Create a City: The Forge Of Empires

Forge of Empires brings our award winning strategy game, Forge of Empires to the iPad and iPhone. You can build your city, and it will grow from the Stone Age (and beyond). Install the app to play Forge of Empires immediately!
5/5 “An excellent city-building game, made by people who are passionate about strategy.”

5/5 The ability to unlock tech trees and new buildings. This game is very enjoyable. “I love playing this game!”


Your city can be built and developed from the Stone Age through modern times.

– Discover new building and products, develop new technologies

– Production supplies are needed to produce goods

– Make trade and exchanging goods with your neighbours

– Find new territories, seize the power of the provinces, and reap their rewards

To take over each sector, you can either use your negotiation or combat skills

Forgeof Empires draws its inspiration from our popular browser strategy game published by InnoGames back in 2012.
Deutscher Computerspielpreis, the German Computer Game Award jury, awarded it Best Browser Game 2013.
Finally, this online strategy game also works on iOS. This allows cross-platform access.

Forge of Empires comes as a free download. Some features of the game can be bought for real cash. Inapp purchases can be turned off in your settings if this is not what you want. It is necessary to have a working network connection.

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