Bitcoin Wallet Offers Amazon, Spotify, HBO Access

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These are the Key Takeaways

  • TAP Network, Uphold, and Bitcoin allow you to buy gold, bitcoin, and fiat from top merchants.
  • Users will be able to easily donate to other charities through the partnership.
  • Brave browser has close ties to both of these projects. This enables them to collaborate on an overall push for improving the Internet experience.

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TAP Network has joined forces with Uphold to provide multi-asset crypto wallets. Users of wallets now have access over 250,000 brand name merchants, which allows them to spend various currencies including fiat and precious metals.

Uphold Wallet Taps Rewards as-a-Service Business

A partnership between TAP Network, Uphold wallet, will allow users to use Bitcoin, gold or fiat currencies at more that 250,000 merchants.

Uphold also offers the multi-asset purchase option. Access to 27 different national currencies and 30 cryptos is available for wallet users. There are also six stablecoins as well as four precious metals. TAP Network is responsible for making these accounts available worldwide.

Through the TAP Network, any holdings may be exchanged for redeemable rewards. These could include a Nike giftcard, Amazon credit or a Spotify premium account. These rewards may also be digitally stored or used at the appropriate points of sale.

Robin O’Connell was the Chief Operating Officer of Uphold.

Uphold works to bring together old and modern money systems in order to facilitate mainstream access and daily use of digital assets. Our customers will have access to the top retailers and top brands through this partnership, as well as the ability to do transactions in any currency within their Uphold account.

You can donate through the partnership to any TAP Network charity partner, including American Cancer Society, Red Cross and Frontline Workers tackling COVID-19. Uphold makes it possible to seamlessly transfer any amount, regardless of whether you are donating in Bitcoins or gold.

Lin Dai was the co-founder and CEO of TAP Network.

Uphold supports both crypto-currencies and 30+ local currencies. The addition of our merchant network and technology layers not only allows for more utility to crypto-currencies, but it also makes it possible to sell goods or services to international customers in the U.S. without a credit card issued by the U.S.

They also share a partnership with Brave (a privacy-centric crypto browser), which is also a part of the mutual partnership.

To obtain the Basic Attention Tokens ( BAT ), which users can earn while surfing the internet, they must set up an Uphold account. TAP Network and have a partnership similar to this that allows Brave customers residing in the US to redeem their BAT tokens as gift cards for top retailers, such as Starbucks or American Airlines.

It is possible to turn small amounts into sweepstakes entries or prizes by turning your value. These could include front-row seats at your preferred sporting event, or a Zoom cool with your favorite celeb. Lin explained that anyone can participate in sweepstakes and win a $100 gift certificate for $0.10 or less in different tokens. Future plans include offering additional discounts, such as up to 70% on your international travel bookings.

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