Brave Browser Free Windows PC Download – 32 bit 64 bit

Brave Browser

The best online companion is a web browser. It guides you along the entire journey. Today’s web browser is essential in our lives. You can use it to find anything and download things, watch video, or stream them. We need the web browser to provide us with the most efficient performance, as well as keep our online security safe. Online threats, theft and other risks are all possible while we browse the internet. You must therefore be vigilant about these issues all the time. The browser you choose must not expose you to these risks. There are many browsers available. You just have to choose the right one for you. Brave Browser can be downloaded to enjoy the best of Brave Browser.

Brave Browser is a web browser that can provide both security and speed. This browser is among the most popular on the web and works much better than other browsers. Brave protects and maintains privacy online in a way that no other browser can match. Brave loads web pages three times faster than other browsers, consumes less memory and is more efficient with battery use, saving you time, energy, and battery life. Brave claims that it is faster and better than Google Chrome. Maybe, but you’ll only discover that when you open the Brave Browser. Although it is lightweight, the Brave Browser comes packed with everything you want in a browser. This includes privacy and security options. It is self-contained and can block ads and cyber threats. Your page will load quicker because it does not track you.

Brave Browser is similar to Chrome in that it uses the same engine. This means you’ll have every extension available for Chrome. It is built upon Chromium so that you can enjoy the same web compatibility, and speed as Chrome. Although it’s a Chromium browser, the UI is crisp and simplified. It makes it fun to navigate and use. The browser has been designed with Chromium- or Blink-based security protection. Brave remains dedicated to the purpose it was designed for. Brave Shields is an embedded adblocker that stops internet advertisers and website trackers from interrupting your browsing. Your private data is kept private online. Check out Microsoft Edge Browser.

Brave Shields

You are protected from the trackers. It makes it more difficult to track you as you move between sites. This keeps you protected, and speeds up your browsing. Shields help you stay safe.

  • It prevents trackers from bringing maximum abs.
  • Toss cookies at the site visited
  • Cookies make it more difficult for you to find your browser and continue using it.
  • You can upgrade to secure connections whenever websites support them
  • This blocks malicious code and sites that attempt to exploit your PC for mining cryptocurrency.

Stop annoying ads and popping-ups. Shields offer the highest security. Simply adjust your settings so that you can continue.

Brave provides more protection for your privacy. Brave’s HTTPS integration is everywhere. It ensures you that your connection to sites has the most secure possible security. Access in has been integrated, as well as automatic cookie control and access to Tor . Brave’s default settings will be used. Brave is able to block malware, phishing attacks, and other forms of malvertising. Standard settings also limit risky plugins.

Brave can be used on any device, phone or computer. Brave Sync makes it easy to sync your phone and computer. It allows you securely share bookmarks, settings, passwords, etc., on either device. Brave Browser must be installed on the mobile device. You might also be concerned about losing saved information if you switch Brave to an old browser. Brave makes it easy to do this. Just go to Brave browser and select “Import”. This will immediately duplicate the entire workspace that you had on your old one.

The browser can be customized to your liking. Brave’s homepage can be personalized with widgets like Brave Stats (shows blocked trackers and ads), Brave News (shows your most frequented site), Brave News (shows top sites), Brave Cards (shows your favorite), Brave News (shows how many you block), Brave Stats (shows number of tracked trackers & advertisements), Brave Stats (shows how many), Brave News (shows the number), Brave News (shows which website you frequently visit), Top Sites), Brave Sites), Brave Stats), Brave Stats), Brave Stats), Brave Stats), Brave, the best), Brave, cards, etc. Moreover, you can use various default search engines, manage your bookmarks, etc. You can also try another web browser Vivaldi.

Brave Browser features:


  • Adblocking
  • Cookie control
  • Upgrade HTTPS
  • Fingerprinting prevention
  • Pre-configured global shield defaults
  • Setting up shields per site
  • Block scripts

Security –

  • Clear browsing instructions
  • Form autofill
  • Built-in password manager
  • Access to content and full-screen presentation control
  • Site access required for controlling autoplay media
  • Browsing requests can be sent “Do not Track”


  • Select default search engine
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts to find alternative search engines
  • DuckDuckGo can be used for private window searching

Tabs, & Windows-

  • Private Windows
  • Drag & drop
  • The Pinned Tab
  • Automated unload
  • Closer Options
  • Duplicate
  • Look at page
  • Print page

IPFS integration-

  • Browse without intermediaries
  • Use a gateway to resolve the ipfs:// URIs
  • Direct access to the IPFS (Interplanetary Fil System) network for content
  • One click to get an IPFS complete node

Address Bar –

  • You can search using the address bar
  • Auto-suggest URLs
  • Autosuggest terms for search
  • Choose secure from insecure.
  • Register Bookmark
  • Show/hide bookmarks toolbar

Brave’s Reward System-

  • You can earn BAT watching ads in private homes
  • You can share your favourite content creators
  • Sites receive monthly contributions
  • Contribute auto to these sites
  • You can verify Uphold and move money in or out from your wallet using the Move Funds feature
  • Start earning basic attention tokens from tips and referrals by becoming a certified content creator.

The Brave Reward-

Brave has one of its most unique and intriguing features, the reward system. Brave Rewards is a way to get rewards for watching privacy-adhering adverts. You can also earn points where you support content creators you love. Built on BAT, this reward system uses BAT. Brave ads will show you how to get Basic Attention Tokens. This is another cryptocurrency that you can exchange for currency. You can also share it with other content creators. You don’t need to worry about what happens to your private information. Brave Rewards can be used to view ads. However, this could lead you to exposing yourself to unwanted attention. Brave does not sell your information.

Technical Settingup Information:

  • Brave Browser Software Full Title
  • Software Version: 29.76
  • The full setup size is 1.2 MB
  • Software Developers: Brave Software Inc.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8, 8.1/10 or later Operating System (Windows).
  • Required memory (RAM): Maximum 512 MB
  • Hard Disk Space (HDD/SSD): 100 MB required.
  • The processor (CPU), Intel Pentium IV processor, or later with SSE2 capability.


Brave Browser comes as both a standalone and offline installation. You can download the browser faster and more securely by clicking the button below. Brave only allows you to be you.