Brave browser crashes/not opening [Fix]

  • Brave browser issues on your Windows PC? This article will help you fix Brave browser issues on your computer.
  • Sometimes, corrupted caches can cause these problems.
  • This issue can also be caused by file corruption. Make sure you verify the integrity of your install.
  • Brave browser may still crash on Windows 10. You can either reinstall Brave browser or try switching to a new browser.

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Online privacy is becoming more important to users. They desire to have control over what data companies may collect and how they use it.

There are many privacy friendly solutions available that will allow you to keep your personal information private. One example is the Brave .

It allows you to surf faster and block trackers or ads that could violate your privacy. You can have faster browsing by protecting your privacy.

Brave Browser may sometimes be affected by issues with Windows 10. These include install failures, unexpected error codes, and more. You can find a fuller list here:

  • Brave Browser is not opening. Some Windows 10 users are having trouble opening the application. This is usually solved by reinstalling.
  • Brave Chrome keeps breaking. You should make sure to verify your extensions , and fix any issues that may be causing it.
  • Brave Chrome black screen This indicates that there are internal issues with your graphics card or an issue with your driver. Your drivers should be kept up to date.
  • Brave Browser doesn’t allow you to install. It could have been caused by an older version of software. A scan of the SFC might be helpful, as we have suggested.

This article will explain how to resolve common Brave Browser issues on Windows.

How can I resolve the Brave browser not working in Windows?

First, install a bug free browser.

There may be a browser that can prevent bugs from ever happening. Consider Opera – a veteran browser, as opposed to Brave – which is brand new.

Opera continues pushing the limits, even though it has been around for so many years. The company has reinvented itself several times. The current version is built on Chromium like Brave.

However, unlike Brave there are far fewer issues and errors.

The privacy aspect of the program is even more important: it will provide anti-tracking and adblocker as well as anti-crypto mining features.

Opera can be a great alternative to Brave if you are having browser troubles.

Opera also offers additional features

  • All VPNs included
  • You can manage multiple tab groups together in different workspaces
  • You can integrate various social networks right in the sidebar



This browser is an excellent, fault-free replacement for Brave Browser. Opera is a revolutionary browser that allows users to explore the web in new ways.

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1. Clear cache and browsing history

  1. Open the Brave Browser, choose the Menuicon, and then go to Setting
  2. Click the Securityoption to select Clear browsing data
  3. To clear click on this button
  4. An additional window will open listing 8 choices:

    • Explore your history
    • Get the history
    • Files and images cached
    • Remembered password
    • Cookies are used for site navigation
    • Autocomplete data
    • Autofill data
    • Site settings and permissions saved
  5. Next, select which items you would like to delete.

Run a System Scan to discover potential errors

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You can run a PC Scan and Restoro Repair Tool on your computer to identify security errors or slowdowns. Once the scan has been completed, you can replace the damaged files with the latest Windows components and files.

Multiple users have confirmed that browsing for more than three days can sometimes cause the browser to become slow and freeze up. The best thing to do in such cases is to clear your browsing history and delete the cache.

This is quite a task! This could be automated if only. You could also do this to any other browsers.

You are right! CCleaner immediately to remove browsing history, cache and cookies from Brave, Firefox and Chrome.

Also, a complete PC clean-up will benefit you.

CCleaner makes your computer faster thanks to the Windows registry cleaner. Your computer will also run better. It will find and delete unnecessary files, which will make your computer more efficient.

= Use CCleaner

2. Run SFC scan

  1. Enter cmd into Start. Click on Command prompt to run the program as an administrator
  2. Please enter the following command

    scannow /sfc
  3. You can wait until scanning completes before you restart the computer.

Windows 10 OS is required for the proper operation of all apps and programs you have installed. There may be issues with launching apps or programs if you have missing files in the system.

Brave browser may crash on Windows 10 when there is file corruption.

A dedicated program is required to ensure your security while browsing the Internet. Secure yourself by installing Private Internet Access. Protects your browser from malicious attacks, masks IP addresses and blocks unwanted access.

3. Install the Brave Browser again

  1. Click on Start, type add or Remove. Next select the Add/Remove programsoption for Brave to be uninstalled
  2. Navigate To:

  3. You can delete the Brave folder
  4. Now, go to:

  5. You can delete the Bravefolder
  6. Make sure to delete any installer copies.
  7. You can delete the Brave shortcut and its taskbar icon from your desktop.
  8. Reboot your computer
  9. Install the Brave browser and then reinstall it.

Be aware that this will cause Brave to lose its entire browser data. This is especially useful for Brave browser that isn’t loading pages. Make sure you try this option.

We hope these simple solutions have helped to resolve your Brave browser’s inability to open.

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