Brave Browser Review: Will Brave browser be worth the investment in 2021?

Brave Browser Review: TLDR

Brave is an browser open-sourced with a focus on security and speed .

It consumes 35% more battery for mobile.

Firefox is not compatible with it. It offers more privacy as a default.

Brave browser allows you to get BAT. You can then use this cryptocurrency to help your favorite web developers. (This website is an brave verified creator.

The browser’s Chromium was used for Chrome. Brave offers the same interface as Chrome.

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Escape tutorial hell!

My video review of Brave browser: can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Brave Browser Review 2021 (my first week using Brave Browser) (

Brave Browser:

Brave Browser is an open-source, free and completely customizable browser. Brave Software originally released Brave browser in 2016.

Brendan Eich is Brave Software’s CEO. He’s the co-founder and creator of JavaScript as well as Mozilla.

  • It is designed to be fast and secure.
  • Brave browser renders pages 6x-6x faster than other browsers.
  • Brave browser includes an integrated adblocker+ shields which stop sites/apps being tracked.
  • Brave Rewards offers the opportunity to receive cryptocurrency (BAT, also known as Basic Attention Token), through its program.

Brave browser opens a new tab. In the upper left corner, you’ll find statistics. Brave rewards also exist.

Brave Browser Review. I switch from Chrome to Brave

Here’s a brief history of browser jumping.

I think Safari Desktop is my favorite browser. I’m actually used toenjoy Safari Desktop.

Around two years ago, I observed a pattern in which more Safari sites broke. It was impossible for many popular websites and apps to work.

I was made to migrate.

I tried Chrome with no zooming (they added VERY just recently). It was not on my top ten.

This seems like a small reason to quit using your browser.

Perhaps so, but I could be just as naive. To be honest, pinch to Zoom is very useful.

Firefox was lacking this critical feature.

The simple explanation is that I was forced to use Chrome.

Chrome has high memory usage, slow. And I do not like their privacy policies. Chrome had all the tools I needed for a regular browsing experience.

Chrome I remained loyally.

However, I didn’t feel satisfied and even after Brave was suggested by a few, I hesitated to go ahead with it. Here are my reasons.

After about eight months of opposition, Chrome began to frustrate me.

And the pace was way too slow.

First impressions of Brave were pleasant.

It was not something that I had in mind when I first tried this browser. Brave’s interface, was easy to use because it is built on Chromium.

But, I was immediately struck by how fast this browser works.

Rapid improvement occurred.

In the second, was easy to use and import my browsing and bookmark history as well other saved information like passwords.

Brave was another reason I was reluctant to try it.

It saves me lots of time surfing the Internet, and I had assumed that this option wasn’t available for Brave.

Importing everything from multiple browsers took me literally a mere minute.

Brave allows you to easily import information from other web browsers.

Aside from the speed and security of browsing, it was great to not need to install extensions.

Brave’s ads are also my favorite. Was that what you mean?

Brave also comes with an integrated ad blocker.

Being a buyer, knows how intrusive advertisements can be .

However, being a creator, also knows what ads mean for creators .

Although I don’t like ads, I will tolerate them on YouTube and blogs.

Brave also allows you to disable the Shields button at sites you don’t want to support.

Shields down on This will display ads (and allow tracking from said ads, along with any other tracking the site has installed like Google Analytics).

Please note however that when shields are turned off, your browser will still show ads’ trackers.

Note: Some apps require shields to be turned off in order to work. To check whether a site won’t load for you, turn off your shields.

However, here is the best thing about Brave ads.

Brave’s own cryptocurrency is called Basic Attention Token, BAT or .

Brave Ads can be enabled if you want to receive BAT whenever you see an ad. To make this happen, Shields Up is not required.

These ads are displayed as push notifications

And you can set the frequency in which you view the ads. In my case, I am satisfied with two an hour:

You can specify how many Brave browser ads you want to see an hour.

With my earned BAT, I’m also able to reward creators.

You can automatically do it (based upon how attentive I was to each website/app)

Or I can manually tip them:

The caveat is, the creator must be a Brave Verified Creator in order to receive BAT.

It is possible to create a variety of configurations depending on the amount you are willing to accept ads from creators that you like.

Brave Browser Review. Features

Brave browser comes with a wide range of features.

Take note: Certain features may not be accessible on every platform (e.g. iOS


  • Ad blocking
  • Fingerprinting prevention
  • Cookie control
  • HTTPS upgrade
  • Block scripts
  • Protection settings for each site
  • Configurable global defaults for the shield

The Brave Rewards

  • Profit by viewing personal ads
  • Make sure to tip your favourite creators
  • You can contribute monthly to site
  • You can auto-contribute sites
  • Move funds from your wallet to verify that you are Uphold
  • Start making money as a verified creator by referring, submitting and receiving tips.


  • Clear browsing data
  • Built-in password manager
  • Form autofill
  • *Control content access for full-screen presentation*
  • You can control the site that autoplay media is accessible
  • Do not track browsing requests?

Address Board

  • Add bookmark
  • Autosuggest URLs
  • Use the address bar to search
  • Autosuggest search words
  • Show/hide bookmarks toolbar
  • Display secure or insecure web site

Tabs, and Windows

  • Private Windows
  • Penetrated Tabs
  • Auto-unload
  • Drag and Drop
  • Duplicate
  • Close Options
  • On page
  • Print page


  • Brave Desktop supports all the Chrome extensions from the chrome web store

Brave Browser and Chrome privacy

Brave’s defaults prevent trackers, intrusive ads and malware/phishing from being blocked. chart comparing brave browser vs chrome browser

Brave Browser Review. Conclusion

Brave browser can be recommended to everyone who is looking for fast, safe and reliable browsing.

Brave’s cryptocurrency is BAT. You can also help your favorite creators.

Take a look at Brave browser before you commit. Brave browser does have a lot of features, but not all people will enjoy it.

Brave can downloaded free from Brave’s web page.

I hope you liked this Brave browser Review. Check out other Reviews – such as the one on DataCamp.

  1. What is Brave Browser?

    Brave browser’s cost is zero. Download it safe and fast from

  2. Brave browser who?

    Brave browser is open-source, so technically nobody actually owns it. Source code for Brave is available on GitHub. Brave Software, Inc., developed Brave browser. The Brave browser is built using the Chromium Web browser.

  3. Brave browser was created by whom?

    Brave Software, Inc., developed Brave Browser. Brendan Eich, the CEO, was also the co-founder and creator of JavaScript.

  4. Is Brave browser safe?

    Brave browser is thought to be safe. Brave browser is an open source project that offers many security features, such as ad blocking and fingerprinting prevention. Brave can also be used to block scripts. Brave has configurable global defaults. Clear browsing data. Brave supports built-in password managers and autofill.

    You can control the content to be displayed on full screen

    Allow site access to autoplay multimedia, or send “Do NOT track” when browsing requests are made. Some features remain pending for certain platforms (i.e. Brave iOS