Everything that the Nokia 3310 can do, and everything it cannot.

My head has been in turmoil since Nokia launched the latest version of its iconic 3310.


Nostalgia says, “It’s really inexpensive.”

Logic responds, “Why in the world would you choose a phone with no apps?”

Maybe the same discussion has been happening in your mind. Do not worry. I got to play with it and have all the facts.

You can do with the Nokia 3310

  • Phone Calls: Sometimes, we forget smartphones are phones. You can call and speak to other people with them. HMD states that the battery for the new 3310 has a life expectancy of 22 hours active and 744 hours stand-by.
  • Receive and send SMS.
  • Photos and Videos: Despite being a terrible quality camera (2 MP) with a led flash, it is still readable. You shouldn’t use the 3310 to replace your smartphone camera.
  • Tune in to Radio FM.
  • Create your own music. It supports both regular headphones with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack as well wireless Bluetooth 3.0. This battery can be used to play music for up to 51 hours.
  • Get your Calendar.
  • You can set up an alarm to wake up.
  • Voice and written notes: This involves the use of its keyboard…which I wouldn’t recommend.
  • Use a calculator.
  • Find out about the weather in your town.

  • Play games: There are some games, such as a new Snake game, installed on the smartphone.
  • Surf the web. The 3310 includes Opera browser. It is slow as it does not support 2.5G mobile networks. (Currently, we are on 4G. We will hopefully be moving to 5G next year. Sometimes you may use the browser for information, but then it will be slow and you’ll reconsider. You can scroll only by using the directional pads, but it is not as easy as you might think.


You can’t do with the Nokia 3310

  • Send messages fast and easily. You’ll need that “u wrote ur text in the 90s”, so be prepared. It’s weird to type in an alphabetic keyboard after 10 years.
  • Navigation with GPS: You can use any device that is related to GPS because it’s not part of this phone.
  • Social media – This is the perfect phone if you are trying to get rid of social media.
  • chat: It is impossible to install modern messaging apps. You can’t use WhatsApp Messenger, Telegram Messenger, Snapchat Messenger, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging app like it.


The Nokia 3310 would be a wonderful phone for any occasion. You can take it with you on your trip, as it will keep you connected (as long as there is a network) for several days. It’s also very light, so it won’t be noticeable in your bag. It could be very useful to grandparents who don’t like smartphones, but just want to make calls to their grandchildren. In prison, the Nokia 3310 is a great success. Apart from its claimedly long battery life, the 3310’s slim and round design makes it possible to hide in very tight areas.

But what I’m really interested in is its resistance to water. Although it doesn’t have water resistance, it does look like it can survive an enormous fall just like Nokia’s older phones. However, we will not know this until the device is available for review later this year.