Chrome on Android lets You Preview a Website Before It Opens

(Pocket lint.) Google’s Chrome mobile app has been updated so you can view a page before clicking on it.

9to5Google first noticed the feature. It works when you press a long-press on a hyperlink. The new Preview page option can be tapped between “Open in Incognito Tab” and the “Copy Link Address” options. This will open a popup of the website you are interested in accessing.

You can see the preview of the website’s page name and domain, along with buttons that allow you to open it in full screen or close it out. This is a small, simple feature that can be easily overlooked, but it’s very useful if you need to check out a website quickly without leaving the current page. It could be used to quickly scan the article’s first paragraphs or for avoiding clickbait.

This feature seems to be Android only at the moment. Remember that both Safari and Edge browsers on iOS will display a preview of a website when you long press a link. It is an automatic feature that comes with all browsers and doesn’t need to be enabled from the menu.

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Chrome for Android allows you to view previews of pages without the need to enable it manually.