Disney Plus Thailand: What’s the Price? Features? Content?

After much waiting, Disney Plus Thailand finally launched June 30, 2021 under the name Disney+ Hotstar. It is now available in partnership to AIS – Thailand’s largest telecom company. This will allow you to choose from a range of Disney+ subscription packages.

Soon after Disney+ Malaysia was released in June 2021, Disney Plus Thailand launched. The official launch Disney Plus Singapore is only the beginning semester in 2021. In 2019, and 2020, it was also officially launched by many countries including Disney+ Germany. Disney Plus Australia and Disney Plus Canada. Unsupported country residents can access Disney Plus via aVPN.

Disney+ has many Thai content. You can read ” Watching Disney Plus Thailand abroad” if you plan to travel beyond Thailand.

Is Disney Plus Thailand worth it?

These are the prices for Disney Plus Thailand

  • Disney+ Hotstar You can subscribe directly to the official website. This offers both a Monthly Subscription for BHT 99 or an Annual Subscription for BHT 799.
  • AIS : There are several packages that you can choose from on AIS.

Disney Plus with AIS

Customer AIS Standard

Monthly Package

Customer AIS Standard

Package for the whole year

AIS Customer

Monthly Package

AIS Customer

Package for the whole year


The validity of your package is June 30th-2021 to August 31st 2021


Added: 2nd month absolutely free

The validity of your package is June 30th-2021 to August 31st 2021

BHT 499

Get Disney+ Hotstar

No cost


six months

You can find this link:

BHT 19 the first month; BHT 190 every month starting in the second month

Get Disney+ Hotstar


You can subscribe to the y newsletter

Twelve months

You can find this link:

BHT29 for your first month; BHT299 every month starting with the second month

How do I sign up for Disney Plus Thailand Three Quick Steps

Follow these steps to register for Disney+ Thailand

  1. Join Disney Plus Hotstar.
  2. The Disney+ Hotstar App can be downloaded to your mobile device.
  3. Register for streaming.

How can I watch Disney+ Thailand abroad?

For those who want to keep up with Disney+ Thai content, even when abroad, the following steps can be helpful:

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN by purchasing a monthly or annually subscription. For us it is expressVPN due to its lightning-fast speed and lack of buffering.
  2. You can either install the setup from your PC, or download the VPN App for your Android phone.
  3. Login, and connect to Thai server.
  4. Register for your Disney Plus Thailand Account to enjoy your favorite movies and Tv shows.

Block Disney+ Thailand abroad!

Choose a Recommended Option

A VPN can only allow you to access the site. The subscription plans offered by Disney+ are required to access Disney+’s content.

How can I see Disney Plus Thailand?

Disney Plus Thailand has many TV and movie options. This has been simplified according to the content hubs.

Films and television shows


Disney+ ThailandMovies, TV series and more


Disney+ Thailand

Films and television shows

Star Wars

Disney+ ThailandMovies, TV series and more


Disney+ Thailand

This content

National Geographic

Disney+ Thailand* Black Widow


* The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

* Loki

* Spider-Man

* Venom

* Cruella

* Raya and the Last Dragon

Beauty and The Beast

* The Little Mermaid

* Mulan

* The Lion-King

* High School Musical

* Maleficent

* It’s so Raven!

* Hannah Montana

* Gravity Falls

* Star Wars – 9 series

* Rogue One- A Star Wars Story

* Star Wars The Clone Wars

* Star Wars Rebels

* Star Wars The Bad Batch

* Mandalorian

* Luca

* Monsters At Work

* Toy Story

* The Incredibles

* Autos

* Soul

* Jeff Goldblum: The World According to Jeff Goldblum

* Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

* Sharks Of The Bermuda Triangle

*The Treasures Of Egypt

* Wild Islands

* Genius

Disney+ Hotstar: What Thai Movies & TV Shows Can You Find?

Disney+ Hotstar members have access to lots of Thai content. Thai content is provided by Kanatana group, Sahamongolfilm One 31 and GDH559. Below is a listing of Thai movies and television shows that are available on Disney+ Hotstar Thailand.

  • Siamese Extraordinary Story: End And Chang
  • Pee Mak
  • Friend Zone
  • Tom Yum Goong
  • My Lucky Star
  • Love And Fortune
  • Ladda Land
  • The Brother of The Year

Are There Other Asian Contents Available on Disney+ Hotstar Thailand

Disney+ Hotstar Thailand was not limited to Thai content. You can stream Asian content from many countries, including Hong Kong , Japan, China , Taiwan , South Korea . The streaming service will offer a wider range of Asian content.

  • Parasite
  • IP Man 4. The Finale
  • The Silent Forest
  • Shin Godzilla
  • Let me eat your pancreas
  • 24 Japan
  • The Cauldron And The Deer

What accessibility features can Disney Plus Thailand offer?

Disney+ Thailand provides many accessibility features for Thai customers. For local audiences , there is Thai subtitling.

You can also find Thai sound descriptions and Thai dubs where possible.

Disney Plus includes navigational assistance.

What devices support Disney+ Thailand

Many of them support Disney+ Thailand. Here are some:

  • Each tablet, smartphone and mobile with Android (v4.4.4+) and ios(v10+)
  • Browsers on laptops and computers, such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Edge, Firefox, Opera and US Browser.
  • Roku TV, Apple TV (OS 11 Gen 4 and Above) and other Android TVs OS 7 and Above)
  • PS4 (Read further: Disney+ viewing on PS4).
  • Xbox (Read more: Watch Disney+ on Xbox
  • Chromecast


What is the availability of Disney Plus in Thailand?

Disney Plus can be purchased in Thailand. It launched June 30th 2021. This was the exact month that Disney+ Malaysia officially released.

Do I have the right to watch Disney Plus Asia on my TV?

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

. To watch Disney+ outside of these countries, however, you’ll need an a.

Disney Plus can be accessed in almost all countries within Asia. You will however need a reliable VPN to access Disney Plus if you are looking for Disney+ outside of these countries.

Is it possible to share your Disney+ Hotstar accounts with multiple people?

A single Disney+ Hotstar account can allow two streams simultaneously.

What’s Disney+ all about?

Disney+ contains thousands of movies, TV shows and television programs from Walt Disney Studios. Pixar. Twentieth Century Fox. Marvel Studios. Lucasfilm. National Geographic.

Do I have to pay for Disney+ access?

Disney+ is not available for free. Disney Plus’ 7-day Free Trial offer was canceled in June 2020.

Concluding Disney Plus Thailand

With the introduction of Disney Plus Thailand subscribers have access to all standard content from Pixar (Marvel, Star Wars and Disney), as well as National Geographic. However, subscribers can also access content from Asian countries. A VPN is also available for travel to access Disney+ Thailand content.