Brave browser integrates with Twitter

Brave has more exciting news! Anyone with a Twitter profile can now become a verified blogger by signing up using their credentials. Visitors to your Twitter account will be able to manually tip you or to include you in Brave’s Auto-Contribute algorithm. This distributes the user’s BAT on websites and social media sites based upon how long they have spent there.

Already, users can verify YouTube and Twitch channel accounts as well as websites for which they are the owner (as seen here on Publish0x – click the BAT triangular icon in your browser if you’re using Brave). Brave was soon to be integrated with other social media sites. Reddit has been mentioned before. Reddit is next, or does this signify that Reddit is?

You’ve successfully signed up. How does this work? After being verified you will be eligible for tips/rewards from site visitors in the form Basic Attention Tokens (aka “BAT”). This can be done on most websites or social media platforms in two ways. Brave users can tap on the icon to open a wallet that will allow them to select the tip amount.

Brave’s Auto Contribute system is perhaps even more fascinating. Brave users can enable Auto Contribute on their browser to keep track of how much time they spend at each site. It distributes tokens from a user’s wallet to websites visited at the end of each month, based on how much time they spent on each site. There is no need to tip manually! The user has the option to change the site’s monthly allocation at any time. Users who like what you have to say may be motivated to donate even more. Many people won’t have the time or patience to redistribute tokens every month. You will only get what you are given.

Twitter has it even better. It appears that Twitter will soon have a new tipping feature. Users will be able (still under development) to tip specific tweets. This is so cool!

*Preview of Twitter’s BAT tipping function. *Nightly is the Development Version of Brave

You might be wondering how users can get tokens that you can use to help you. There are many ways. Brave offers free tokens for new users in order to encourage them to try the tipping feature. You just need to download the browser, and your tokens will be waiting. Brave will also continue rolling out Ads in Brave Reward throughout 2019. Brave does not require any ad blocking software. Brave will automatically be an ad-free browser. If Rewards is turned on, however, Brave allows users to view ads in return for Basic Attention Tokens.

Users can also buy BAT on a cryptocurrency exchange, which is probably the third most common option.

What are tokens useful for? The Brave Website:

Brave has announced a partnership to the TAP Network that allows Brave users the ability to redeem Basic Attention Tokens, (BAT), for real-world rewards from over 250,000 brand partners within the TAP Network. Brave users can redeem their earned tokens to receive hotel reservations worldwide, vouchers for restaurants, entertainment, and gift cards from national brands like Amazon, Starbucks or Uber. TAP Network will allow them to make donations to charities such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Brave plans to extend this partnership by adding mobile platforms before the end of 2019. Brave will extend this partnership to include mobile platforms by the end of 2019.

Brave has a solution for this problem. Make cryptocurrency usable in real life!

You can enjoy Brave, regardless of whether you want to be verified as a publisher. Download and install the Brave Browser here.

If you are already using Brave, and would like to be a Brave publisher through Twitter, Twitch or YouTube, sign up. It can take up to a few days for your website to be listed as a publisher in the browser.

To earn tips by reading and writing blog posts, but you have not signed up yet with Publish0x, please this link to support me and find the registration page.

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