Brave Browser Vs Mozilla Firefox: Does Brave Exist to Be Better Than Firefox?



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Brave Browser Vs Mozilla Firefox: Does Brave Exist to Be Better Than Firefox?

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Brave Browser Vs Mozilla Firefox: Does Brave Exist to Be Better Than Firefox?

Dobrica Blagojevic

Brave Browser’s launch has sparked heated debates. The idea of Brave Browser has been a success mainly because of Brendan Eich (ex-Mozilla CEO, cofounder)

Only 11 days after his promotion to the post of Mozilla Corp. CEO, Mr. Eich saw all of his hopes and dreams shattered by a group of busybodies on the internet who had an issue about him giving money to a Californian ballot initiative to make marriage an affair only for heterosexual couples.

While his case was unusual in those days, it is now a common occurrence. If the Twitter police discovers something that you have said or did years ago (even though this something is legal and normal), a torrent of journalists and virtue signaling fighter-I mean trolls will flood in with blatant articles and catchy hashtags.

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Eich was a victim of this same fate in 2014. Mozilla felt under social justice pressure, and decided that it is easier to submit to the will of a small minority than to defend a loyal employee (let’s not forget its founder). Eich agreed to sign a “mutual” agreement with Mozilla in order for him to leave his job at the company.

Company cited “diversity and equality” as the main reason they made this decision. It is ironic since they dismissed the employee for thinking differently.

Eich was not willing to compromise on his principles. That probably annoyed the furious mob and resulted in him losing his job with a company he founded.

But I digress; whether you thought his firing was justified or not, we can all agree that it ultimately led to the creation of one of the most popular cryptocurrency-related projects of today, the mentioned Brave Browser.

There is no place for identity politics in a good cryptocurrency startup. If you offer a great blockchain-based service people will pay attention. Brave collected $36 Million during its 2016 ICO. This was after having secured $2.5M in angel investments.

Brave is now almost three years old and appears to be moving forward. However, is it enough to reach its ultimate goal to replace one of the browser titans with a free and clear browsing experience that is ad-free?

We’ll compare Brave’s abilities to do this against Mozilla Firefox’s founder, as you can see from our lengthy introduction.

We’ll start by comparing Brave to Firefox. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features, such as speed, privacy, extensibility and so forth.

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Brave vs Mozilla

Brave Browser a secure, fast and private web browser designed for mobile and desktop devices. It blocks trackers, ads, and keeps you safe from malware, spyware and other pop-ups.

Mozilla FireFox (free and open-source web browser) is developed by The Mozilla Foundation, and its subsidiary Mozilla Corporation. Firefox works with every major OS platform, such as Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

Brave Browser, in particular the US, is gaining popularity as shown by the graph. Firefox is on the decline, as can be seen in the Google Trends graph.

Brave’s foundation is Chromium. It’s an open source browser that was also the basis of Chrome.

Background Engine

Brave’s engine is very similar to Google Chrome. Brave offers the same performance levels as Google Chrome. They might also argue that it contributes to Google’s grip on the Internet.

Although Chromium’s performance is quite polished, Mozilla, which was originally created in a resource-hungry browser, has always been known to be slow. How does that affect their performance?

The load on our test CPU when opening Mozilla from the new tab page was around 8-10%. With Brave the CPU experienced loads of approximately 3-4%. The most important area to focus on is RAM. Brave seemed to consume around 900MB when launched. Mozilla, however, shows that it uses just 300MB.

Both browsers were also tested online using the browser speed tester. Mozilla showed a 1566 performance while Brave returned an even lower 921.

The results of the small test show that Brave seems to perform slightly less than Brave. Brave’s 1.0 release is not yet available, so we believe this to be obvious.

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Brave also comes pre-loaded, with various “add-ons”, while Mozilla did not have any. As a result, Brave took up more RAM. Users won’t notice these differences in performance as they have more RAM and a stronger dual core CPU.

This means that the battle can be won and lost on all fronts. Fronts such as the privacy or safety and ad blocking ability are available to average users.


Brave does well here. It has pre-installed script and malware blockers, phishing, malware and script blocks, along with features such as HTTPS Everywhere which upgrades every site you visit to HTTPS standards. Brave has an AdBlock shield pre-installed that allows you to decide whether you wish to see all ads, only Brave ads, and no ads.

Brave provides simple fingerprinting protection and cookie control features to allow you to manage who accesses your data.

Brave comes with many extensions, such as 1Password (bitwarden, Dashlane password manager), Honey (automatically detects and applies coupon codes while you shop online), PDF Viewer (bookmark extension), Save to Pocket and Torrent Viewer.

Privacy — Firefox or Brave?

Brave’s features include the ability to store your browsing data locally without accessing it by any company. Brave will not sell or exploit your data for any nefarious reason.

Our basic Mozilla browser offers deceptive content protection and tracking content control. It’s not much but it does provide users with a large Mozilla plugin and extension library to improve their browsing experience. This includes quality software such as ublock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere.

Important: Firefox automatically enables data tracking. Firefox collects your browsing data and automatically stores it.

While they state permission must be requested before you receive this data, having it enabled from the moment that you download the browser says a lot about the company’s commitment to privacy. Mozilla can still be used through Tor’s privacy network. This is an advantage.


Additional features that might be of interest to users include the data sync and crypto focusof all these browsers. Mozilla’s data synching feature has been available for many years. This allows you sync passwords and other data on any Android or iOS device.

It is impossible to access the synchronized data from outside. Brave’s synching capabilities, however, are more limited as it can only be done on desktop browsers. Brave Sync’s encryption is done on the client-side, so that Brave doesn’t also have access. The project will introduce sync capability to Brave Payments. It also plans to expand this feature to Android, and iOS devices.

Cryptocurrency Friendliness

We now come to the cryptocurrency aspect of these matters.

Brave offers an integrated wallet that supports the cryptocurrency, BAT. It can also be filled with BAT, which can be used to tip Brave Publishers. Brave Ads users can also receive BAT incentives.

Mozilla has a history of a negative stance regarding crypto. They used to go after sites that were installing crypto mining software. While this isn’t necessarily a negative thing, it can prevent some people from “helping out” their favorite websites that implement crypto mining software.

MetaMask can be downloaded on both Firefox and Chrome to expand their crypto usage.

Brave Browser allows crypto to be purchased directly

In April 2020, Brave desktop browser update (

version 1.8

) came out with a brand new feature: a Binance widget, the first exchange-browser integration of its kind.

Access the Binance widget by going to the New Tab in Brave’s desktop browser. You can use the widget to buy and trade crypto.

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  • Deposit All supported assets within the account. Here you can search and see fiat value.
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Brave Browser Vs Firefox

We’ve done all we can to compare Firefox and Brave Browser. Which browser do you think is the best? It’s difficult to decide. Mozilla’s popularity has steadily risen since its initial launch.

While the company may have some issues with their practices, they seem to be improving their product each time. Brave is, however, a pretender in this market.

Brave was a major player in his ex-company’s rise to prominence. This means that they have a clear idea about what is needed to expand their market share.

Chrome and IE became the dominant market players mainly because they were heavily shilled by Google/Microsoft.

This suggests that people aren’t concerned about what browser they use as long it’s easy for them to use. The only exception is the tiny percentage of crypto-oriented folks who may be more inclined to Brave as a result of a desire to support a common cause.

Brave may be considered superior by some users than the alternatives. Brave is on the right track to disrupt the current browser market.

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