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Ubuntu and other Linux: Checking CPU Temperature and HDD Temperature

Are you curious about how to check the temperature of your HDD and CPU in Ubuntu? Here’s a quick guide.

Here are today’s how-tos

  • How To Install PyCharm on AlmaLinux 8 – idroot

    We will be showing you how to set up PyCharm for AlmaLinux 8 in this tutorial. PyCharm (for Python) is an integrated platform that allows you to program in Python. The PyCharm alternative is great with many Python functions for beginners. But even more experienced web developers could use it to perform targeted fine-tuning and efficient troubleshooting. PyCharm can be used with macOS, Windows and Linux. The article assumes that you are familiar with Linux basics, have some knowledge about the shell and can host your website on your VPS. Installation is simple. It assumes that you’re running as root. You may have to add sudo to some commands in order for root privileges. Here’s how I installed PyCharm IDE onto an AlmaLinux 8. For CentOS and Rocky Linux, you can use the exact same procedure.

  • Go On Debian 11 How to Install – idroot

    We will be showing you how to set up Go in Debian 11. Go is an open source programming language. It makes it simple to create reliable and efficient software. It is statically-typed and generates compiled machine code binaries. A compiled language, Go language. Because you don’t need to compile any source code, this is a popular choice for developers. You should have a basic understanding of Linux and be able to use the shell. Installation is simple. It assumes that you’re running as root. You may have to add sudo to some commands to obtain root privileges. You will be guided through the steps of installing Go programming language on Debian 11 Bullseye.

  • Fedora Linux PowerShell Installer [Ed. Red Hat salesman Microsoft]

    PowerShell is also known by the pwsh acronym. It’s an object-oriented, open-source command-line system that Microsoft developed and maintains. It’s intuitive, syntactically precise and intuitive for users. This article will explain how to install PowerShell inside a Podman and Toolbox container.

  • Install Apache JMeter in Ubuntu 20.04

    Pache JMeter can be used as a desktop tool to measure load, and perform performance testing on a number of services. It is free to use and available as an open source project. JMeter is an Apache project written in Java. Apache JMeter is used to measure performance of static and dynamic resources. This protocol was initially used to evaluate web servers. However, it has since been extended to support other protocols such as SOAP, FTP and Mail servers. JMeter allows you to simulate heavy load on any server, group, object, network or other device. We will be installing Apache JMeter in Ubuntu 20.04. These steps can also be applied to other Linux distributions.

  • Find Modified Files within the Last 24 Hours of Linux

    Linux system administrators and experienced users understand the consequences of file management goals and procedures not met. By allowing users to associate their actions with file changes and modifications, file management can improve the workflow.

  • Cawbird Desktop Client on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux

    Twitter, I believe, is the most important social network in existence. Ubuntu 20.04 now has a desktop client that is simple yet efficient. You will now learn how you can install Cawbird on Ubuntu 20,04. It is an efficient, modern and simple desktop Twitter client.

  • Debian 11 How To Install Docker And Docker Compose

    Docker, a platform that allows developers to ship, build, and maintain applications in a containerized world, is free and open-source. This allows you to seperate your application from the infrastructure. It makes it simpler and safer for you to deploy and manage containers. It is intended to establish a local development ecosystem. Docker compose can be used to make multiple containers. Docker compose is used to create and share multiple container applications. The Docker-compose tool allows you to use the YAML files to create services, and then run them all at once with a single command.

  • Debian 11 Bullseye: How to Install Plex Media server – LinuxCapable

    Plex Media Server allows you to save all of your digital media content. You can access it via any client app, such as your TV and NVIDIA Shield. Plex Media Server categorizes all your files and media content. This is a popular choice for those who want to store their TV Shows or Movie Libraries. You can also share the server with other friends and acquaintances if you have a good connection. Plex Media Server is now available on many platforms. Plex Media Server was developed over the years. The following tutorial will teach you how to set up Plex Media Server for Debian 11 Bullseye.

  • Clone or copy permissions between files on Linux using Unixcop

    Imagine that you’ve just created new files and need it to share the permissions and owner of older files. Do you need permissions or file ownership from an older file copied to the newly created file? We will be showing you how to clone the file owner and group from another Linux file.

  • LinuxH2O drivers to install on XP Pen tablets

    You will learn how to set-up and install the XP Pen tablet as well as its drivers using Linux. This guide works with all distributions, so it does not matter whether you’re using Fedora, Arch or Ubuntu. The XPpen company is highly popular. They have a strong global reputation and are well known for their amazing tablets. This tablet is used by people from all walks of life. You feel like you are using a pen to write on paper. These tablets have exceptional pressure sensitivities. You can get support for any of the operating systems, including Linux. It’s also very simple to setup. The tablet comes with dedicated customer service and a 1-year warranty.