Brave Browser Review – Enhanced Privacy and BAT tokens Explained

This article is about unpredictable lives , before I discovered Brave Browser.


80% if the time spent in front of computers is spent using browsers

With the introduction of SaaS software as well as cloud computing almost everything that you used to do with software on your PC is now possible online using a browser.

We live in an era where security and privacy laws are being enforced, which means that cryptocurrency has become a common term.

Although it’s unclear if Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency can ever replace FIAT currency, it’s clear that the World is real. It is all about cryptocurrency as well as privacy.

Brave is an open-source Chromium web browser that is similar to Google Chrome but has some extra features.

This Brave browser review will explain how the browser works and why it is recommended.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser , a cutting-edge Chrome web browser designed for privacy and has all of the Google Chrome features as well as other custom options.

Chrome is a great browser. What if Chrome could be used with other great features as well?


Brave browser is the answer!

This web browser allows you to install all Google Chrome extensions and theme. You can sync all your passwords, as well as do everything you could with Chrome.

This browser has been designed to load faster and private.

It is possible to monitor how many trackers you’ve blocked, and ads that you have blocked. You also can see how much time you’ve saved.

browsing any website means that you allow dozens scripts in the background.

Each one of the scripts have a purpose. Google Analytics, for example, track everything you do on a site.

Brave will eliminate all scripts while you browse any siteite, so nobody can know that you’re there.

It will delete fingerprints as well as intrusive cookiess which might keep your life track for a time.

Brave, while not a VPN, is and a VPN. It can help you ol to better surfing performance as well as privacy.

Brave Browser VS. Chrome Browser

The browsing speed improvement is what you will notice the first time that you use Brave!

Brave’s design blocks any unnecessary Javascript or tracking scripts from any website is its secret.

Some scripts can take a while to load. This could make them more vulnerable for advertisers.

I’ve tested every major browser, and here is my Top 10 List of the Best.

None of these feel as lightas Brave, which is an extremely fast web browser.


This is the Chrome menu on the left. An Brave Browser can be seen on the right.

It is obvious that Brave now has some more exciting features, such as:

  • New private tab with TOR. (TOR is an exclusive browser. Read this ).

  • Brave Reward.

  • Brave AdBlocks.

Brave Rewards are one of the best features of this browser. I’ll talk more about it later.

The two icons below the search bar are a new .

  • It

    Icon of Brave

    This will enable you to

    Turn off






    Trackers Blockers

    You can see it here. You’ll be able see

    Just what it says

    All the

    Blocked scripts

    As shown in

    See the picture below.

  • It

    Icon of a triangle

    Next to the

    lion icon

    The icon is what

    This will enable you

    Send an email

    BAT tokens

    Rewards and incentives



    The following are the

    The BAT network


    Later, I’ll talk more about BAT

  • This is how it works

    Click here

    You can also send



    Basic attention tokens

    ), hence


    To anyone


    With one

    One click

    Take a look at this pic


The millions of extensions available in the Google Store are something won’t lose if they switch to Chrome.

They are all available on Brave, which is built using the same framework that Chrome.

What is BAT and Brave Rewards?

BAT is an ALTcoin token or, in other words, a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin on the Ethereum Network.

To learn more about these words, you will need to go to this cryptocurrency 101 guide .

After having been disappointed by many tokens, I found Brave to be very interesting.

You can get this browser right now to start earning BAT tokens quickly.

While the browser is still in development, certain features of are available only for Android.

This browser’s main goal is to make the Internet completely free, private, and without ads.

Advertisers will have to pay BAT currency for the Ad space in order to be able to advertise on web pages that are verified via the BAT network. This will ensure they receive compensation when the Ads appear on their websites.

Ads won’t be intrusive any more and will encourage users to use Browsers and click on A Ds. You will earn a commission each time an Ad goes live on the BAT network.

How to get verified on the BAT Network

Your site will be verified by the BAT Network. This will enable you to get BAT for viewing Ads, and tips from visitors to your sites.

To verify your site on the network you’ll need to set up a publisher account via the basic attention token web.


After you create an account, you will also require an uphold account to store your currency or BAT tokens.


You should get your verification as soon as possible and enable 2-factor authentication through the Authy application.

After you have been verified, you can link the uphold account with the BAT dashboard so you can start adding sites.

Dropping the.txt file from BAT into your site.well-known directory is the easiest and fastest way to confirm that you own a website.

To access the root folders of all domains that you wish to verify, will need an FTP Client.

To connect, I use Cyberduck

It may take up 48 hours for your property to be verified. However, you have the option of playing with tipping banners . You will also receive a referral code that you can use to invite others to Brave.

The status of verification for your site can be checked using this button and search to find your site.


You can see that my website is there.

What is the best way to earn or buy basic attention tokens?

You can earn BAT token s if you use an Android phone. All you have to do is install Brave on your Android smartphone.

It will still take a few weeks for you to be able to do this. Keep an eye on here.


This link is only available on Brave. It must be copied, and then pasted to the Brave search box.

It will stop saying ‘coming soon’.

Cryptobase is the best way to tip sites or to buy BAT currencies, which is very promising.

It takes only seconds to open a Coinbase account. If you do this now, $10 will be yours for the first time once you have been verified.

You will need an ID to verify your Coinbase account.


After you have been verified by Coinbase, you can begin purchasing bitcoin and sending them money via regular WIRES transfer.

Once you have Bitcoin, you can buy BAT currency.

It is an asset that I believe BAT and are great. You can learn more by watching the Coinbase videos.

Upon joining the waitlist by clicking the button at the bottom, and having a verified Coinbase account , you will receive BAT tokens for learning more about BAT, and passing your exams.

You can buy Bitcoin from Paxful if Coinbase isn’t available in your area or you don’t want to go through the verification process which is not recommended.


You can buy bitcoin with any or Amazon gift card.

Testimonials and Social Presence

Subscribe to the Subreddits below if you are interested in reading about BAT or Brave.

You will find some excellent testimonials.

What makes Firefox so great? It’s the fact that many people are using Firefox instead of Chrome. However, you may not know that Firefox has all the cool features extension that Chrome offers.

Additionally, the privacy that Firefox will offer is identical to Chrome.

Instead, Brave gives you the chance to get BAT tokensdoing the same r regular activities, browsing at an even faster speed and all brave browser extensions available from the Chrome Store.

These are only a few of the testimonials that I found on Reddit.

You also can see this great article on Verge, and this one on Mag. Follow them on social networks at





Brave does not have the bookmark sync between Chromium devices. Brave won’t allow me to sync Chrome bookmarks automatically to Brave if I use it.

These files will need to be imported manually.

Once you have installed it for the first time, you can import your Chrome bookmarks and settings in one click.

The Brave app can be used for Mac OSX and Windows. An iPhone Brave Browser is available for IOS and an Brave Browser to Android.


You can ask questions such as Brave browser secure, Brave browser trusted.

Yes, you can trust it . It’s an amazing browser that works on Chrome. This will increase browsing speed, provide an additional layer of security and privacy.

This review of ExpressVPN will help you find the perfect combination of privacyand security.

Use the buttons to Get Brave and ExpressVPN for free.

  • Brave is an attribute

    Super secure

    web browser you can

    Download for Free

    Use in lieu of Chrome

  • Brave, a brand new browser that uses better technology than Chrome, is now available

    All the Chrome features are preserved

  • It is possible to

    Ads will be blocked


    Surf the Internet with some additional layers




Brave c combined with expressVPN will protect your identity from hackers. No one can track what sites you visit.

Brave uses BAT cryptocurrency to make you a payment for viewing Ads from publishers.

By browsing the internet in the same manner as any other browser, you can earn BAT tokens.

With just one click, you can be a BAT Publisher and begin receiving tips directly from your followers.

To purchase bitcoin, and to be able to withdraw money from your real account


Alternatively, you can use N26 to open an account if there isn’t one amazing bank. Although it’s not yet available in all countries, I recommend N26, my favorite bank. It is completely free, and it will be a joy to use.


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