brave/browser-laptop: [DEPRECATED] Please see for the current version of Brave

Brave browser

MacOS Desktop Browser for Windows and Linux

This repository contains the older Muon version (our forks of Electron), of Brave.

You can find the latest version of this browser ( bravecore). is also available here

This version is currently being restructured as issues are moved to the new code base.

If Brave is not working properly or you would like to help, Please visit the updated code base

You can also see other browser versions at:


To obtain the most recent release, please visit our releases page.

You may also go to our website for the most recent stable release and a user-friendly downloading page.

Only one active channel is available for Brave’s Muon edition: Release. As we transition to bravecore, this will be removed. The beta channel as well the developer channel use the bravecore code-base.

The Community

If you want to be more involved in Brave, join the Q&A group. You can request help and talk about features that you would like to see. There are many other ways to get involved with Brave. Your help is greatly appreciated so we can keep Brave improving.

Useful documentation

  • For tips and guidelines on contributing, see
  • For styling information, see
  • For more information about testing and how to run some of them, see Docs/
  • For more information about debugging, see Docs/
  • To learn more about how to help with localization (translations), please visit .
  • For information about installing the browser under Linux distributions, see Docs/

Run from the source

For a complete walkthrough of setting up Windows using Windows please refer to the Building Windows Wiki entry.

Brave will not work on other platforms, such as Linux or macOS. You need to install certain packages before you are able to build Brave and then run it locally.


  1. The nodejs current LTS Version

    You can install from the package manager or

  2. npm Version 5 or higher (to use the package lock.json).


apt–get install build–essential rpms ninja–build

On Fedora

Install rpm-build DNF Group "Development Tools", "C Development Tools and Libraries"


Once you have installed the prerequisites

  1. Copy the git repository to GitHub

     # For beta testers: git clone --depth 1 # For devs over HTTPS: git clone # For devs over SSH: git clone 
  2. You can open the directory by clicking here:

    Cd Browser-laptop
  3. Install Node dependencies

    npm installation

You can also use npm to install yarn or yarn.


Further information on how to troubleshoot installation problems can be found in the Troubleshooting Wiki.

Preconfigured VMs

A few platforms can be pre-configured VMs. For more information, see the readme.

Running Brave

There are a few things you need to do in order to run the development browser. It is easiest to have two terminals. You can use one terminal to monitor for code changes.

npm watch

You can now run Brave on another terminal


You can fix some errors in brave/electron updates by performing a clean installation:

rm-rf node_modules/npm install

This may not be possible. Please clear your /.electron and try again.

Running webdriver tests

Run the webdriver test

 npm watch-test or npm watch-all 

Test your knowledge in another terminal


For more information, see test.


Brave default uses port 8080 for communication between client and server. Port 8080 can be used for other purposes (e.g., a web proxy). You can change the node configuration to use port 8080 for something else (e.g., a web proxy).

E.g. e.g.

Further information on how to troubleshoot development problems can be found in the Troubleshooting Wiki.

You can run inside a development version Muon

We provide default pre-built binary files when you install using our fork of electro-prebuilt.

You will need to create it if you wish to change the code to Moon. Execting a new event in the webview (from Muon) is one example.

To start this process, you’ll want to check out our browser-laptop-bootstrap repo. To get up and running, you can refer to our wiki.

Bundles, updates, and packaging

Please refer to our wiki entry regarding packaging.