Brave Cuts Out the Rewards Feature on Apple Devices

Airdrops are a crypto-related phenomenon that is always enticing to traders and investors. When traders complete certain tasks, they receive specific rewards. Each task has a different reward level. The higher the task is, the greater the chance of receiving an airdrop.

This brave browser was able to achieve a landmark when it introduced an advertisement system that rewards loyal customers for using their desktop and mobile computers while browsing. Apple, however, has removed the IOS-based mobile rewards system.

Apple Directive was the only reason the tipping system had to be scrapped

Apple has made major changes in its policy and user conditions that led to the removal of the rewards system. Ouriel Ohayon was the CEO of ZenGo (digital exchange platform and wallets), which provided details about the developments. Ohayon stated to crypto communities that Apple had already taken action against brave rewards.

Ohayon sent a tweet that included details regarding the Brave browser update. The CEO also shared some details, including the fact that Brave had removed its rewards feature completely and that another reward feature would be rebranded. Brave released an official statement to inform its IOS customers that it’s now released a new version.

According to the statement, they noted that they had discussed Apple’s Marketplace Policy with higher-ranking employees and agreed that they would adhere to them. The result was the launch the new app. With the current version of the app replacing the older version, creators as well as users will receive a cut in the rewards program.

Apple declared the removal of rewards due to legalities issues

There will be two major changes. Content creators will no longer be eligible to earn Basic Attention Tokens in exchange for their creations. Users won’t also be able tip or earn tips from favourite content creators. Apple will continue to say that all its app marketplace apps, including IOS 14, will no longer offer rewards.

Our rewards system has been shut down due to the Apple new directive. It states that no one will be permitted tip someone, or pay them money without using the in purchase system. Brave announced that while the previous app was able to allow users to transfer small amounts to creators using the IOS 14, it will no longer work.

Brave claimed that, even though its rewards system wasn’t included in the directive it still felt the need to include it. However, Apple explained later that this feature was necessary due to legal issues. Brave had a great year. But this move will hurt its IOS growth.