Brave Browser – Surf & Get Assured Rs1000 per Month

1. First download the Brave Browser App from Given Link. This is:

2. To see the Page Like Below, you can click on the Link Above in your default Browser.

3. You can click on Download BraveOption to be redirected to Play Store. Then, you will need it installed from Play Store.

4. Now open Brave browser and click on the BAT icon at Upper Right Side Corner. Then, click on Join Rewards Option.

5. The wallet will automatically be created.

6. You can click on Sing up and now enter your valid email address to create an account.

7. The Verification Mail will be sent to you at the Registered Email Address.

8. Once you’ve entered your Name, Last Name, and SKIP2FA authentication information, it is almost done!

9. You can now log in by using your Email Address following verification.

10. At the bottom click on + Add Channel Option. This step is mandatory.

11. Click here to add Twitter, YouTube or other options to your account.

NOTE: Do not worry if there is no you tube channel for you. Register using your email address from Sign Up to log into the site and create a new tube channel.

12. After adding your Chanel it will take 24-48 hours to verify the account.

NOTE: Earn big by surfing daily for only 1 minutes. Just see 5 ads per second.

13. Now, you’re able to send your friends through Refer My Friends banner from Brave Browser. Let your friends know your refer link so they can install their browser from it.

14. The Referred Friend must be able to use Brave Browser 30 Days per Day. If you do, then 5 BAT will be awarded for the Refer.

15. Navigate to Brave Browser.

How can I redeem my Brave browser BAT using the Uphold Wallet Here are some examples:

1. You can open the first Given Link link in your browser and login using your email.

2. Scroll down, locate your UpholdWallet Option, and then click Connect to uphold

3. Once you have signed up, fill in the details and then upload your picture and proof of ID.

4. UpHold Now allows you access to all the available cards

5. Brow Brave Browser For 30 Days to Receive a BAT Amount. These can be transferred into your Brave Browser or can be used in your Bank Account.

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