Brave Browser – Surf & Assure Rs1000 Per Month (With Evidence)

1. First, download The Brave browser app from the given link. Here are some other links:

2. You can open the Above link in your default browser to see a page like below.

3. 3.

4. Start Brave Browser by clicking on the BAT icon in the Upper Right Corner. Click on Join Rewards.

5. You will be able to create a wallet automatically.

6. 6.

7. You will receive a verification mail at your registered email address. Now verify your account.

8. 8.

9. After verification, log in using your email address to see the interface as below.

10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on + Channel Option. You must complete this step.

11. You can now add YouTube Channel, Twitter or any other available option to your account and go ahead.

NOTICE : Don’t panic if you don’t already have a YouTube channel. Simply log in using the email address you used to sign up and it will create your tube channel automatically.

12. Once you have added your Chanel, it may take between 24 and 48 hours to verify your account.

Note – To Earn BIG, You Must Surf Everyday for 1 Minutes. Only 5 Ads per Second are Allowed.

13. You can now refer your friends by clicking Refer Your Friends banner at Brave Browser. Your Refer Link can be shared with friends to let them download browsers from the link.

14. You will only get five BAT for each referee if they use Brave browser for at least 30 days on a daily basis.

15. Start Brave Browser, and go to Settings and remove tick mark from Auto Contribute option.

How to redeem BAT from Brave Browser using Uphold wallet? This is:

1. 1.Open the First of All Given Link and Login with your Email.

2. Scroll down and find your Uphold Wallet option. Click Connect to Uphold.

3. Register by filling out the required details. Next, upload your photo and ID proof.

4. UpHold now allows you to see all available cards

5. After Browsing Brave Browser 30 days, you will receive a BAT amount in your Brave Browser. This can be transferred in uphold or can be redeemed in your Bank Account.

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