now allows privacy-conscious Brave users to purchase bitcoin cash now allows privacy-conscious Brave users to purchase Bitcoin cash through

Brave is a privacy-focused browser that has partnered to This partnership allows users to have direct access to cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin Cash, from within their browser. Brave now offers the widget, which is available in many countries.

Brave’s privacy-oriented latest browser has a widget which allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin cash. This widget is now available for select countries, including the EU, UK and Australia.

Roger Ver (founder of tweeted the news on October 21. Ver explained that has joined forces with Brave so users can buy Bitcoin Cash right from their privacy-centric browser.

The privacy-centric Browser boasts approximately 19.6 millions monthly users, and approximately 6.6million active daily. Brave’s widget joins a variety of popular exchange widgets on the browser.

Reddit forum, r/btc was popular with this widget announcement. A lot of BCH lovers were delighted by the increased accessibility. A BCH supporter said that this was “great news.” Brave I’ve been using for over a year. “I think that Brave has made me about $50. I also have tipped a lot journalists.”

Jonathan Sampson of Brave’s Senior Developer Relations stated that many people are passionate about and BCH. Brave is designed to make sure that these users are safe and secure. “A widget is a way to help protect transactions,” he said.

Bitcoin cash transactions (BCH) are extremely fast, and there are no fees. On Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020 data showed that the BCH’s next block fee was $0.0014. The current median fee of $0.0012 is also $0.0012. The current median fee for bitcoin (BTC) is 2.35 and its next block fee, 4.64.

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