Brave Private Brow: Download the APK and Install Brave Private Brow. Fast and safe browser app for Chromebook

Get the most recent Brave APK version for Chromebook. There is an easy way to install Brave for Chromebook. Brave Software developed Brave Software. You can free download Brave and install it on Chromebook.

Brave Software description

Brave Web Browser for Android is fast, easy, and secure. It has a built in Ads Block, security protection and tracking, as well as optimized data and battery performance.

Ads Block Brave comes with an integrated adblocker that provides seamless, ad-free browsing.


There are no external settings or plugins to configure or manage! Brave is the best Android browser. Brave was designed to be fast and secure, with no popups or malware.


Brave speeds up page load times, increases performance and protects against malware-infected ads. Brave has a speed boost of 2x-4x on Android. This will result in a significant reduction in data and battery consumption.


Brave protects its users by providing top privacy and security features, such as HTTPS Everywhere encryption (encrypted traffic), script block, third party cookie blocking and private incognito tabs.

Brave Android features the following:

* Block with Built-in Ads

* Blocks pop-ups

* Optimizing the battery

* Data optimization

* Tracking Protection

* HTTPS Everywhere (for Security)

* Blocking scripts

* 3rd party cookie blocking

* Bookmarks


*Private tabs

* The most recent tabs

What are the steps to start?

It’s easy! Simply click the lion head to discover Brave Shields. These shields have per-site settings that allow you to choose which sites are blocked.


Our mission is to make the internet safer by improving browsing speed and security for users. We also aim to increase ad revenue share of content creators.

It’s a completely new world on the internet. Users are revolting against the uncontrolled ad tech ecosystem and have made blocking ads their preferred method of improving their web browsing speed, privacy, and safety. Blocking ads alone can lead to a vicious circle where no one wins. Users could find it difficult to navigate the web without being able to pay content creators.

Brave is a company that aims to change the online advertising ecosystem through micropayments, a revenue sharing solution, and better user and publisher deals. Brave believes fast and safe browsing are the keys to a brighter future.

To learn more about Brave web browser which has a built-in Ads Block , tracking and security protection, and optimized data and battery experience, please go to

Notice: Brave Browser for Android uses tabs to display Brave browser’s content. It is not Brave Browser Link Bubble which displays pages behind the scenes.

Support: Please feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.

Brave for Chromebook – How to Install Brave using Play Store

The Google Play Store currently is not available on some Chromebooks. Find out which Chromebooks are compatible with Android apps.

NOTE: Chromebooks used at school or work may not allow you to download Android apps or add Google Play Store. Contact your administrator for more details.

Step 1: Download the Google Play Store App

1. 1.Update your Chromebook Software

Make sure that your Chrome OS version has the latest updates to get Android apps for your Chromebook. How to upgrade your Chromebook’s operating system.

2. 2. Sign up to the Google Play Store

  1. Select the time at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose Settings .
  3. Select To activate in the section “Google Play Store”.

    NOTE: Your Chromebook won’t be able to work with Android apps if you don’t see it.
  4. Select Additional in the Window that opens.
  5. The Terms of Service will be presented to you. After you have read the Terms of Service and agree to them, click I Accept.

Step 2: Download the Brave App

You can now find and download Brave App on Chromebook.

Chromebooks won’t download Android apps automatically like your tablet or phone. You’ll have to manually download them. Some apps won’t work on Chromebooks so be sure to check that they are installed.

NOTE The Google Play Store, as well as any Android apps that have been downloaded by the user who signed up first, is only accessible to this account. Sign out from all accounts to access them and then sign back in using the one you wish.

How to install Brave on Chromebook with APK

Don’t panic if your Chromebook does not support the installation of apps from Google Play Store.

Although you have the option to sideload Android apps via APK files, Chromebook does not natively support them. There is a way to install APKs on Chromebook, and we’re going to show you how. Let’s move on, please, and without much further delay.

You will need to turn on “Unknown Sources” in order to install APKs. This option can only be used with Chromebooks that have developer mode activated. You can find out how to activate developer mode on Chromebook in our post.

These are the steps for installing Brave APK files on Chromebook.

  • First, download the file manager Android app via Play Store. Open the Play Store to install the file manager that you desire. In our testing, we used Solid Explorer.
  • Below is the link to download the Brave APK file. In the meantime, open Chrome OS Settings by clicking on “App Settings”, in section Android Apps.
  • Android should appear in the Settings tab. Go to Security, and then turn “Unknown Sources” on.
  • After the APK file has been downloaded, launch the file manager and navigate to the Downloads directory. Open the APK file here and you will see Android’s usual interface for app installation. Click “Install”.
  • Although the app installation may take longer than normal, the good news is that all of the APKs we attempted to install worked without any problems. To start the app, simply tap the “Open” button after the app has been installed.

Install the most recent version of Brave APK on Chromebook

Technical information for Brave APK

Version: 1.8.93

Requirement: Android 7.0+

90 votes

APK Download (159.6 Mb)

This is the how-to download and install Brave APK for Chromebook. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.