Brave Browser Sets Up Advertising Program Rewarding Users Who See Ads

The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser has recently started trialing its advertising program, which is set to reward users for seeing select ads on the platform, which some believe is going to disrupt the online advertising industry.

Brendan Eich is the former Mozilla founder and creator of JavaScript. The browser has a built in cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token. Users can use it to pay for publishers or to receive remuneration to see advertisements.

A page recently found that allows users to opt for the Brave Ads Trial Program has this information. Here’s how it works:

You will see a handful of relevant ads presented daily. Advertising companies pay you a small percentage of the profit in return for your time and attention. This is a substantial sum. It is actually around 70% It’s easy to do!

BAT’s reddit says that users will get 70% of the revenue generated by “user ads,” which will appear “directly to the user in an ad tab rather than on publisher material at certain moments during the user’s browsing journey.” Publisher ads, also known as “publisher advertisements”, will give users 15% of the revenue.

Brave offers many benefits over competitors. Brave has an integrated adblocker that blocks trackers and an embedded adblocker. It claims this makes it up to 2x faster to browse on a desktop and 8x faster to use on mobile, improving privacy.

Brave’s approved ads are not available to opt in. This will send the user’s browsing history and other information to the developer of the browser. It may not be the best program for people who want to browse private.

Eich Brave reports that it has a significant following and is now accepting payments from BAT users.

There are 2.8M users now with over 400k wallets. 16K pubs have been established, 12K being YouTube creators. ZKP accounting for settlement and one tx/user month to Uphold. This ensures that there are not any micro-tx transactions on the chain. — BrendanEich (@BrendanEich) June 17, 2018

CryptoGlobe reports that Brave Software, the developer of the browser, has partnered up with Dow Jones Media Group to provide premium content for users and the opportunity to try the BAT.