Brave Search Beta has been released

Brave Search by Brave Browser has been made publicly available. Brave disclosed that the company was developing an independent search engine which will use its own search index, and would be free from dependence on Google, Bing and other engines.

A private beta began some time ago. Today is the last day of this private beta. Brave Search may be opened by any individual to access the search engine. While it is still in beta, Brave Search should be working well in many situations.

Brave Search was launched in March 2021. To understand the capabilities of Brave Search, it is important to look back at that date. Brave announcing its acquisition of Tailcat. Tailcat is an open search engine created by the former team responsible for Cliqz’ privacy search products.

Tailcat utilizes its own independent index. This sets Tailcat apart from third party solutions such as DuckDuckGo/Startpage, which are dependent on Big Tech company products like Google and Bing.

Brave says its Search engine provides quality results but does not compromise user security. It does not store IP addresses and will never use any personally identifiable information in order to alter the results.

Brave Search has been developed following the same principles used in Brave browser.

  • Private: doesn’t track and profile users.
  • User-First : Customers come first. Not advertising and data industries.
  • Option: Searches will now include private ads, in the same way as Brave Browser. You will also have the option to pay for your search without ads.
  • Brave Search can use anonymized inputs to improve Brave Search.
  • Transparent: It is impossible to use secret or undocumented algorithms to bias the results.
  • Seamless integration with Brave Browser
  • Brave Search is also available.

Brave Search functions just as any search engine once it is opened. After you have started the search, your search query can be typed and suggestions will appear.

You will find the same search results page as other search engines. It is possible to toggle between the “all” search results list and images, news, videos or both. Also, filters can be used to filter results by country (safe search) or time.

Brave Search offers an intriguing feature: It may use data from third party search engines to complete the results if its data set is insufficient.

You can display Brave’s percentiled index by clicking on the cogwheel symbol in the search results pages.

Brave Search has another feature that is quite interesting. You can also manually choose a place. Brave automatically uses “anonymous local results” when necessary. Searches for restaurants near me will only be successful if they are known. When you are searching for restaurants nearby, it is essential that this location is known. Brave may store or share your IP.

You can either turn off this feature in through the settings. Or, you can set it manually to become your location.

You may still modify the settings to disable Google fallback mix and anonymized usage metrics. Brave’s index may not deliver sufficient results to mix with Google results.

Brave Search employs an anonymous cookie in order to save your settings (when you make any changes). A Help Page provides information about this.

Brave Search doesn’t currently display ads. Search results appear in blocks and are easy to distinguish from each other.

While certain queries display the option to only display local results for some queries, others might show widgets. A stock chart.

Closing Terms

Brave Search Beta is an experimental product. Brave Search is a beta product. It worked well on one device for several weeks. Brave is the only search engine that maintains an index. It has complete control over search results. Brave asserts it will give search results that aren’t biased.

Brave’s strategy is fascinating, as it can provide additional revenue to the company. It may not be possible for everyone to afford an adfree search engine. However, some people might find the results unfiltered and impartial and become dissatisfied with how major search engines operate (especially when it comes to advertising bias).

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Brave Search Beta has been released


Brave Search, the new search engine created by Brave Browser, now is available to all.


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