Comparing the most secure browsers on Mac

Last Updated November 5, 2020

The differences between Macs and Windows are well-known to anyone who has ever tried the Windows/Mac transition. Windows has the Edge browser, and before that Internet Explorer. Macs can be preloaded to Safari.

What is security and privacy? Security concerns threats to your computer and the data you store, including malware and viruses. Privacy manages who has access to your information. Sometimes the two ideas may overlap. However, restricting third party cookies and trackers can make it more private as well as reduce outside threats.

Which browser is more secure than Safari? In this article we will answer those questions. Also, we will examine Brave, another Mac-compatible browser, which offers secure browsing.

Security for Mac surfing

Macs are very popular because their OS has a good track record in resisting malware and viruses attacks. The Mac OS has a better record of security than any other browser, however no browser can be completely protected. The browser you choose should be focused on browsing security.

Safari is like many modern browsers. Safari will block most popups. Safari can’t block unwelcome ads or third-party trackers. You will need extensions to block these ads. These browser Extensions can bring with them their own risks. The extensions could potentially view all of your browsing activities. It’s possible to get infected by malware from the wrong download.

Mac users are more likely to choose browsers that offer reliable ad-blockers or other security features.

There are many safari alternatives.

Safari is not the only browser that users should consider. Because Safari is Mac-only, there are not many extensions or customization options available for other platforms.

Is there a Mac browser that is more secure?

Safest browser for Mac

There are many options if you want a Mac browser that is more secure. Below is a list of top-rated browsers.


Brave browser is a new browser. The Brave browser has a new way of looking at the Internet. Brave blocks all trackers by default, so the browser moves very quickly while you are browsing. Brave Shields do more than block trackers. It also stops unwanted ads. You can opt in to only view certain ads by using an opt-in system. The opt-in system keeps your personal information safe and stores everything locally on your machine.

Amazingly, any ads you see with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), will get you rewarded. Brave can be used to trial it, and you won’t lose any of your favorites. You can also import your bookmarks, settings, and preferences. Brave works in the same way as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Google Safe Browsing is used to identify emerging threats like viruses and malware.

Brave’s server doesn’t save your browsing information, so it is very private. Brave lets you use Private Browsing within Tor to take advantage of Tor’s anonymity inside Brave.

Brave provides all the safety features and more than Safari.


Chrome has always been known for being fast. However, it’s still open to question what Chrome actually does . Chrome’s privacy and security are the main concerns. Chrome depends on Google’s Safe Browsing, which is like many other major browsers. The privacy issues are different. Google tracks you search History in Chrome as well in Google Search. It also records any searches made in Google Maps or YouTube. Google has many privacy concerns. Chrome could be used in Private mode. This is an option, however, it provides a limited amount of additional protection.

For all your information you receive highly personal ads. However, if you would rather not receive the ads and have your data kept private you might consider another alternative. Brave does not send any ads unless the user wants to be rewarded.


Firefox is popular on Windows as well as Mac. This makes it a good choice for an alternate browser. Firefox has a lot of options for personalizing your browser. Firefox is also updated regularly, which makes it an integral part in keeping your browser protected from all new and emerging threats.

Firefox is the preferred browser to Safari. Firefox offers an easy-to-use and safe alternative. Firefox works well on computers at work that don’t allow other browsers. Firefox may not provide the same protection as Brave Shields. However, it is an alternative to Safari.


Safari compares fairly well with most cross-platform web browsers like Chrome. However, it does not offer the additional safety or privacy features found in privacy-first browsers like Brave. Safari lacks the latest web platform features and many people prefer to move to a better browser. Brave is the best browser to secure your Mac. It has Shields which block unwanted trackers and unwanted ads.