.