Check out these YouTube celebrities who are among the most highly paid.

Latest update Jul 6, 2020

You may have wondered what YouTube is all about. You can watch videos, search for information on how to repair leaky pipes and even listen to music. YouTube would not be a good career choice for most people, especially if it offered millions in annual income.

We’ll be looking at some early YouTubers in this article. Also, this article will focus on the wealthiest YouTubers for 2019 and how YouTube celebrities earn their money. We’ll also look into Brave and the role it plays in YouTubers making money. In addition, we will be discussing the Brave browser and the benefits of tipping your favorite YouTube channels .

Which YouTuber were first famous?

YouTube launched its partnership program in 2007 as an opportunity to earn money through ads and make money by paying YouTube stars. While most of the participants make only a few hundred dollars per month, others have more success and are the first YouTube millionaires.

YouTube was quickly a hit and the early YouTube stars realized that YouTube could be a lucrative business.

How popular were YouTubers of 2007? While the quality of early popular videos wasn’t quite as good as HD, it was still a great way to get a feel for YouTube.

Geriatric1927, Peter Oakley was a British YouTuber that discussed his life and his experiences in WW2. His fame quickly grew in 2006 when he became the number one subscriber to the channel.

Two otters swam together in a video that was one of the most popular videos of 2007. In just two weeks the video had more than 1 million views.

The YouTubers were comedians, musicians and newscasters by 2009. YouTubers learned how lucrative this platform can be, from ShaneDawsonTV through NigaHiga.

One year later, in 2010, YouTube’s top creators earned between $100,000 to $200,000 per year. This was quite a large sum considering YouTube was still a relatively new platform. Smoosh, ToyMusic and Dane Boedigheimer created humorous videos, with a considerable income.

What are the top YouTube stars of today?

A decade on, YouTube’s world has transformed dramatically. Ryan Kaji was the number one YouTube creator in 2019 with $26 millions. Ryan Kaji was just 8 years old when he launched his YouTube channel, Ryan’s World. Ryan’s World consists of toys being unboxed and tested out.

Second place went to “Dude Perfect,” five of their friends who do stunts, breaking Guinness World Records and taking second. Their 2019 income was $20 Million. Anastasia Radzinskaya, from Russia, came third. She is a cerebral palsy sufferer. Although she was just five years old, her net worth is estimated to be $18million.

  1. Ryan Kaji – $26 million

    Ryan’s World is home to 25.2 million fans. The content, however, is childish. Ryan entertains children by unboxing toys and playing games. Ryan’s World is a tiny empire that has eight additional channels.
  2. Dude Perfect $20,000,000

    While these Dudes may have been around for a while now, their trademark collection of trick shots as well as world-record breaking stunts continues to attract a large audience. A total audience of 50 million.
  3. Anastasia Radzinskaya – $18 million

    YouTube: What does a five-year old Russian girl do? The main channel has 55.6 millions followers and several affiliated channels. Anastasia, a primary channel that tells Anastasia about her experiences with cerebral palsy, is called Like Nastya. Anastasia now has more than 120,000,000 followers on six channels.
  4. Rhett and Link – $17.5 million

    Rhett & Link were there since YouTube’s infancy. They are one of few stars who have held a high position on YouTube for this long. Their combination of humor and friendliness has kept them popular.
  5. Jeffree Star $1.7 million

    JeffreeStar, another early star on social media, got his start with MySpace. His YouTube channel has seen him gain more popularity, and he now owns a cosmetics company.
  6. $14 Million

    Preston Arsement owns Minecraft servers which bring him seven figures each year. He also creates YouTube videos about gaming for his many millions of subscribers.
  7. PewDiePie — $13,000,000

    YouTube’s once-famous former No. 1 has maintained a large following and earned handsomely.
  8. Markiplier – $13 million

    Now clothing and games! Markiplier created a clothing line to appeal to gamers and capitalize on his YouTube success.
  9. DanTDM $ 12,000,000

    British gamer.
  10. VanossGaming

    Canadian artist who creates compilations of humorous moments from video games, including Grand Theft Auto V (and the Call of Duty) series.

It is clear that the appeal of games to gamers today can be seen in the fact that the Top 10 was rounded by five gamers.

YouTubers can make money.

YouTubers were initially able to make money via ads. YouTube currently takes 50% of the ad revenue and people can now opt-out from ads. YouTube has made it difficult for content creators to find other revenue streams.

Youtubers go beyond video

YouTubers are not limited to advertising. They can also earn money by linking with brands and other affiliates. Many YouTubers who are beauty and fashion experts earn income through affiliate links. This pays them to link to stores. Affiliate links do not indicate endorsement. A percentage of each purchase made from an affiliate site is sent to the creator.

Inadvertently or intentionally paying YouTubers for clicking an affiliate link through your Internet browser is done by cookies. The advantage of using affiliate links for a YouTuber, or any other creator of content is the fact that the revenue stream is ongoing as long the affiliate links have been clicked and the purchases made.

In brand ads, brands can pay their creators for the promotion of their products. In exchange for the promotion of their products, brand ads allow a company to pay a small amount of money. The maximum amount for a brand ad can go up to $20,000 for top YouTubers.

YouTubers are now looking to other sources of revenue, due to increased competition and changes in YouTube’s view and ads calculation. Patreon has recently been added to the list. Patreon lets you support content creators directly by sponsoring them and getting special access to their future content.

Brave: Building a new Internet economy

In the current Internet economy, consumer surveillance is used to collect information about your shopping habits, identify your buying preferences, and market ads. However, this economy means a slow browsing experience as well as the potential for fraudsters and creepy trackers.

Brave provides a brand new Internet economy that is privacy-based. Brave allows you to take control of your personal data. External ads and tracking are stopped. You may opt in to receive advertisements at your discretion. Brave’s Basic Attention Token, or BAT is what you get when you view ads. Your Brave Reward wallet will receive the BAT you have earned.

Brave is aware that time and attention are valuable. In addition to being rewarded for clicking-in to advertisements, you can also reward other users when they discover quality content. Brave Browser allows you to tip YouTube creators by using BAT. YouTube doesn’t transmit your contribution. They are sent directly to creators’ wallets, allowing for closer connections between creators & their audiences.

YouTubers get a source of direct income through the tipping system. They can also see their success with content. Tip the creator of YouTube videos regardless where they are viewed – even embedded links on other websites. Tip creators aren’t just limited to YouTube. YouTube users can also tip Reddit creators via Twitter and Reddit. You can even create recurring donations to your favorite YouTube stars.


Once you’ve found the perfect formula, starting a YouTube channel is a profitable way to make money. It doesn’t matter if your YouTube channel isn’t on the list of “Top 10 Most Profitable”, you still have the potential to make significant income. Brave allows aspiring YouTubers to recognize and be rewarded for their work by Brave members and get support. Get the Brave browser to increase YouTube revenues and reward your favourite YouTubers.