Brave Rewards: Brave Browser Earns Free BAT

Most likely, you have installed an ad-blocker to your browser as you find advertisements intrusive. You may not know this, but there is an alternative browser available that has built-in tracking and ad blocking. You will find out more about Brave Browser and how to get Brave Rewards.

Brave: What does it mean?

Brave Software launched the initial version of Brave Software in 2016. It is a web browser that prevents ads from being tracked and allows users to tip content creators via Brave Rewards.

Advertising websites track users and thus infringe their privacy. Brave provides privacy protection, which helps to mitigate the problem. Brave allows you to control whether ads are displayed to you. Brave Rewards are earned when you opt in to ads that respect your privacy.

To make money, content creators who publish in other browsers such as Google Chrome rely on ads. Brave makes it easy to support content creators by tipping them and supporting their contributions.

Let’s see how Brave is different:

Brave Reward and Ads can be turned ON or OFF

Brave ads do not retrieve your personal data

Brave chooses advertisements that suit you

Brave offers 70 percent off the cost of an advertiser’s ad.

Brave advertisements look just like system notifications, and therefore aren’t intrusive.

Brave blocks trackers and harmful ads, so you’ll have faster browsing

Brave had more than ten millions monthly users as of the November end, after Brave version 2.0 was launched. Brave uses Chromium as its open-source, Google Chrome-like software.

Learn how to earn free BAT

Brave’s digital currency, Basic Attention Token (BAT), is built on Ethereum Blockchain. Follow these steps to earn BAT.

Click “Download” on the Brave Website.

You can choose the right download option for your operating system. Brave can be used with Windows and macOS as well as Linux. The Brave app for iOS and Android can be accessed from the same page.

Start the application by clicking “Run.”

The app will download after only a couple of seconds.

The installation process begins once the download is completed.

After your browser has been installed, it is now possible to launch the browser.

Click on the main menu, then click on the “Brave Rewards” icon. Next click the “Rewards Settings”, to activate Brave Rewards.

You can turn Brave Rewards on and off from this page.

It’s now possible to surf the Internet and see ad notices as they appear. Not for clicking the ads but for looking at them, you’ll receive BAT. Brave automatically sends you an alert every fifth month. This allows you to claim Brave Rewards that you earned by viewing advertisements.

Brave Rewards also allows you to either tip creators or hold them. You can view all the BAT that you’ve earned by clicking the reward icon on the main menu.

Brave allows you to send your BAT to another account, which can be used to convert the currency to digital currencies. This can be done by linking your Brave wallet and your Uphold accounts.

In addition to using Brave, the Coinbase Earn program allows you to earn a little bit of BAT. For learning more about Brave, you will receive BAT.