Brave Browser VPN: Secure & Private Browsing for 2021

Brave Browser, a privacy and security-oriented web browser, guarantees private, fast and secure surfing. It comes equipped with an integrated ad-blocker, protects you against data collection and tracking, and is unlike other browsers.

Brave Browser was created by Brendan Eich, who is also the father JavaScript and cofounder of Mozilla Project. It is open-source. It has its limitations, just as the rest of the market.

Brave Browser is not enough to protect your internet. You can still enjoy anonymity, safety and privacy if you use it in conjunction with the virtual network. Continue reading to find out more.

Why Brave Browser Needs a VPN

Here are some reasons to use a Brave Browser VPN.

1. To secure your data

Brave Browser offers a more secure and distracting Internet experience. However, hackers can still steal your data. For example, hackers can use a man in the middle attack to intercept your data and make malicious uses of it.

VPNs create a safe, encrypted channel for your communications and traffic. It doesn’t matter if you use an unencrypted network or not; no one will track you.

2. 2.

Brave Browser, a highly secure and private browser, can’t guarantee you privacy online. You can enjoy an anonymous and worry-free online experience if it is used in combination with a VPN.

This tool not only hides your IP address and identity, but it also provides powerful tools such as a kill button that will protect your privacy. You can browse the internet without having to worry about ISPs and governments monitoring you.

3. To steam geo-blocked content

A VPN allows you to access geo-blocked content anywhere in the world. This is one of its greatest benefits. You will not be able to access US Netflix from if there are geo-restrictions.

Geo-blocking works by tracking your IP address. You can avoid these obstacles by switching your virtual location to a region that is eligible using a VPN. To enjoy Netflix in the USA, you only need to connect to an USA VPN Server.

PureVPN is the Best VPN For Brave Browser

You now know the value of a Brave Browser VPN. But, what do you choose? We have listed a few reasons why we are the best VPN service for Brave Browser.

  • Device compatibility:Brave Browser works on desktop as well mobile devices. Therefore, you need a VPN provider with wide compatibility. PureVPN offers apps that work with all OS including iOS, Android and Mac.
  • Multiple Logins: Sometimes you may need to connect a VPN both on your desktop and smartphone at once. PureVPN accounts can be used to connect to up 10 devices simultaneously.
  • Zero-Logs Policy: If you do not want your privacy or anonymity online to be compromised then make sure that a VPN provider doesn’t store logs. PureVPN is an independent audited VPN.
  • An extensive server network: The more servers you have, the greater your chance of connecting to the right one. PureVPN allows you to switch between 6500+ servers at 180+ locations.
  • Security and Privacy VPN Features:A VPN is useless if it lacks the necessary features to protect your identity and data. PureVPN offers AES256-bit encryption and WebRTC leak protection.
  • Fast Speeds: When you connect to VPNs, the encryption process can often slow down your Internet speeds. We are constantly optimizing our servers network in order to provide you with the best VPN speeds no matter where your location is.

How do you set up a VPN on Brave Browser?

There are two options to enable VPN connections for Brave Browser. We’ll show you both so that you can choose the right one for you.

Step 1: Set up a VPN Extension

The Brave Browser’s Chromium is the basis of Google’s Chromium. You can easily add our Chrome extension. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN
  2. Visit the Chrome Web Store to download PureVPN’s extension.
  3. Use your PureVPN username & password to log in.
  4. You can connect to any country you choose.
  5. You can browse safely and private!

#2: Install a VPN app

A VPN extension can only protect traffic from and to your Brave Browser. A VPN app is better if you need your Internet to be encrypted through the VPN tunnel. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open a PureVPN account
  2. Get the software/app for your phone.
  3. Use your PureVPN username & password to log in.
  4. You can connect to any server.
  5. You can browse safely and private!

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding Brave Browser or VPNs.

Brave Browser Has a VPN?

Nope. Brave Browser does not have an integrated VPN function, unlike browsers such as Opera. PureVPN can be used with Brave Browser to achieve the anonymity, privacy and security you desire on the Internet.

Are Brave Secure Browsers?

Brave Browser, though it is relatively new in the market for web browsers, is one of the best. PureVPN is a VPN that will enhance your security.

All wrapped up

Brave Browser can help you if your online security and privacy are a concern. However, Brave Browser cannot protect you by itself.

Brave Browser offers a VPN that allows you to protect your location and IP address with an incomparable level of encryption.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


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