Brave Vs Tor — Which One Works Best to Protect Anonymity

Brave vs Tor: Which One Is Best for Anonymity?

You can surf the web anonymously and privately. There are many browsers that offer tools and features to assist users with this situation.

Brave vs Tor Browser


(The Onion Router) also known as the Onion Browser. It was initially developed by the US Navy but now it is running as a non-profitable organization that has its main focus towards providing top Security and Privacy and allows users to access the uncensored web.

Tor uses Onion Routing to move your data across multiple servers before it reaches its destination.

This brave browser is built on Chromium, an open-source platform that provides privacy and security features to allow users to disable trackers and block advertisements. You can also use modern technology like CryptoCurrency and blockchain. The device also features private browsing, which is a great competitor.


We are increasingly relying upon digital platforms and sites to do our work as we move towards global digitization. Digital theft and privacy breaches are possible. The browser offers additional security options that will prevent you becoming a victim.

TOR Browser uses Onion Routing, its own tor network. This allows your data to be encrypted and bounced back to the server from which it came before arriving at the destination.

Multi-layer encryption is used by TOR. This means that data are encrypted every time they pass to another server. It allows you to browse the internet anonymously, much like a hacker. TOR will make you invisible, so there’s no chance of any data being leaked.

Brave Browser comes with many security options to allow you to disable any ads or trackers on the websites. You can surf the web without worrying about being tracked by using three security levels.

A new feature, “Private Window With TOR”, has been created by the brave browser. It allows you to browse the internet from the TOR server. This adds security.

But the cache is even having inbuilt TOR features it does not provide as secure browsing as TOR.

If you comply with a rule set by TOR, your identity will not be revealed. This is true even if the network you’re browsing is uncensored. Brave Browser makes this impossible. This Security Comparison of TOR and Brave shows that TOR wins with an enormous difference.

Speed Performance

Both browsers perform slower than normal ones in terms of speed.

Brave browser has many additional tools and features that make it more slow than other browsers. TOR, on the other hand, runs over its own TOR network making it slower than Brave.

When we look at the speed of page loading, Tor transmits encrypted data one server after another before it reaches the destination. This takes time. Brave however is slightly quicker than Tor.

Sync Feature

Every browser comes with the sync feature, which allows them to offer consistent user experiences across devices. Browsers can save all your work to their servers, making it available across any other device you may use. This means that you won’t need to do it again when you try to install the browser on another device.

The Brave browser has just launched the sync V2 update. This will allow it to connect more types of sync data than its predecessors. All the most popular sync data, such as history and passwords, will now be synced with sync V2.

But still, there are some loopholes in this version of the Brave browser as you will not be able to sync Brave Rewards across other devices and

sync V2

will only be compatible with desktop and Android devices, there is no support available to the iOS devices.

Tor Browser also offers sync features for improved user experience. This will allow users to surf the web without extra effort. While these sync features are being built, it is important to keep your identity private and avoid any disc leakage.

Other Basic Comparation


Brave Browser has a very simple interface and lots of extra features that will help users. You can choose from a variety of themes to suit your needs.



Browser looks and feels like Firefox because it is built over many open source platforms which include Firefox. It also provides a clean and easy to use interface for better user experience but doesn’t include additional features like Brave.

Revenue Model

The revenue model of both the Browsers is almost identical. They both rely on donations from users.

Brave Browser offers a publisher support option that allows you to donate and assist the organization. The Tor browser is a non-profit organisation. People can click on the “Keep Tor Strong” option to donate and help its creators.

Platform Availability

The browsers offer support for all platform users.

Extensions & Plugins

Both browsers have many extensions. You can install or add plugins to your browser as you wish. The Tor browser clearly states that you cannot install or use any plugins. To maximize security, you must only use Tor.

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Pros And Cons

The Pros and Con of Tor Browser

The pros


You can surf anonymously on the internet slower than a normal browserCan use the uncensored internetlack customization optionsMost secure browser is only for surfing the net

The Pros and Cons Of Brave Browser

The pros


Secure Browsers use more space than normal BrowserBlocker for cryptocurrencyWallet are slower than regular browserBrave payment optionInbuilt Adblocker

Brave VS Tor FAQs

Brave browser uses Tor?

It does have a “Private Window with Tor”, but it’s not as secure as Tor Browser.

Can I use Tor Browser?

It is very safe to use Tor Browser. It is extremely safe to use Tor Browser, unless you are doing something unusual.

Is Tor illegal in your country?

Except in countries that GOVT prohibits free internet or where it wants to retain control of every part of the public life, Tor Browser is legal.

Is Tor truly anonymous?

Tor browser is considered the safest. Tor hides your identity so it’s almost impossible for anyone to trace your activities over Tor.


The conclusion is that Tor is currently the most secure web browser. You will feel hacker-like and it will fulfill your need to do so. You won’t be identified and you can access uncensored Internet. Because it does not have many advanced features, this is best used for browsing purposes. It will affect your anonymity if you install plugins and extensions. It runs slower than other browsers because it uses the Tor network.

The Tor browser is the best security-wise. Brave browser, on the other hand, provides all of the features a browser needs. It also has the Private Window with Tor option. Although it isn’t as secure as Tor browser, this feature will protect your data and internet activity.

Tor is your best choice for surfing anonymously on the Internet. Brave, however, is ideal for more complex tasks that you are able to accomplish with browsers.

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