Disney’s Misguided Merida Redesign From “Brave”, Sex Sells

Walt Disney World has officially named Merida Merida in a false coronation ceremony. She is the brave, redheaded, bow-and-arrow toting “antiprincess”, and role model princess of Disney/Pixar film “Brave”. Merida had to undergo a transformation by Disney’s clearly misguided muckety mucks in order to become a royal court member.

Real Girl Princess, Real Housewife from the Scottish Highlands

They did everything to Merida (the animated film’s spunky, tomboyish Merida) to Disney Princessify her. to allow her to be inducted.

Original Merida from BraveHair We were shocked to learn that hair extensions exist in the world animation.

Complexion the ruddy “I’ve had the adventure-of-a-lifetime” glow she has now turned into porcelain with the right amount of pink on her cheeks

The Eyes of : has gone from bright and bright “I’m Taking on the World” eyes to a more refined shape, accented in black eyeliner

Disney's redesigned marketing MeridaSmile Her charmingly open, non-sensical grin has now been transformed into a seductive, full-throated, come to-hither smile

Bodies: the size of her waist and visible breasts has made her appear smaller.

She now wears a low-cut, off-the-shoulder gown. (Essentially, she is wearing the same restrictive, garish and constricting dress her character hated in “Brave”); a soft, bedazzled belt replaced her utilitarian leather belt to keep her arrow sheath.

Shoes From round-toe to bone-crunchingly sharp…just what an adventurer requires when looking for footwear.

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT THE END… her young and expert archer’s signature bow-and-arrow is now G-O–N-E.

Disney’s Merida, the post-film marketing version that has been sexed up by Brenda Chapman and other “Brave” writers, has provoked outrage, as well from parents.

Brenda, the Oscar-winning actress for Brave, became the first woman to earn an Academy Award in Best Animated Feature. Merida was inspired by Emma, her 13-year old daughter. Emma wanted her role model to be more concrete for young girls.

Brenda Chapman

Brenda passionately reacted to Disney’s redesign. It’s awful! Merida was invented to break this mold.”

This was despite her portrayal of a “typical Disney princess”, which proved to be incredibly successful. Not only did it win the Oscar but also the Golden Globe and Bafta Awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. In total, the film earned more than $550million.

Brenda is reported to have given Bob Iger (President, Walt Disney International), “a piece or my mind” regarding the entertainment conglomerate’s decision to venerate the tomboy her character brought to life.

Brenda made a statement in which she stated that “there is an irresponsibility that this decision is appalling…They have been given an opportunity on a platter to give consumers something of greater substance and quality that will still sale — and they have an absolute disregard for it in their narrow minded vision of what will sell. ”

Brenda signed the “Say No To the Merida Makeover And Keep Our Hero Brave!”Change.org petition. Brenda was created by a Mighty Girl on Saturday, May 4. It is one the biggest girl empowerment websites and markets in the country.

In the petition, they ask for Merida to be redesigned in order to make her eligible for inclusion into the Disney Princess collections. The petition says that they are referring to Disney.

Merida was the princess that many young girls and their families awaited — a strong princess with self-rescuing abilities, capable of taking on any challenge, and ready to take off. The princess looked real, with all her imperfections.

Within two days the petition had more than 9,000 signers. As of the writing of this post, 115,000 people have signed the petition!

Maybe Disney will wake up to the fact that there is a better kind of fairy tale. This one they have been hand feeding children for so many decades is just too funny, particularly today.