Brave browser founders say privacy-focused Brave browser is in an arms race that they can win

Brave founders, in a Reddit AMA said the fight for privacy is an arms race that can be won due to Brave’s ability innovate rapidly. Brave 1.0 was launched. Many Reddit members had questions about Brave’s security and tracking mechanisms.

Building on the Mozilla Legacy

Privacy-focused Brave web browser is having a great year. We have introduced many new features , signed up several new publishers such Wikipedia, and reached 9,000,000 active monthly users just this week.

Some might think that its growth is solely due to growing privacy online. However, it has many other advantages. Brave is a browser that was developed by Brendan Eichand Brian Bondy. They have taken the best of both traditional and modern browsers and significantly improved them.

Eich was the original JavaScript programmer and also co-founded Mozilla. Eich and Bondy said that Brave 1.0 is more secure, faster, and better than its predecessor. The AMA was designed to help promote it.

Eich says that one major difference between Brave and Mozilla is Eich’s ability to innovate quickly. It was nearly impossible for a company as large as Mozilla to launch risky projects.

Brave’s growth rate is still high, so it will only be a matter of months before Brave becomes an enterprise browser, similar to Mozilla. Eich suggests that Eich should work more efficiently and hard, as he wants to “dismiss” all of the innovative and risky projects Brave had before it became too big.

If asked about why he made a browser for Mozilla, he answered:

Google search revenue is what ties them down, so it’s possible that Mozilla isn’t innovating as fast as we are.

Building an empire around privacy is brave

Bondy and Eich referred all to the company’s work in preventing the collection of user data and tracking. Eich said that Brave does nothing to collect data about user browsing. Instead, all data is protected by a unique key. Brave Rewards, the browser’s optin system for Brave Rewards uses blind-signature cryptography which prevents Brave from linking users’ ad donations. Bondy explained.

As a company Brave does not have access to any data. This means that we will never be able to share it. Our data is also available to be audited anytime.

A number of users have expressed concerns over government interference in Brave. Due to its privacy-centric business model, the company could become a target of organizations like the NSA or FBI. Eich assured that Brave had not been compromised. Eich indicated that Brave had not been interfered with.

Eich thinks that while the company’s efforts to transform online advertising will face some challenges, its innovation and constant improvement will ensure it stays in the game. Eich replied that it wasn’t impossible for major websites, such as Facebook or Google to not be compatible with Brave. Brave appears to be identical to Chrome, explained Eich.

“Browsers can already fool each other’s User Agent: header values are used and camouflage is possible at will.”

Brave doesn’t plan to remain in the same spot for too long, though. Bondy who is Chief Technical Officer of Brave, says that there are specific development plans in place over the next 12 mois. These include work on Brave’s native crypto wallet and platforms supporting Brave Reward.

It was suggested that a Brave SSL VPN could be introduced in the near future. The idea was very popular with the Brave community of Reddit.

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The Brave Browser

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