Brave browser Dark Mode [Dark Theme For Every Website]

Brave – What’s it all about?

Brave is an privacy-oriented Chromium-based web browser. Brave continues to grow in popularity. It can be used on all platforms.

Brave is dedicated to Privacy

Brendan Eich, one co-founder of Mozilla Project, founded the company to change the bloated adtech market. The browser has an built-in technology to block ads that adapts to users’ preferences. This allows users not to completely block ads but only allow the user to receive relevant, targeted ads for a very low amount of BAT. You can earn tokens to purchase funds that you wish to support content producers or websites. The fact is that if ads are stopped, all websites we like reading will be gone. However, you have the option to keep the BAT yourself. Or you can completely disable the reward system and stop all ads. Night Eye loves Brave for this feature. We use Brave almost every day. It allows you to control the ads as well as completely blocking tracking.

Brave is quickly

It’s literally super fast. It removes tracking from ads so it loads pages more quickly than any other browser. Brave posted a video showing page loading times for several sites with different browsers. It compares Chrome, Firefox, and Brave. Don’t trust this video? Install it now and give it a try.

Brave may be like Chrome, but Brave isn’t really.

It works faster than Chrome, doesn’t use your laptop battery as fast and is more private. This can also be called Anti-Chrome.

How to make Brave dark possible

The other is different

Step 1 Installing Night Eyes

Step 2 — Enjoy the dark mode of almost every website that you visit

It will automatically run and provide consistent dark mode for browsing the web.

Brave did not include Chrome Extensions, as opposed to other Chromium-based browsers. Nowadays you can enjoy all available extensions on the Chrome Web Store using Brave by simply going to It will run automatically and the default settings are pretty much sufficient for you to have consistent dark mode while browsing the internet.

Better Dark mode for Brave

These default settings will not work for all users. Power users often refer to themselves as “power users”. Night Eye allows you to customize your Night Eye experience with:

Schedule dark mode

It is possible to set the time for extension activation and deactivation. This feature is especially useful for web developers, UX/UI specialists and anyone else who needs to know the exact color of a web page.


For a better environment for eyes, you could apply the blue light filter or dimming and contrast. Additionally, the filters can be used globally or for a specific website such as Facebook.

Color customisation

This allows users to adjust the website’s colors, even though it’s still early in testing.

The final words on Brave. Why we like it.

You have more control over the program by blocking advertisements and tracking scripts. The system also provides faster speed and less energy usage. The browser also has a proper dark mode. It has a dark mode, which is a great feature for modern web browsers.