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Brave Browser is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It works with 64-bit systems and has been tested on Windows 8 and higher, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, Linux Debian 9+ Ubuntu 14.04+ and Mint 17.+. Brave will block trackers and ads that may follow you.

Brave, a browser based on Chromium that is free to download was created by Brendan Eich (co-founder of Mozilla Project) and the creator of JavaScript. This browser is designed to increase online privacy for Macs, Windows and Linux. It shares less data with advertisers and allows users to make money.

As many as 70 trackers can be found on popular sites. You can block the browser from following you. Others offer a “private” and “incognito” browsing option, but it isn’t really private. These tabs prevent others from using your device to see where you have been. Brave’s private tab blocks trackers, and the feature “Torin the tab” provides even greater privacy.

The browser automatically blocks ads and trackers so that you can surf the internet faster and more safely. Other browsers allow you to add ad blocking extensions, but these still permit display of ads and trackers. Brave browser solves the problem.

There are statistics for blocked elements that you can view. Advanced settings allow you to define whether you want to use HTTPS everywhere. You also have the ability to block scripts and 3rd party cookies.

Brave Sync is an option in the Browser that lets you sync encrypted data from your browsers between devices. A web browser also saves about 5 seconds per page when loading pages on a standard cell network connection. Similar savings are available for desktop users. Brave can be downloaded for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Extensions allow you to run programs directly from your browser. Extensions do not need to be installed on your computer or restarted like traditional programs. Chrome Web Store extensions are supported by the browser.

Brave Browser’s private windows prevent Internet browsing history and cookies from being saved. Cookies disappear when the window is closed. Even after you close a private browser, bookmarks and downloads can still be saved. When you visit sites, they can find your IP address even from a private window.

Tor hides your IP from websites you visit by routing your browser through multiple Tor servers, before reaching your destination. Your ISP and employer cannot see what sites you visit because these connections are encrypted. Tor may slow down your browsing, and certain sites may not function at all.

Brave Browser won’t allow you to connect directly from a Private Window using Tor. Instead you are connected to three computers within the volunteer-run Tor network and then the site you are visiting.

Only one of the three Tor computers knows exactly where your connection originated and where it is going. These two computers don’t talk to one another because they share the same computer!

BAT is Basic Attention Token. This utility token is built on Ethereum technology and can be used to exchange accounts between publishers, advertisers, users, or members of Brave Rewards. It is not a cryptocurrency, security or commodity.

Basic Attention Token (BAT), is based on the ERC20 token standards. Any BAT purchased is exempted from a 6-month policy of “use it, or lose it.”

Tokens will be kept in the User Growth Pool (UGP), and distributed to users as grants in order to encourage them to sign up for the platform. These tokens will not be claimed by the recipients if they aren’t claimed within 90 days.

Get rewards for your support of publishers.

Micropayments can be used to support your favourite sites. Brave Browser uses blockchain-based tokens that can be used for remuneration of content creators. You can tip content creators as you surf or leave tips for videos and tweets you like. To support websites continuously, you can set up monthly tips.

Also, you can set up monthly payments so that your browsing is normal. Brave Browser calculates your attention and automatically contributes to the sites that you visit.

Brave Browser’s History

Brendan Eichthe (CEO) and Brian Bondy, CTO, started the project on May 28, 2015. Brave Software released the public beta version of its browser on January 20, 2016. It was loaded with a partial ad blocking feature and plans to participate in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program.

Brave Desktop 0.11.6 was released on September 1, 2016. The publisher has announced Brave Payments beta, a Bitcoin-based micropayments system which can privately and automatically pay for users’ favourite websites.

The web platform made a significant step on October 12, 2017. Brave 0.19 was the debut application to integrate BAT into Brave. Brave Payments was integrated into the BAT wallet.

A pay-to surf version of the browser, which was launched in June 2018, was available for download. Users can now earn revenue by displaying bold ads with the new browser version, which was preloaded in over 200 advertisements.

Brave Browser Mobile

The mobile Brave Browser is only available for Android and iOS devices. You can still enjoy the full features of the Desktop edition. You will find a powerful ad blocking tool and HTTPS Everywhere. You can also block scripts and phishing attacks, fingerprinting, activating always-use private mode, as well as activate Always Use Privacy Mode.

Brave Browser Desktop will allow you to access an ad-free website and quicker webpage loading. It supports most modern web technologies and allows users to make money from special advertisements based on their browsing habits.

To support your favourite websites, you can send tokens. Brave’s native Tor support allows me to surf the Internet anonymously.

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