Brave Browser Review. Details and features. The Brave Browser Review – Details and Features

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The Brave Web Browser, the fastest web browser. You can be confident in your privacy and security. It will block all tracking and advertisements. The program also allows you to view ads and earn money.

What exactly is Brave Browser, you ask?

Brave allows its users to browse the web and displays content. Like most web browsers it is also completely free. You can be assured that your data is secure and anonymous. The moment you go to Download brave, you won’t be seeing any Ads unless you choose to. However, it will not block search ads.

People are often talking about Brave and saying things like “Oh, yeah…the internet browser that blocks advertisements,” but I suspect they’re telling a much bigger story. The web browser that protects your privacy is it. You can look at ads, fine. If you hate ads – fine. It’s easy to turn off ads. Do you want to disable all scripts and cookie? It’s fine to share the information. It’s all part of the concept. It is the browser that gives back the power to the user. We need more companies to fight for your privacy. There are many companies out there who will invade your privacy.

Brave browser: How can you make money?

Brave Browser users can earn money. Brave Browser makes money. Users could earn up to 70% from brave ads.

You can choose from two types of ads: user Ads or Publisher Integrated.

  • User Ads They will not be mandatory. Block ads if you don’t like them. You won’t have to pay any additional subscription fees. This Ad will allow brands to interact with targeted audiences while browsing the Internet. A user will earn 70% and 30% respectively from the Ads revenue.
  • Publisher Integrated Ads –70% revenue share to Verified publishers. Brave will keep 15%, while users get 15%.

Not Brave always pays their users more than the other revenue shares. The user is the priority

For every user, there is a solution. It doesn’t matter if you want to pay for content. Tip your favourite site if you would like to help the Publisher. It’s okay to make passive income.

Brave Ads: What are the charges for advertisers?

Brave’s CPM model will be used as its base. For every 1000 impressions, advertisers will receive a payment. Brave will offer many engagement options for your ads as Brave develops the product.

  • The payment will take place in fiat. In the background, BAT will transfer it to.

It is not possible to find much information. Brave will soon post additional information on the topic.

Personaly, I’d love to see a CPS-model on Brave ecosystem. It is important that you only deal with publishers that can bring you conversions/sales. This campaign makes the internet less spammy. While I am aware that there may be companies or ad campaigns which don’t fit with this model of advertising, I still would like to see it.

They will appear in 2019

What’s the Basic Attention Token (or basic attention token)?

After we have learned the entire Brave system we now need to learn BAT what it does and how it supplements Brave.

Basic Attention Token is a digital advertising token that was developed to break the digital advertising monopoly held by two companies, Google & Facebook. The two largest online advertisers receive 73%. Basic Attention Token is a project by the team that aims to transform the current market.

Advertisers send ads in lock mode to their users using smart contractual . The token payment portion is distributed to the user when they view the advertisement. A portion of this token payment goes to Brave Browser. The publisher who hosted the advertisement will receive the rest.

Your BAT can be used to buy premium content and products as well as donations to content providers. You also have the option of spending your money on high-resolution photos or data services. It is possible to exchange BAT tokens for USD, EUR or to withdraw funds to your bank accounts. You may also be able to make micropayments in the BAT ecosystem for commenting and voting up/down on forums.

Such an advertising system can be beneficial to everyone involved in the digital space.

  1. You can browse the Internet privately and then monetize your time with BAT.
  2. Without the use of advertisements, publishers can make a living as publishers.
  3. The data provided by advertisers allows for better targeting of their messages.

You can find out where to purchase/sell and keep your Basic Attention Tokens.

You can earn a lot of money by viewing Brave Ads.

Brave Ads were just released. They are only available in some countries. Therefore, it is difficult to give precise estimates.

We can only get estimates. Brendan Eich the CEO of Brave posted a comment on his estimates. Brendan predicts that Brave Ads, which will debut in 2019, will allow users to make up to $70 per annum by just viewing an advertisement. Brave’s popularity will continue to rise, and users could earn as much as $220 per annum if they view advertisements.

After blocking any fraud, arbitration, or abuse within the current system using the BAT ecosystem, their mission is to determine a fair value for user’s attention. The default is that users’ revenue share will be paid monthly anonymously, to the top sites and creators of content on YouTube, Twitch and other platforms. By changing the defaults, Basic Attention Tokens can be obtained. They can be sent to your Ethereum Wallet. You may also convert them into U.S. dollars, euros or other currencies. With these Tokens, you have the freedom to do anything you wish with them. These tokens become your rules.

Brave Browser Features & Details

  • Search the internet faster –Brave Web Browser loads faster that Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
  • Security & Privacy –Cookie block, Fingerprint blocking and Script blocking. Phishing & Malware prevention.
  • Ads blocking &Blocking all Ads or all Ads that are not within the BAT ecosystem. It also includes options for allowing advertisement and trackers.
  • Contribution by Auto – Your BAT tokens can be automatically contributed to the favorite content creators. Your monthly budget can be set from $5 to $30 and the tokens will then be distributed on your favourite sites.
  • Save Time – Enable all Brave Features – Ad blocking, script blocking and more. You will see websites load twice as fast and save your time every day.
  • You are burning mobile data by loading advertisements
  • TipsCovered exceptional content? The content creator can be tipped.

Just click the BAT button on the right side and a popup will open. Here you can pick your tip amount and then send it to the content creator.

Brave Rewards is available on desktop only. You will be able to give back a small amount to websites that you most frequent. You can still support the content that you like – even if ads are blocked. It’s the new internet.

Brave makes browsing the web easy: With Brave Rewards enabled, you can help the creators of content you like at the price that suits your budget. Personally, I think it is great that content creators can be tipped without you seeing ads.

Brave is a pitch. Brave provides a superior internet experience. It saves you time and pays attention. But most important, it lets you choose. This is what everyone wants, right? Freedom to choose.

Brave Twitter Tip

August 1, 2019. April 1, 2019 Brave unveils new features – tips on Twitter

With just one click, you can easily tip content creators on Twitter. This worked for me. BraveSampson was the one who gave me a tip.

If you tip someone, you can share the tip with other people.

This function will not work in Brave Browser Desktop latest version. After you have updated, you’ll see the Tip button bearing the BAT logo. Click on the button, select your amount and click confirm.

Here’s how to tip other Twitter users. We can make Twitter awesome again.

What browser does it use faster?

Brave Web Browser runs faster than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Change your browser to Brave Web Browser if speed is important to you.

Brave Browser and Google Chrome

Brave Browser vs Mozilla Firefox

BraveGoogle ChromeMozilla FirefoxCoinmarketcap0.733.653.61Buzzfeed0.62.791.12Reddit1.593.724.44NYTimes0.624.245.54

This test is to simply compare Brave, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The following websites I tried:

A plugin was used to determine the speed at which the page loads. I tested multiple plugins and all had similar results.

My life is spoiled by the modern internet. Every day I use the internet, the speed of it all matters to me. It doesn’t take me 3 seconds to load a site, which is why I am already annoyed. Many people love their web browser and have become accustomed to the interface. That’s fine. You can use it as long as you like the interface and all of its features.

These were the settings that I used for Brave to calculate loading time. I removed all ads and cookies as well scripts, -based, and other phishing threats.

According to my knowledge, the only web browser allows you block scripts and ads. The load time is increased dramatically by this. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome did the testing without any plugins blocking ads or scripts.

Script blocking caused the greatest increase in page load times.

It can help websites to stop building your fingerprint. For example, you could block scripts by blocking your device, screen size, plug-ins or add-on support. Many times, disabling Scripts will neutralize the website’s ability scan your web activities such as past tabs open, Java support, Flash and silver-light support…

Braves Extensions

You can access all extensions that you have in Google Chrome. Brave provides support for almost every extension that is compatible with chrome.

  1. Open Brave Web Browser by clicking the link at the top of the screen.
  2. Select Other ToolsExtensions
  3. Click on Web Store

Here is an example showing my personal extensions. This update by The Brave Team is fantastic. Brave extensions are the primary reason why Brave was not installed on my Desktop. The extensions are no longer a problem. I now have the extension I use for work and I see no reason not to put it on my Desktop.

A notification will display on your screen after you install the extension. It contains information about what data you gave permission to it.

It is your responsibility to read and understand all messages before installing third-party extensions.

In the extension log, you can view and modify information about your extensions.

Brave browser Dark Mode

Numerous platforms and websites now have dark modes. Reddit is now available in a dark mode. It’s almost impossible to use it without it. Brave developers took note of the trend and designed a dark browser.

Just go to brave://settings/

Choose from Dark or Light, and the exact same Windows color.

You can see how dark the theme looks in this screenshot. This page also allows you to change font sizes and other settings.

Brave Dark Mode for iOS or Android is currently unavailable. The Brave developers team are working on dark mode mobile. Andriod, as well iOS. It will be available as soon as possible. I will also update my blog.

Brave has how many users?

In 2018, there were only 1,000,000 users. They had 5 million at the close of 2018. It’s an increase of 450% in users over the previous year.

Brave currently has over 20 million downloads from Google Play.

This information is not provided by Apple store.

Brave doesn’t publish information about its user base every month. We have what we can. In January 2019, the last update took place.

These are just a handful of Brave highlights from 2018.


Brave Tweet Account

Brendan Eich Twitter Account

ICO was my biggest issue. Every project seems to be the latest big thing. The only thing I can say is that I have worked for one of these companies. 100k users, only 10 active users per month. It was not the right thing for people. Brave on the other side is different. Brave actually has people who are passionate about their product.

Brave is the right choice!

  1. It works faster than most other web browsers.
  2. Saving mobile data equals saving money
  3. It will reduce time. The loading of ads can take time. They are no longer available.
  4. The BAT Tokens will be earned, which is also equivalent to money.
  5. It is concerned about your privacy.

Brave: Should You Switch?

This may not be objective any more, but it is my opinion.

You now know the basics of Brave. So what are you waiting for? This is a simple step. It is quicker. It is private. You don’t have to be bothered by ads. You can block all trackers so that advertisers don’t have to follow you. You get paid if you choose to see advertisements. Brave converted me to Brave after I was more than one year old and have never looked back.

My phone was stolen in February. Brave Browser blocked 25 935 ads and trackers in less than two months. 5 436 https updates saved me 21 minutes.

43 minutes have been saved on my computer. It’s an additional Game of Thrones season. Brave FTW.

That’s my opinion, and it is the best feature Brave can offer. It was something that I had never considered before. Ads and trackers actually steal our time. The websites are slower to load and they cost money. Ads can be annoying and take up to 20 minutes per month. Time is precious. Reclaim control over your privacy.

This is a shameless affiliate referral. This means that I’ll get $5 in BAT tokens if you go through my affiliate link to download it and then use it at most for one month. This browser is great. It’s something I love and use myself.

If you’d like me to leave an tip on BAT please let me know.

You can download Brave Web Browser by clicking the banner.