Brave browser – Earn Money While Browsing On The Internet

The majority of people who browse the Internet spend time every day browsing it, sometimes more than is necessary.

Google and Safari both offer “free” browsing services.

However, they do make money from ad revenues and by selling data.

Imagine browsing with a browser that actually pays you. You can also imagine a browser that won’t sell you your data and instead gives you one of the most private browsing experiences on the Internet.

This is Brave Browser. The future of browsing.

What exactly is Brave Browser, you ask?

Brave Browser, created by Brendan Eich and JavaScript founders Mozilla founders Brendan Eich is an open-source Internet browser. By default it is private.

You will however be compensated for accepting ads.

Brave offers similar functionality to all other browsers: you can browse, see online content and run web applications. Brave also has some of the finest ad blocking technology, which ensures that your browsing and digital footprint remain private.

Brave Browser Review

Brave Browser’s UI is simple to understand and contains all you might expect from a browser.

The homepage displays information about your browsing habits, such as time saved and blocked ads. It also shows you your Brave Reward points if your opt-in for BAT.

You can also find shortcut thumbnails to your most frequently visited sites on the homepage. The homepage also includes the current time and allows you to customize Brave Browser settings.

Brave by design is privacy focused. To earn BAT cryptocurrency, you must change your settings so that ads can be displayed on your user interface.

This will allow you to display subtle ads on the homepage. It will also improve your browsing experience. Although you can control the number of ads you display, the higher the reward for BAT is.

Brave Reward System

Brave provides a rewards program for content creators. Brave Rewards lets users anonymously help sites they visit.

Brave Rewards allows you to add up your time on every website that you visit. This will calculate a BAT contribution for each site based on the level of your attention.

Brave and companies who wish to promote on Brave contribute funds.

Before they are eligible to earn BAT, publisher must first register the website of their content creator channel. Content creators who are already registered will receive tips and BAT from their viewers.

Brave users also have the option to manually tip the website they choose by simply clicking on the Brave Logo in the search box and filling out the tip dropdown.

You can set up ad blocking on specific websites if you wish. You can do this by clicking the Brave icon in the search box, then reset the security settings to match.

Brave allows anyone to earn BAT for browsing the Internet. You’ll see them on the Brave Homepage or on Brave Publisher Program websites.

The BAT you receive is automatically added to your Brave wallet. It is paid out each month and is available for you to use as you please.

Brave is about Security and Privacy

Brave’s privacy-focused browser makes it more secure than most of its competition. It blocks all ads, except those that are set as default. Brave also blocks crawlers.

Brave allows you to create private browser windows by using the Onion Router.

Brave’s privacy focus is TOR, which offers higher anonymity levels, however, it is all done in your Brave browser.

Simply click the orange arrow in the upper right corner of your screen and choose to open another private window with Tor.

Brave links you to a network of 3 computers that make up the TOR Network. Then, you can open a Private Window. This ensures complete anonymity.


Brave has revolutionized the browsing market. While privacy is the default setting, Brave also wants to democratize ad revenues.

It is the future for Internet browsing. The browser is faster, more secure and does not disrupt the browsing experience by displaying large ads.

Brave has privacy as its main purpose and is protected by some of the finest ad-blocking technology. It will reward you for sharing your online experience, with targeted ads and subtle messages.

You can also register your website if your content is created. This will allow you to earn tips from your followers.

Google Chrome is still the best browser. People don’t have a choice. Google could have to revamp its browsing offering, given all the Brave features.

Author: Pablo Clarke