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Brave Browser can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, or Mac. This program runs on 64-bit computers and can be used from Windows 8 to Windows 10. It also works well with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and Linux Debian 9+. Ubuntu 14.04+ is available. Mint 17+ was tested. Brave allows you to block ads or trackers from following you.

Brave, which is a free browser that uses Chromium and was developed by Brendan Eich who also co-founded the Mozilla Project. He’s the inventor of JavaScript. By sharing less information with advertising clients, the browser improves online privacy and lets users earn money.

Many trackers are hosted on well-known sites. Your browser blocks software that tracks you. Other browsers offer “private” or incognito browsing modes that are not really private. The tabs are used to prevent other users from viewing your browsing history. Brave has a private tab that stops tracking and features “Tor inside the tab” to give you even more privacy.

So you browse the web quicker and safer, your browser will block trackers and advertisements by default. You can also add extensions to block ads, however they will still display all trackers and some ads in other browsers. Brave Browser resolves this problem.

The statistics can be viewed and advanced settings can be used to set the HTTPS usage.

Brave Sync allows you to share encrypted browser data among your devices. Another advantage to a web browser? It saves you about 5 seconds on page load when you don’t download ads or trackers. Users of desktops see the same savings. Brave is available for Windows and Linux.

Extensions can be programs that run on your browser and live there. These extensions don’t require installation and require no restart of your system like other programs. Chrome Web Store extension support is available in the browser.

Brave Browser allows you to close a private window. This prevents your Internet browsing history being stored, and makes cookies disappear. Close a private tab to access bookmarks or downloads. Websites have the ability to learn your IP address if you visit them, even inside a Private Window.

Tor hides the IP address of websites that you visit. It routes your web browsing through many Tor servers to ensure it arrives at your destination. The connections are encrypted so that your employer or ISP can’t view which websites you visit. Tor can slow down your browsing experience and may cause some websites to not work.

Brave Browser does not connect to websites directly when you’re in a Private Window. Instead, Brave Browser connects to a series of computers that make up the Tor volunteer network. Each computer is connected one by one to the website.

There are only three Tor computers that know where the connection came from, and one who knows where it’s going. They don’t even communicate with each other, because another computer is in the middle.

BAT stands to Basic Attention Token. The utility token, which is based on Ethereum technology, can also serve as an account unit between advertisers and publishers. This token does not represent a digital currency or security.

Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) are based upon the ERC20 standard token. A purchased BAT does not come with a 6-month “use or lose” policy.

Tokens can be set aside in the User Growth Pool and given as grants to motivate users to use the platform. The UGP will return the tokens to those who have not claimed them within 90 calendar days.

Reward yourself and return to your favourite publishers

Use micropayments to help your favorite websites. Brave Browser offers tokens based on blockchain that can be used as rewards for content creators. As you browse, you can give tips or tip to content creators. For sites that you support, it is possible to set up monthly tips.

It is possible to set up monthly payments, and still browse as normal. Brave Browser measures your attention to determine how much you contribute. Your contributions are automatically sent to your chosen sites.

Brave Browser: History

Brendan Eichthe, CEO, was the Mozilla Project’s cofounder, while Brian Bondy was the CTO. Brave Software published the first version public of the browser in January 2016. This app included a few ad-blocking options and plans for the ad revenues sharing program.

Brave Payments is a Bitcoin-based micropayments platform that allows users to privately or automatically pay their favorite sites. The beta version was announced by the publisher in conjunction with the 0.11.6 desktop release.

It was an important milestone for the web platform, October 12, 2017. Brave 0.19’s integration of BAT made Brave the first browser to be available on the BAT platform. Brave Payments integration was made with the Brave wallet.

The browser’s pay-to-surf version was made available in June 2018. This new version came preloaded with more than 200 ads, allowing you to earn money by showing brave ads.

Brave Browser Mobile

The mobile Brave Browser is only available for Android and iOS devices. It does not have the full features of the Desktop edition. The browser is fast and includes HTTPS Everywhere. It can be used to block scripts, phishing and fingerprinting as well activating Always Use Private Mode.

Brave Browser Desktop is a browser that allows you to instantly access fast webpage load speeds and a better web experience. Brave Browser for Desktop supports every modern technology and offers the possibility to view ads that are based on what you’ve viewed.

Send tokens to your favorite websites in support of their efforts. Brave has native Tor support, which allows me to browse the Internet anonymously.

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