Brave Browser’s best VPN: Privacy & Secure Browsing.

Brave Browser offers privacy and security-focused web browsing. It guarantees secure and fast surfing. The Brave Browser is different from other web browsers in that it has an embedded ad blocker. It also protects against any tracking or data collection.

Brave Browser, which was developed by Brendan Eich (father of JavaScript) and cofounders of the Mozilla project, is an open-source browser that offers a variety of security features. However, Brave Browser has limitations just like its competitors.

Brave Browser by itself is not going to provide online security. Combining it with a private network will give you the anonymity and safety you want. Learn more.

There are many reasons you need a VPN to protect your Brave Browser

These are just a few reasons you need to consider Brave Browser VPN.

1. To secure your data

Brave Browser is safer than other browsers and can help you avoid being distracted. But, your data could still be stolen. If you use public Wi-Fi networks, hackers could intercept and misuse your information using the man–in-the–middle attack.

VPNs provide a channel or secure tunnel for traffic and communications. You won’t be tracked or targeted, regardless of whether your network is secure.

2. Protect your privacy

Brave Browser is not a secure or private browser that guarantees you anonymity on the Internet. If you combine it with a VPN you can have a private and secure online experience.

The program not only hides you IP address and identity, it has strong tools like the kill switch which protects your privacy. This allows you to surf the web without worrying about ISPs or governments watching you.

3. To steam geo-blocked content

The best thing about a VPN is its ability to allow you access geo-blocked content all over the globe. If you try to stream US Netflix from you won’t be able watch the available content due to geo-restrictions.

Geo-blocking uses your IP address to determine your location. However, you can bypass these restrictions by moving your virtual place to an approved region with a VPN. You can access the American Netflix library by connecting to a USA VPN service.

PureVPN – The best VPN for Brave Web Browser

Knowing how helpful a Brave Browser VPN can be, perhaps you are wondering “Which provider should i choose?” It can be difficult, particularly since there is a lot of options. Below are some factors that we believe make us the best Brave Browser VPN.

  • Device Compatibility.Brave Browser can be used on mobile and desktop platforms. You should choose a VPN service that is compatible with a wide range of devices. PureVPN provides applications for every OS. This includes iOS, Android Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Simultaneous Logins It is possible to need a VPN for both your phone and computer at the same moment. PureVPN allows you to connect up maximum 10 devices concurrently with one account.
  • No Logs Policy: You don’t want to compromise your online anonymity and privacy. PureVPN in this respect is among the few independent audited VPNs!
  • A Wide Server Network: More servers means more chances to find a connection that meets your requirements. PureVPN lets you switch easily between 6500+ server locations in 180+.
  • Security & Privacy VPN Features:Using a VPN to conceal your identity or data is a waste of time. PureVPN has AES 256 bit encryption, Internet kill switch and DNS, IPv6 leak protection.
  • Rapid Internet Speeds: VPN connections can slow down Internet speeds. Our server network is constantly optimized to ensure you get the fastest VPN speeds.

How to set up Brave Browser’s VPN?

Two ways to activate a VPN connection on Brave Browser are available. Let’s take a closer look at each to help you choose the best one.

First Method: Install a VPN Extension

Our Chrome extension can be added to the Brave Browser because it is built on Google’s Chromium. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Join PureVPN.
  2. You can download PureVPN’s extension by going to the chrome web store
  3. Register using the username and password for PureVPN.
  4. Get connected to the country of your choosing
  5. Safely browse the internet privately.

Step #2: Install the VPN App

Remember that VPN extensions will not protect the traffic between your Brave Browser and it. You can use a VPN app to ensure that your Internet connections go through the VPN tunnel. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a PureVPN account.
  2. The app/software can be downloaded for your smartphone.
  3. Register using the username and password for PureVPN.
  4. Any server can be connected.
  5. Safely browse the internet privately.

Commonly Asked Questions

These are common questions that Brave Browser users have about VPNs.

Brave browser has a VPN.

Nope. Brave Browser, in contrast to other browsers, doesn’t offer a VPN feature. PureVPN is an easy way to use it and gain all the privacy, security and anonymity that you need on the Internet.

What makes Brave a secure browser?

Brave Browser may be a new browser in the internet browser marketplace, but it’s one of most trusted browsers. PureVPN VPN is recommended to enhance security.

Wrapping up

Brave Browser will help to protect your privacy online. It can only protect you, but let’s be honest.

Brave Browser can use a VPN to secure your IP address and location. It also provides an immutable layer of encryption.

Please use the comments area below to ask any questions and to get back with us as quickly as possible.


PureVPN is an established VPN service provider. It excels at providing secure and private online services. It offers 6500+ servers located in over 140 countries and helps users as well as businesses to keep their online identity secure.