Brave Browser and Google Chrome: Which one is the best browser?

Google Chrome is the best browser on the web, with more than 60% of internet traffic. Mozilla Firefox can’t keep up with Chrome. Apple’s Safari browser is in second place.

In this blog post, I will introduce Brave browser. You might wonder if there aren’t already tons of browsers, such as Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. So why not try another browser?

Edge browser uses only Google Chrome’s Skeleton and offers all of the functions that Google Chrome originally offered.

Let’s look into both browsers in detail, and compare pros and cons. Then we can see how they perform in different fields.

Google Chrome Vs Brave Browser

Google Chrome is the most popular browser

Google Chrome, a cross-platform browser for web browsing was created by Google. The first version was launched in 2008 on Microsoft Windows. Later, it was made available for Linux, macOS and iOS.

Only one account Numerous benefits

It is possible. Once you log into Chrome browser with your Google account, you don’t have to login again for any other services such as YouTube or Blogger.

It is so simple.. just visit any website, and you will see Google Login. Just press the button to activate it. You are instantly logged in to the site.


Mozilla Firefox is the best browser, before Google Chrome. Speed however was a factor that defeated Firefox and made it one of the most popular internet browsers.

Google Chrome loads web pages faster than any other browsers on the market.

Google Chrome browser

Chrome Extensions

Google also introduced extensions and The Chrome Web Store as part of its Chrome browser.

What are Chrome extensions and Web Apps? Google Chrome extensions: Where can I download them for free?

Apps can be used to edit photos and create documents.

Two types of apps exist:

  • Apps that function like normal websites (For instance, Gmail and Google Calendar).
  • Chrome features are required to create apps that behave like software programs and run on your desktop.

The Benefits of Google Chrome

  • Android OS apps install fast without the need to restart your browser or computer.
  • Sync apps between multiple computers to ensure that your apps remain available at all times
  • Apps can be accessed via the internet and are constantly up to date.
  • Your computer won’t be crashed by apps. Close an app tab if you are having trouble.
  • App launcher makes it easy to find the right app and then open it.

Five Awesome Bonuses

Google Chrome


As I said in the beginning, there are a few tricks you can use to enhance your Google Chrome experience.

  1. With Ctrl+Shift+N, you can quickly go Incognito
  2. With Ctrl+J, view your downloads page
  3. With Ctrl+Shift+Delete, quickly get to “clear browsing information” page.
  4. Switch to Shift+Esc and open the Chrome Task Manager
  5. To save a page as a pdf, use Ctrl+P

The Pros and Cons of Google Chrome Browser

  • One sign-in. No multiple logins to Google services.
  • The synchronization process is perfect.
  • Rapidity
  • There are many extensions and webapps.
  • Developer’s community actively develops

Conversions of Google Chrome Browser

  • It can take up a lot of RAM.
  • Privacy is almost nonexistent
  • Chrome will automatically close any tabs that you have opened accidentally if the browser is closed.

Brave Browser

There is an alternative browser on the market that has been gaining attention in recent months. The Brave browser is it. Why is this browser so popular when there are already many browsers like Safari, Netflix Navigator, and Mozilla Firefox?

What’s Brave Browser? A Overview

Brave, a free, open-source browser, was developed by Brave Software, Inc.. It is built on the Chromium browser. This browser does not allow website tracking or ads. In a future browser version, the company proposes to adopt a pay-to surf business model.

This browser was discovered by me after I found it in the Google App Store. I did not use it much, but I kept my Google account as it is on my phone. Recently, a coworker mentioned this browser to me. I thought it was great.

The Brave browser was my first choice. I’d rather use it than Chrome, so for the next few days I will be using that.

After 24 Hours, Experience the Difference



After 24 hours, I’m writing this section. I love how the internet has changed over the past 24 hours.

Because I blocked all ads, any site that was regularly loading anime or blogs would load like a charm. Brave browser is able to block ads from sites and only show you what’s important. This is similar to Safari’s Reading mode on iPhone. However, the Brave browser loads the entire webpage without displaying any ads.

Here are the statistics after surfing the net for 24 hours (normal browsing habits of mine).

Stats for 24 hours by Brave Browser

You can see, within 24 hours I had more than 50 trackers that were protected. Additionally, more than 800 ads were blocked in less than 24 hours. It is easy to imagine the number of ads that load when you surf on the internet.

Brave Shortcuts

I was also able to discover the different settings the browser offers to users. One of my favorite features is shortcuts. This feature is also available in google chrome with some help!

If you wish to visit, you can type : g instead of and hit the enter key. will load (if your internet is available). (:P).

Which browser is safest?

No one can be trusted online. The Tor Browser and Brave browsers are the most secure on the internet.

Brave Browser is faster than Chrome.

Brave browser uses the same base as Chrome, but has privacy protection and ad blocking features. Brave Browser is faster than Google Chrome.

Brave Reward

Brave Rewards does more than anonymously support your favourite content creators. Brave Reward automatically allows private ads. This gives you the opportunity to view an advertisement and earn Basic Attention Tokens. Your personal information is kept completely anonymous and ads are displayed separately from your website content.

Brave from Vimeo .

The Brave Browser Team can give you the ability to control how many private ads you see, as well as earning 70% from the advertisers who send them. As you surf the internet, tokens are earned in return for your attention.

These tokens can be donated to sites that you like. More options will come in the future. You can! If you don’t want tokens for viewing private ads, you can turn them off at any moment in the Brave Rewards settings.

Brave Rewards

Questions: What makes the Brave Browser look similar to Chrome?

Answer: It’s built on top of Google Chrome’s source code and provides additional features that enhance the user’s experience.

What is Basic Attention Token? Introduction to the BAT

The Basic Attention Token (BAT), which is a token that allows publishers and advertisers to exchange it, improves digital advertising efficiency. All of this happens over the Ethereum blockchain. It can be said in any of the other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoins and Litecoin.

You can use the token to access a range of attention-based and advertising services via the Basic Attention Token Platform. It is simply a token’s ability to attract attention.

This should give you an idea of the Brave Browser, and their business model. You might also have some questions when comparing Google Chrome to Brave.

Which browser is faster than Google Chrome?

The Brave browser, according to me is the best option to Google Chrome for many reasons.

The Brave Browser for Bloggers. Content Creators

You might assume that the browser will negatively impact bloggers and content creators as it blocks the main source of income – Google Adsense and other Ads-provider companies like Admob, Chitika, Admob etc.

Content creators are also rewarded by the brave browser

What Content Creators Can Earn from Brave Browser?

Brave Browser allows you to make money by using any one of the following:

  • Blogs and website
  • Publications
  • Youtube Channel
  • Twitch

Which is the best Android internet browser? What is the best internet browser for Android?

Google Chrome works best if all of your Google Services devices are included in Google’s ecosystem. Brave Browser is a better choice if privacy and you don’t mind ads.

What money can be made for creators?

Brave browser users can earn tokens surfing the web

Brave Rewards uses the Basic Attention Token, BAT. Brave Browser users can view privacy-respecting advertisements and earn tokens.

They tip tokens for you, your favorite content creator

Subscribers, readers, and followers can tip you a fixed amount each month or offer one-time tips.

Sign up to Brave Rewards as a content creator

You can sign up to become a content creator and gain access the Creators Dashboard, which allows you to manage your tips. You will be able to access your referral link which can help you earn even more tokens.

Get your tips from Creator’s dashboard

After you have signed up, you will be able to log into the dashboard and use Uphold to convert your tokens into any currency you choose.

You can sign up to the Creators Rewards by going to their website.

Extract from Brave Browser Blog’s Press Release

Brave has been praised by the community for its speed. While some of these improvements are due to the removal of ads and trackers, we still try our best to ensure that every component is well-engineered and does not have excessive overheads. While most people won’t notice a significant difference in cutting ad blocker overheads, this 69x decrease in overheads allows the device CPU to spend more time performing other functions.

Second, it is important to consider the context where ad-blocker operates. A deeper integration of the browser allows us to run native, optimised code and reduces overheads when propagating request information through multiple processes, up until an extension. Because the browser does some work for the ad blocker, it can be avoided duplicating that code and further reduce overheads of propagating request information across multiple processes up to an extension.

A direct comparison between Google Chrome and Brave Browser

We are now in the last section, for which everyone was waiting. We will share insights, infographics and stats on the performance of these browsers on different scales in this section.

Average battery discharge Statistics

Average battery Discharge comparison with all browsers

Google Chrome Vs Brave Browser (with an ad-blocker)

Google Chrome vs Brave Browser (ad blocker)

YubiKey support Brave Browser

Brave Browser vs Google Chrome: Comparison

Image @


Although the brave browser is relatively recent, many may not be aware of it. What’s more?

Brave is gaining momentum. People are switching to Brave from Google Chrome because of its features and attention towards data protection.

It’s true that Brave browser uses Chromium, but Brave Browser has put a lot into making it a browser that respects your privacy and allows you to browse the web without tracking.

What browser do you prefer Google Chrome, or Brave Browser? Comment us to let us know.