Brave browser: Are You a Scammer or A Blockchain Search Engine That Really Pays?





Brave is a cryptocurrency-powered search engine. The goal of Brave’s mission is to create a privacy-focused user experience. Brave is also starting a new revolution which rewards publishers and content creators in cryptocurrency.

Search Engines are not new. However, there has been significant innovation in the space.

In my last post “The Dark Underbelly of Google”, I discussed how Google is violating privacy rights and antitrust violations. It also highlighted ways that Google can help governments restrain information freedom.

Google has not yet stolen all our data, but it is nice to at least know this.

Brave Browser is able to block all tracking and ads. Within 24 seconds the team raised $30M. #Speed

Brave’s cryptocurrency (BAT).

Brave uses the Basic Attention Token, a cryptocurrency based upon Ethereum. It is currently trading at approximately 17 cents per token.

Brave is planning to make this token a reward for users browsing its platform. Brave’s model differs from other search engines that use a fee-based model to initially build large lists of users to sell advertising.

Brave also makes advertising less intrusive. Although it is still unclear how far they will go, Brave says that its reward platform allows youtubers or website owners to lessen the emphasis on getting paid for ads.

Brave lets users surf the web with Brave. Users can then add funds to their Preferences Dashboard > Payments Setting.

Brave offers rewards to publishers that register their web site. These awards are based on visitor time, visits, and percentages of reward.

Publishers will get their BAT cryptocurrency within their Uphold Wallet dashboard. Register and verify your phone with Uphold before you can receive the token or perform transaction functionality.

Brave will also be looking at extending BAT to other social media platforms in order for more creators to earn money via their followers, without needing third parties like Patreon. The first person to move is a great opportunity for creators.

What can I do to be involved?

Download Brave Browser here then invite your friend to get $5 off of BAT. You can arm yourself using this tool to ensure you do not miss this financial revolution which will affect everyone.

You will get a tip based off your preference after you download the Brave Browser. In the default settings, the websites where you have spent most time are the ones that will get the best rewards. However, this can be altered or disabled for specific websites.

Your tokens, which were received with the Uphold wallet, can now be used wherever you accept cryptocurrency. They also allow for conversion into major fiat currencies, such USD, EUR, and BTC.

Brendan Eich from Brave is now the CEO. Eich was previously responsible for Mozilla. Eich believes users do not get fair treatment on the many free platforms available to them. It is possible for their personal details to be misused or misinterpreted into them entering into an agreement that they don’t fully understand. Using these platforms for free is not a good idea. Users may be misunderstood and enticed to sign an agreement that they are not aware of.

My Brave Browser Review

A few things are very simple that I noticed after using Brave.

  • Websites generally load faster even on slow browsers. This displays the time taken for a website’s page to load. It will attract webmasters who want to know how fast their website loads.
  • Brave can’t handle complex sites, such as those with special programming.

    • These publishers typically work for big-time media outlets that are dependent on their pay to watch/read model.
    • Reports indicate you won’t be able use it when you log in to your Google Analytics.

To set the search browser , you can use Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo or many others. After you click the button, it will be obvious that your search results must contain complete sentences.

This tool is great for privacy.

Enable the Autocomplete tab for more convenience when you search.

Google can record your Google Search results through your IP address or other fingerprinting methods based upon your search history.

To get full privacy, add brave to this DuckDuckGo integration.

While extensions may not be granted, you have the option to ask for an extension to enable you to integrate in the future.

VentureBeat is a good example of this. It has more then three dozen trackers and ads. Brave blocks them. I load the entire page in just 3.41 seconds. This is due to my browser cache. (This also depends on how fast you are internet-wise and your lag time).

If you open a new tab private, you’ll be able to activate DuckDuckGo along with Tor. Tor connects you with the Tor network, hiding your IP address so you can do whatever you want.

Google searches within Brave will record and track both your IP address as well as your location if you are using Google. Localized searches will be more effective. DuckDuckGo is your default search engine. All search results will be anonymous.

The dilemma or compromise is where you need to choose whether to have your data stored at Google’s supercomputer in order to get custom-made Google searches. Use the Brave Browser if you prefer to keep your data private.

Google uses search history from you to enhance its accuracy. Google is a great search engine. It’s not easy to duplicate. Brave is a second layer in your daily search engine routine that will enable you to remain completely private if you choose.

Design Wise The Brave interface for the browser is old-fashioned. Tabs tend to be blocky. Tabs can be viewed by moving the cursor around tabs. This can be difficult to learn.


Although my experiences were positive, I still have plenty to learn. This is my most important asset, as I am a writer/blogger. Chrome seems so focused on tracking all the things I share with Chrome in perpetuity and logging them, that it makes me feel like Brave is time to transition.

The feeling of being safe is heightened when someone else doesn’t watch your every move.

Are you still waiting? Publishing is a good option. It’s easy and free to create Cryptocurrency.