Brave web browser review: Brave is it worth it?

Brave Web Browser Review. TLDR:

Brave is an open source browser that places a strong emphasis on security as well as speed.

The mobile phone uses 35% fewer battery

Firefox has less privacy default.

Brave browser lets you earn BAT and a currency that you can use for support of your favorite web designers. (This website is an brave verified creator.

The browser was built on Chromium. is also the basis of Chrome. Brave uses the same interface that you like on Chrome.

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Escape tutorial hell!

My video review of Brave browser: can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Brave Browser Review 2021 (my first week using Brave Browser) (

What Is Brave Browser?

Brave browser can be used as a browser. Brave Software created it, and first released it in 2016.

Brendan Eich, the CEO at Brave Software, is a fun fact. He co-founded Mozilla.

  • This was designed to be fast and secure.
  • Brave browser loads pages up to 6x faster than the other browsers.
  • Brave browser comes with an integrated ad blocker plus shields, which prevents sites/apps tagging you.
  • Brave Rewards allows you to earn cryptocurrency (BAT) or the Basic Attention Token.

Brave browser allows you to create a new tab. You will find stats in the upper left. Brave rewards are available for me.

Brave Browser Review. Why I switched to Brave from Chrome

I’d like to tell you a bit about my browser jumping experience.

I actually enjoy Safari desktop. I’m actually used toenjoy Safari on desktop.

A trend began two years back when more websites were leaving Safari. Popular apps and websites simply wouldn’t work.

I was forced by circumstances to migrate.

I tried Mozilla, but they didn’t add in Very recent, so it wasn’t on my list.

Is that a reason for you to stop using a browser?

Perhaps I just think that it is. However, I still use pinch to zoom quite a bit.

That was what I found most important about Firefox.

As it stands, Chrome was my choice.

Chrome uses much memory . It is slow. I don’t like their privacy policies. Chrome was able to provide all of the necessary features for a normal browsing session.

Chrome was my choice, and I did so reluctantly.

Although I wasn’t satisfied, I was hesitant about trying Brave. Below is my explanation.

However, after 8 months of resistance I finally gave up on Chrome’s privacy-regarding ways.

The pace was simply too slow.

The first impressions I had of Brave were positive.

This browser wasn’t something I wanted to be unfamiliar with. Brave uses Chromium, the same platform as Chrome. However, the user interface is very simple.

However, the first thing I noticed about was just how fast it is.

Instantaneously, the improvement in speed was evident.

With just two clicks I could import my browsing histories, bookmarks, and any other saved such as passwords from both Chrome and Safari.

Brave wasn’t the only reason I was reluctant to try it.

The time I save by saving my data is very valuable, so it was a natural choice to use this feature on Brave.

I was able to quickly import the entire thing from several browsers in less than 30 seconds.

Brave is easy to import your data from other browsers.

Also, I liked the fact that I did not have to download any extensions in order to enjoy a quick and secure browsing experience.

Brave has a great ad campaign. You don’t get what I am referring to?

Brave even has an inbuilt ad blocking feature.

And I, as a customer, know how intrusive these ads are .

However, as a creator, I understand how crucial ads are for creators’ livelihood .

Ads are not something I enjoy, but I can tolerate them on blogs and YouTube.

Brave allows you to easily disable the Shields button for sites that you do not wish to support.

Shields down on This will display ads (and allow tracking from said ads, along with any other tracking the site has installed like Google Analytics).

However, you should keep in mind that you’ll still be exposed to ads’ trackers even after you switch off the shields.

As an aside, some applications have required me to switch off shields in order to make them work. You can try to fix a problem by lowering your shields if the site doesn’t load.

The coolest thing about ads on Brave is

Brave is its own cryptocurrency. It’s called BAT or Basic Attention Token.

If you choose to allow Brave Ads , you will earn BAT for every time that you view an ad. For this to occur, you don’t need to pick Shields down anywhere.

These adverts appear as push notifications

And you can set the frequency in which you view the ads. In my case, I am satisfied with two an hour:

You can specify how many Brave browser ads you want to see an hour.

Also, I am able to give creators my BAT.

Automatically, I can accomplish this (based on my attention to each website/app).

Or I can manually tip them:

The caveat is, the creator must be a Brave Verified Creator in order to receive BAT.

You can see that there are many great options depending on what you’re willing to tolerate for advertisements and which creators you support.

Brave Browser Review – Features

Brave browser provides a range of capabilities.

Please Note: Not all features (e.g. iOS


  • Ad blocking
  • Fingerprinting prevention
  • Cookie control
  • Upgrade HTTPS
  • Block scripts
  • Setting up shields per site
  • Pre-configured global shield defaults

Brve Rewards

  • You can earn by looking at private ads
  • Tipp your favorite creators
  • Make a monthly contribution to these sites
  • Contribute auto to these sites
  • Check with Uphold, and transfer funds into and out your wallet
  • Be verified as a creator to start making money from referrals, contributions, and tips.


  • Clear browsing data
  • Built-in password manager
  • Form autofill
  • Access control content to full-screen display*
  • Access control to autoplay media
  • When you send browsing request, please include “Do not Track”.

Address Book

  • Register Bookmark
  • Autosuggest URLs
  • You can search using the address bar
  • Autosuggest search keywords
  • Show/hide Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Choose secure from insecure.

Tabs & Windows

  • Private Windows
  • The Pinned Tab
  • Automated unload
  • Drag and drop
  • Duplicate
  • Closer Options
  • Look at page
  • Print page


  • Brave Desktop now supports almost all of the Chrome extensions available in the chrome Web Store

Brave Browser or Chrome privacy

Brave’s defaults block trackers and invasive advertisements, as well as malware/phishing. chart comparing brave browser vs chrome browser

Brave Browser Review – Conclusion

Brave browser is a great choice for anyone who wants a private, fast and secure browsing experience.

Brave’s cryptocurrency, called BAT, allows you to also support your favorite creators.

Review Brave browser’s features and specifications before you decide. While Brave browser is a great choice, not everyone will like it.

Brave is available for download on Brave’s website.

This Brave browser review was enjoyed. You can also check my other reviews such as the one I wrote about DataCamp.

  1. Does Brave Browser come free?

    Brave browser comes free. Brave browser can be downloaded quickly and safely from

  2. Brave browser: who is the owner?

    Brave, an open-source browser, technically doesn’t own it. You can find its source code on GitHub. Brave Software, Inc. created Brave Browser. It is based upon the Chromium browser.

  3. Brave browser was invented by who?

    Brave Software, Inc. created Brave browser. Brendan Eich (CEO) is co-founder of Mozilla Foundation and the creator of JavaScript.

  4. Is Brave browser safe?

    Brave browser has been deemed safe by the majority. Brave, an open-source browser, features many shields and security precautions including: ad block, fingerprinting prevention and cookie control. Brave also supports HTTPS upgrading, HTTPS blocking, HTTPS upgrade, HTTPS downgrading, HTTPS switching, HTTPS shield settings per site, configurable global defaults, clear browsing information options, password manager and form autofill.

    Full-screen display of control content is possible by accessing the Control Content Access page

    You can control the site access that autoplays media. Also, you can send “Do not Track” to browsing requests. Some features (i.e. Brave iOS