Chrome’s Adblock Pro rip-off from uBlock Origin is Chrome’s Adblock Pro

Adblock Pro is a highly-rated ad-blocking extension that works with Google Chrome. It has more than 2.7M users and 12500 mostly positive rating on Google Chrome Web Store.

When you first install this extension, you’ll notice the similar interface as the popular UBlock Origin extension.

Adblock Pro logo adds to the menu when the icon is clicked in Chrome’s URL bar. The logo can also be found on the settings page.

If you dig deeper you will see that the about page has been removed, but all of the interface elements are a single copy of uBlock Origin.

Adblock Pro

Raymond Hill is the founder of uBlock Origin. He left a Google Chrome Web Store review which highlighted Adblock Pro and featured other interesting tidbits.

I created uBlock Origin.

This is essentially the exact same code base that was used in an earlier version (circa 1.7.4) uBlock Origin. However, the manifest now includes a Google Analytics Hook. It is important to note that there is no privacy policy.

Also, aside, whoever is behind this extension added another Content Security Policy directive which should really not be needed (the ability to embed Flash objects in the extension code itself). This seems suspicious.

Adblock Pro is also maintained by Adblock Pro. Users are not supposed to learn that Adblock Pro has taken code from uBlock Origin. Therefore, the About section of the dashboard has been removed.

Simply use the original uBlock Origin. You get a higher-quality version (1.10.0 as at writing), with no analytic loops in the code.

In the end, both extensions share the majority of their source code. Adblock Pro may use an older version uBlock Origin.

You will also notice that the About page remains within Adblock Pro’s source code. However, it has not been linked. It reveals that the extension is indeed uBlock Origin based. Adblock Pro is not to be attributed in any way.

Raymond’s additional findings weighs more. Adblock Pro received the Google Analytics code first. This implies that some level logging takes place, which is also available through Google Analytics.

Raymond saw that Adblock Pro had code to embed Flash objects within the code, which he considered suspicious.

Closing Words

It isn’t surprising, then that a rip off of a popular extension is so well-received.

Raymond stated that Adblock Pro has no purpose at the present time. It’s safe to say using uBlock Origin, which uses older code and includes analytics integration, is safer than Adblock Pro.

So You: What ad blocking software do you have?


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Chrome’s Adblock Pro rip-off from uBlock Origin is Chrome’s Adblock Pro


Google Chrome extension Adblock Pro is a blatant ripoff from uBlock Origin. But it comes with more advanced code and analytics.


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