Brave Privacy-centric Web Browser for PC: How to Use the Tor Network on Brave

Many ways exist to make the internet private. Tor, which is a network that anonymizes internet access, is one option. You can surf the web anonymously using Tor. The onion router bounces traffic between multiple nodes, making it virtually impossible for surveillance services or web service providers to see where you’re accessing the internet. There are many advantages to using Tor, aside from the obvious problems like slow internet speeds and high latency caused by multiple bounces.

Tor Browser is required for accessing the Tor network. This browser works in a similar way to Mozilla Firefox. A chromium-based Brave Browser is an option if Firefox doesn’t suit you. The Brave Browser is a browser that offers greater privacy when accessing the Internet. The Tor network can also be accessed through it, and I’ll explain how to do this today.

Brave Browser – Tor Network

Step 1, Start Brave browser on your computer. Click the Hamburger icon, (the icon that has three horizontal lines), and then click on New Private Window with Tor.

2nd Step: After that, you will be able to surf the internet with the Tor network using Brave Browser.simple.

Brave Browser: Change the Tor circuit

It is possible to use the Tor Network to make changes to the Tor Circuit for websites. To find out more see how you can set a new Tor connection in Tor Browser . The Brave Browser can be used in the same way. Click on the hamburger to open the Tor Private Mode. Next, click on New Tor connection for this site.

It will automatically start using a new Tor network for your website. The Tor circuit won’t be visible, but it will work as Tor Browser. Brave Browser may be the best option for you if your goal is to use a Chromium Tor browser.

If you’re using Tor for the first time, be cautious. It will open Tor Browser and show you how to surf the internet anonymously. But, the Brave Browser does not provide such strategies to anonymously surf the internet. Try to stay away from websites that track you, avoid opening links that allow you to track others, and lastly, make sure you don’t log in to them.

Brave Browser Android is currently missing the Tor network functionality.

Let’s now talk about how Brave Browser can access the Tor network. Any questions? Please comment below.