Big Tech Survival Guide: The 10 Essential Things To Do Right Now To Keep Safe

An intelligent man anticipates danger and protects himself. However, the fools are punished. -Proverbs 22:3

Parler closed, Christian coders were blocked by Visa. Ministry’s bank accounts were shut. YouTube threatens to block Christian media, only permitting “brand-safe” content.

More than ever you must be aware of how to counter Big Tech Tyranny.

“The system was almost universally monitored without our consent. It deliberately concealed all aspects of its programs.” Edward Snowden

1. Ditch Google Chrome & Opera Browser

Windows machines can be used to check how much processing Google Chrome’s Chrome browser consumes. Hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc and quickly you can see how much it is tracking. Chrome will send all information about your user behavior to Google. In their ” anonymous mode,” you are tracked.

Opera browser used to have a great reputation for security. Its security rating has been slowly declining over the years. Opera now offers extensions for FaceBook Messenger. Instagram. WhatsApp cannot be deleted. This trio of messenger apps is possibly the most harmful for user profiling, metadata gathering, spying, and other activities.

The Dissenter is a modified Brave browsing experience that incorporates the Gabriel social media platform. Brave was developed by Mozilla Firefox’s non-profit software engineer. This browser also blocks tracking and advertisements.

Dissenter like Brave works quicker than Chrome. Additionally, it blocks ads and trackers. This plugin also integrates your Gab account which allows you comment on any URL with other Gab users. When comments are not allowed on a site, this is useful.

You can still keep your internet privacy private by using Tor along with a VPN. Tor is not allowed in China.

Tor has website limitations. This is why Dissenter should be used for daily use, and Tor for sensitive data transmission.

Use Google Chrome only for work. For your private browsing, email, and messaging, get another secure device.

2. 2.Delete all Facebook Apps and Account Data

iOS & iPadOS14 are threatening Facebook’s surveillance programs. They introduced a push notification to users if they want their location tracked. Facebook responded by altering its Terms and Service. This is to erase any pretenses to user privacy.

All Facebook Apps, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook must be deleted.

Our step-by-step guide will help you to clean your Facebook page if you cannot delete it because of work.

WhatsApp Messenger app and other messaging apps can be used as free alternatives, like the privacy-focused, open source, tracking, and ad-free signal apps and the Tor-based session.

3. Gmail Hotmail Hotmail Hotmail Office 365

Google LLC records everything you type or read through Gmail. It is possible that your Gmail mailbox has been compromised by data breaches . Microsoft’s AI uses to interpret any Outlook, Office 365, Hotmail or Hotmail emails.

Gmail, a social media platform disguised as an emails provider, is called “Gmail”. Gmail is a social media site disguised as an email provider. It automatically filters and maintains one of the largest blacklists. This is terrifying because 1 out 3 emails worldwide are actually Gmail accounts. Google has ultimate control over what email you get and which email can be sent.

ProtonMail offers end-to-end encryption for Swiss email users. Switzerland has the highest privacy standards worldwide. If you are using a VPN to connect, I highly recommend Icelandic or Swiss servers.

4. You can dump your iOS and Android smart phone

Google runs Android, the mobile phone operating systems. It records everything you do: the names of your contacts, the numbers that you call and the music you listen, as well as the places you visit.

The private agency sells your information, including your location. This allows them to track when you are in their stores.

Even iOS apps can collect sensitive information,including clipboard data in the background.

The majority of smartphones won’t let you control their hardware. However, turning off Bluetooth or location tracking through your mobile operating software doesn’t mean the device is actually turned off. You are being hacked with all this information.

You can anonymize yourself using a deGoogled smartphone. This does not employ the iOS or Googles data.

Consider purchasing Purisms Librem 5. The removable battery allows for you to actually shut down your device. There is also a hardware killing switch that disables all outbound communications. Consider also the Nokia’s 106model.

Orbot may be used with a VPN. This utilizes Tor’sinfrastructure and masks your mobile internet usage. It also secures your turned-off device in a faraday cell sleeve for when you commute or aren’t using your phone.

A faraday cell blocks electromagnetic communications between your device (incoming and outgoing). If you do not switch off the device, however, your location will still be correctly calculated through modern smartphones’ inertial sensors.

5. You can remove the HAL-9000 from your house

2001: Space Odyssey features individuals trapped on the surface of a station in space while being governed and monitored by HAL (an evil artificial intelligence).

Today you have the ability to create an AI nightmare inside your own home. We call these Amazon Alexa/Google Home. Do not forget your “OK Google”, Siri, Hi Bixby and Hey Siri settings that you’ve set up for Android or iOS devices.

These invasive device constantly listen to you commands, as well as logging all information they hear. Then relay this information to headquarters. Google also issues patents regarding the automation of intrusive home restriction.

Frodo the Ring wants its master back. It seeks to be found.”

Google Appliances, like the Nest, have Hidden Microphones. Check out the *privacy NOT included blog to see Mozilla Firefox’s privacy policies before buying any electronic gadget.

They can all be extremely convenient. They can also generate metadata (both linguistic profiling types and speech-to-text), which allows large amounts of personal data to fit in very limited space. For instance, the Audio Format takes 1,147 megabytes (MB) of text from a King James Bible App. It takes just 4.3 MB. in text format. Also, this small area allows you to perform quick and efficient computerized searches for historical content.

Google Meets has automatic speech to text translation. zoom and all voice over IP communications have it.

6. Toss the Windows Out of Your Window

Windows 10 is able to automatically update the operating system. It means that the software core of your computer could change without notice. Microsoft can decide to ban you from booting your computer if you use your computer to spread “hate language” or “pseudoscience.”

Windows 10 will also monitor what you do. Telemetry is also known as “telemetry”. If an operating system cannot be replaced, will disable any default tracking functions. While this will assist, it’s not the best solution.

Qbes OS can be used to replace Windows. It is one of the most reliable and secure Linux-based operating systems. You will still need decent hardware. It also requires TPM chips (business-grade notebooks and computers typically have these). The OS is difficult to use and set up if you don’t know Linux.

PureOS has a simpler setup (see our review ), though it is less secure than Whatnix. To make incognito web traversal easier, you can use Whonix within a virtual machine that runs Qubes/PureOS.

7. 7. Use a VPN

VPN is an internet virtual private network. This acts as a mediator between your local internet connection and the larger world. The tracker can’t identify your source internet request source if you connect to a VPN Server.

NordVPN allows up to 6 devices to be connected and it is compatible to Tor.

NordVPN has recommended Asus routers. But, I’m suspicious that Asus have a computer system that allows them install software onto your machine without you knowing or consenting. I am now suspicious of their products!

As a best practice, your VPN provider must be capable of keeping your data private. The VPN provider’s business model relies on the marketing of its privacy services. VPN providers will quickly lose their whole business if there is ever a breach of data.

You may also be able to separate your services with a VPN, combined with a secure DNS provider like NextDNS. You can also use it to remove adverts from the network and block any known telemetry (spying), GSOC/NSA server-destined data.

So that you are able to keep your network secure, make sure your router supports VPN.

8. Google Search must be stopped

Google is the main tool that the NSA/CIA uses to determine if someone poses a threat to national safety. Both these organizations backed Google with their intelligence gathering activities.

Google search can manipulate search results for political or religious purposes.

Google’s index is by far the best among all browsers. This is why would be my recommendation.

Another option is Duck Duck Go which I can use to research.

9. Intel and AMD control your computer completely

Intel and AMD are two of the most prominent hardware producers for central processing units (CPU). These powerful chips make up the brain of any computer. This is why there are so many fans that keep them cool.

A hidden operating systemsin the firmware of post-2006 versions of these chips includes a Web server. It means that all computers can have access to the backdoor and full control of both Intel or AMD. It is possible to turn your system on or off at will. You can also have all of its files examined and captured.

These are called the Intel Management Engine_ (ME), and AM Platform Security Processor_ (PSP).

There is nothing you can do about this except to use pre-2006 processor chips, or install Lobreboot software (which could be very dangerous for your computer), which are not compatible with all CPU models. These are the reasons why you should make sure to use as many of the resolutions above as possible. This might not be a viable solution.

Purism plans to develop a ME disabled laptop. System76 sells Coreboot laptops.

10. Stay On Top Of Tech Developments

It is important to be able to deal with new forms of literacy. You don’t have to be able to read. It is the inability use technology properly. Technology is complex and you need to know how it works so that your family can protect themselves from being exploited.

If Hitler had the same data streams that Big Tech provides today, we can only imagine how much damage his ruthless regime could do. China, in fact, has made use of surveillance technology to ensure the compliance with their social credits system.

The internet will change the way that you interact. It is encouraging to see people awaken, and to praise God Christians desire to secure their identity and privacy online.

Strong comes from Tim Berners Lee. This is basically the man who invented the internet. Tim Berners-Lee has voiced grave concern about the internet’s lack of personal freedom. He has begun to “reinvent the internet” via the Solid platform. This will definitely be on my “one watch” list in the near future.

Also, the Beaker web browser offers a relatively secure option that allows self-hosted peer-to_peer sites and allows users to share those websites with other browsers. As hate speech is being pushed to the forefront of internet hosting, more Christian content may need to be removed.

If your website contains Christian content (like ), you might be banned from the internet. Even though the content is valuable, you may feel that it should be shared. Beaker browser makes this possible, and bypasses any hosting servers. Please see.

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